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Epilogue to the present phase : The party at Green Park

After being a reluctant witness to the last post’s tragedy , I finally decided to surrender ,take light on my “rebel” stance ,to stop  blah blah fying about the stinking ichors of an infinitely self-raped society!!!! Hmm ..well at least for now! Nothing much I can do anyway (just a kid who lives on his parents’ money) 😦  So I might as well live my life happily rather than worry about the dog’s FUBARed & crooked tail !  (FUBAR = Fucked Up Beyond All Repair ..originally coined by S.Srinivasan 😀 )

Anyway,”The road  to IIM” series ends here 🙂 It was party time.All the ivy league management admits came over to the Green Park hotel for a party hosted by TIME!

According to stupid ol’ me , party boleto unlimited snacks, music and yeah! DJ 😀 But too bad it ended up as a photo shoot cum dinner.More like a get together than  a party.

So I asked Mr.Sai (the deputy director and my fav. mentor at TIME) and others to set up an impromptu DJ ! And their idea of a reply was to push me on stage and ask me to dance. Arre bhai log! I asked for a DJ night , not to make me basanti ! :p

But the food was good , which was in fact least expected.Since its a star hotel , I thought that the food would be , you know, of the namesake variety! But it was actually worth gorging on 🙂


Quote of the day

“What can you , a mere 20 year Mr.Nobody ,do about it ? “

                                                             – dad, wrt my constant cribbing about the caste shit


Verse of the day

 I dont care anymore

Of the societal blood ‘n’ gore

Ditch social welfare..njoi & eat pop-corn 

Listening to IM,Metallica and Korn

Yeah!Going vella from now on ….

————————————————————————————— ps : What is plural for Virus ? Virus or Virii or Viruses or abbulu’s PC  ??

ps1 :Why the earth is my IIITian miracle not happening ? 😦

ps2 : The new Spiderman flavour at Baskin Robbins is nice 🙂

ps3 : For the uninformed,if you go to Olive Gardens at Hi-tec, you got to try out this thing called  Veg Chettinad ..can you handle the after-burn ..muhahaha !!

ps4 :  I came across this person who loves astro-physics and sci-fiction ! Fine! But the thing that flabbergasted me is that she’s 1)a girl 2)a medico 3) a plastic :O  :O :O

ps5 : The irony of blogging is that folks read the saddest things more.No wonder I got my highest number of hits for the last post! What a pity 😦

ps6 : aaaaah! cut! snap!stop! time-out!

ps7 : I am beginning to like dancing ?!?!?!

ps8 : I hate gyminkers !! x(

ps9 : orkut-scraping in different types of dialects!  😉 Hyd.hindi,telangana slang,broken english , to name a few

ps10 : the only one in ug2k3 who was never given the bottom-thrashing (bum-bashing to be simpler) is our very own Chandramouli!

ps11 : the end

The deathly :(

Knew this boy and girl since 7 years as friends.They have been a couple ever since(yeah! since school days 🙂 ). The girl’s dad came to know recently,tried to get her married off solely because the guy’s of a different caste ! The girl tried her best to convince her dad , but in the end failed , both to covince daddy dearest(who allegedly beat her up and threw her in a dark room regularly) and forget the boy! So she took her own life 😦  [This happened yesterday] .The guy (who supposedly is a topper from IIT-kanpur) is demolished !

I have nothing more to say ! Is love worth life itself ? Is a social barrier worth happiness ? Is prestige in a caste-based community worth more than a daughter’s heart ? Blaah … why should I even care about these questions ? A friend’s no more and I dont care anymore about the answers  …


Quote of the day

All our knowledge merely helps us to die a more painful death than animals that know nothing.                                                                                 ~Maurice Maeterlinck

Verse of the day :

Gaily I lived as ease and nature taught,
And spent my little life without a thought,
And am amazed that Death, that tyrant grim,
Should think of me, who never thought of him.

                                                                               ~René Francois Regnier

The post with the ORKUTian fortunes

All the orkut “fortunes” are pusshing me to an infinitely addled state of scizhoprenia.Not becasue they are coming true but they are proving to be an exact anti- thesis boleto opposite is happening.Well most of them these days go like

>> **Today u will receive pleasant news via mail**

Result :  I got a mail from an unknown jack_ass (who incidentally has an ID that read )  The mail contained the yuckiest strata of abuses that I ever came across :O Hmm …must be an infinitely frustrated fella who wanted to random-mail his filthy vocal chords into the public domain.And by the Devil’s grace,he found stupid ol’ me 😦

>> ** U will have recovered something that you lost long ago**

Result :  The traffic police man caught me on the bike.And when I flash out a card thinking it was my license ,I  found a IIIT medical insurance card and that too the one I took in my first year (2003)   (Didnt see it for the past three and a half years about unwanted appearances!) The traffic guy who oh-so-coincidentially was in a foul mood (the hot Sun , I suppose! ) deicided that I was a tapori trying to make fun of him (and his moustache,and his belly,and the fact that he was stinking like Stinker in the “He-man cartoon”!) I end up shelling out a substantial amount after listening to a “Sermon at the traffic lights”

>> ** Today you will have a cool state of mind **

Result : I get a sun stroke.An hour later,  fall down the stairs and get a bump on my head (like that long red protrusion  that comes out of the head in cartoon shows) As if that wasn’t enough,  there was a power cut in the house which made the internal and external injuries more unbearable! So much for a cool state !

CONCLUSION :  For me , the orkut fortunes (esp. when they sound good) are lethal and dangerous!


Verse of the day :

I mean come on,

I was already leaving after all

When I received … 

That big fake fortune call


Quote of the day :

“If you are going  through hell , keep moving forward”

                                – Winston Churchill


ps : The heat is getting to my head.

ps1 : Vacated my room. I am trying to shield myself from going senti  over leaving IIIT , by the good riddance funda .

ps2 :  Lil’ do the folks know that good ol’ Halley can be the most irritating fella if he choses to be.

ps3 : Getting a lap-top 😀

ps4 :  For the last two days , I have been talking to the same person for a duration that spanned over 4 hours.Oh no, abbuluga  ! Not again !!! :O    😉

ps5 :  Could someone tell me how many CAFE COFFEE DAYS  actually exist in the twin cities ?

ps6 :  A friend of ours(who was a decent looking girl ) walked upto my pal,AJ and said “I am hot ! Can I have your cap ? “  ….hehe Giga Muatated super LOLs!!!!

ps7 : Anti-flirt boleto  a comedian who claims to be flirting but ends up making the girl wonder why he hates her so much!

ps8 : When I ..oops ! I forgot what to write here!

ps9 : Someone please give me a Time machine ..I wanto go back by one year to the summer of 2006! Oh no! I should n’t be violating ps1 !!

ps10 :  Just ran out of thoughts ..will be back !

ps11 : ….

ps12 : ….

ps13 : Okay I am back!

ps14 : Halley’s just come online!

ps15 : India today  released its list of top colleges.Did IIIT –H make it to top10 ? ?

ps16 : The lords of the blogging fellowship are I guess back in IIIT for a week or so !

ps17 :  ASR and tipo !! I guess we still have some unfinished business! 😉

ps18 : This is the end.

Gala gala : the translation

This is a very popular telugu song.So thought I would give it a nice lil’ (broken) English translation to see whether it gives the same meaning 😉

words in non italics = exact translation (well! not exact though 😉 )

words in brackets = for the lyricist behind the scenes/ the hero in the song’s video

The chorus 

“gala gala parutunna godaarilaa” = *gala gala* it sounds and leaks like Godavari river

“jala jala jaruthunte kaniirela” = *jala jala* bolke it slips like eye-fluid  (dirty minded moron!)

“naakOsamai nuvvala ”             =   for me , U …

“kanniirela maaraga ”                =   changing into eye-fluid !!

“naakenduko unnadi haayigaa”  = I dont know why I full happy ! (psycho !!! )

1st stanza :

Vayyari vaanala vaana neetila dharaga  = like sexy rain fluid  leaking(***puke**** )

Varshinchi neduga vaalinaavila naa paina =U rain & crash on me (Is she heavy ? 😦   )

veeleti taarala vechi nuvvila chaatugaa  =  like hot tar ,you with double meaning

pommanna povilaa cheruthaavila nAlOna = I tell u to piss off and you dont piss off

hohoho ee allari hohoho            =         hohoho this chaos hohoho

hohoho bagunnadi hohoho         =       hohoho its nice hohoho  (chaos is nice katte! Bloody Masochist !!!)

2nd stanza : (has an elaborate part in English)

girl i am watching your booty   (bloody pervert! )

coz you make me make me feel so naughty  (abba cha!!!)

lets go out tonite and party ..vo ! Oh Oh ow  vo wow (acting like a wolf suffering from tonsils????)

girl I am watching you’re  VP (VP = very perverted ???  )

coz to love you forever its my duty (every Illeana-fan is saying the same thing :p)

so feel it oh my baby   Oh Oh ow  vo wow  (aha!wolf boy again 😉 )

chaamanti roopama taalalevuma raakumaa  = Dont have keys to neighbour’s house so dont come!

ee enda maavito neeku snehamaa chaalamma = with mirage, why you _____ ? Stop!

hindOlaRaagamaa melaTaalama  geetama = Dont have keys , so ditching u for that geeta’s mother (whoever? :O )

kanneeti savvadi haayigunnadi emainaa        =  You crying boleto I full happy (sadist!)

hohoho Ee lahiri hohoho                                = hohoho this song hohoho

hohoho Nee premadi hohoho            = hohoho yours truly, Prem Adi (Is the surname Prem or Adi ?) hohoho


ps : The teacher says that I am beginning to dance well  😛

ps1 : Adio samba!

ps2 : Going to vacate room today / tomorrow 😦

ps3 : Lal Bal is back in IIIT for the week. By the rodent’s bladder,hope he doesn’t forget to check off his lust-list (IIIT could have its own MMS scandal then)  😉

ps4 : Adio samba!

ps5 : Is it allowed to repeat the same ps ??

ps6 : By the rugrat’s stupidity! Who cares ..Adio SAmba !

ps7 :  I dare that ASR chap to write more than one comment!

ps8 :  AdiO ……….. Oh! Forget it!!

The verse on the piece of bread !


..and so lil’ sis and me go to this McDonald’s outlet where she orders this strange looking piece of bread. And much to my dread, as if her imagination has no connecting thread , she makes a shape out of it!

Call it a direct result of my stupendoulsy bored state ! But could visualize the “gingerbread man” of kindergarten folkfore out of that bread- shape as my kid sister gobbles away in all her pristine glory ….

The verse : 

Run run as fast as you can
Words dance like air near the fan

Can’t we all relate to him?
Mr. gingerbread man with the frigging grin

He’s sweet and crispy on the outside
His doughy soul lies hidden inside

Everyone wants to take a bite
His flavor lingering; his growing spite

Each nibble makes him lose a little more
A slow murder with no real gore

His eyes would be so sad and deep
Not a single promise they keep

The crowd gathers around him now
With glasses of milk from the cow

Spell trouble for this cookie man
Who still runs as fast as he can

But it’s hard to race
When they all want to taste

And his legs have become so very small
Few more nibbles and there will be no legs at all  😦

———————————————————————————— :

ps : What in the name of an anaconda’s belly was that ? Simple!Been sometime since I wrote a poem 😉

ps1 :One more short story manifesting itself in my cerebral hemisphere.Will post soon.

ps2 :I actually know how to do the salsa now! 😉

ps3:  cottons!cottons! Why is this word incessantly lingering in  my head!

ps4 : Could someone please enlighten me about whom tipo went out with 😛 ..or should I start making my own assumptions (for eg., KTN 😉 )

ps5 : TIME is throwing a party .Received my invitation an hour ago.Hahaha ..parties galore for good ol’ urs truly

All for a …

DISCLAIMER : The characters , places and incidents in this story are a contrival of fiction.Any resemblance to real life stuff would mean I am a person wih psychic powers … lol  😀

“Oh,no!Oh , no ! Oh nooooooo ! ” ,Subhash  shouted at himself! He could feel linkin park’s

“I have become soo numb, I cant feel you there ….” in his cerebrum over and over again.

He was going to be late again.He hadn’t yet shaved.The stubble on his otherwise childlike face was more apparent than just being plainly visible! No way! It was like a grisly bear’s hide! He had to shave it,especially since he’s going to meet her after a long time.

“Or maybe I should let it be!Make her feel that I have been too busy to even shave my oh-so-irritating beard! Then maybe she will be convinced that I have been too busy to meet her!”

Bullocks up his Oesophagus !! She’s not that dumb to buy that argument.She knew well enough that he had been lazy .‘Plain outright lethargic’ to  think of the duty & responsibility that came with making a commitment.

“I had faith in you Subhash,and you have let me down !”the words rang in his year! 

x-x-half an hour later-x-x

He was in the MMTS train,the one he boarded at the Pegumbet area.The Bachigowli station where he’s supposed to go was the last one on the local rail-route.

Seven stations more! And then he was to walk around a kilometre to reach college,where he was supposed to meet her at 9 AM sharp.No fixed appointment as such,but that was the time when she usually came to college.She had always been a punctual person!

Her words hunkered forth in his ears again ,“You have thoroughly disappointed me,Subhash! Day by day, I am losing my trust and confidence in you!”

“How can she lose her trust ? Does that mean that she trusted me blindly before ? Oh well! Maybe she did ! Otherwise why would she support me against all the others who accussed me of being such a useless fellow ?”

He tried to pacify the storm of panic within him by taking his mind off her and his commitment.He tried to shamelessly stare at the pretty girl in the blue corporate dress sitting across the compartment!”No Subbu No!how could you think of something else? ”

But it just didnt work ! The overwhelming feeling of guilt consumed him.She trusted him.Her final words beckoned in his head ! All his efforts in the last two days bore him no fruit.She stopped replying to his mails.He neither had the courage nor the fortitude to call her.So seemingly invincible had the feeling of his guilt become …

“I had faith in you Subhash,and you have let me down !”

x-x-  an hour later -x-x

He was walking ,with his bag , lap top and all!He tried to rehearse what he was supposed to tell her! How should he convince her ? Summer was early that year …with the heat wave advancing its scorching entry to the city by nearly a month.He could feel the onset of sweat on his forehead.

And in her last mail a week ago ..she wrote :

” Subhash,I wasted a lot of my time and space for you.Most of the people in the college warned me against you.But even then I chose to ignore them all.I chose to trust you.Now you are gradually forcing me to think that they were right.”

And finally the statement thats been killing him for the whole of the past week , “I had

faith in you Subhash,and you have let me down !”

Suddenly he came back to his present senses!He was nearing the college gate!It was 8:58 AM !

.He ran for his life …



x-x-an hour later-x-x
“You were 1 month late ,Subhash! But the demo and presentation were good!You did put in an effort,my boy!I guess you can be given your engineering degree now.”,said a smiling Prof.Mema Shalini ,his 70-year old project guide,the only professor who chose to trust the jackass enough to supervise his project.

“Thank you ma’am!” said a grinning Subhash.Behind his head,he couldn’t help but think of the girl in the compartment,the one in the corporate blue-dress 😉

***** SUBHAM********

Top Gere

Hmmm ..Richard Gere continues to get blasted from all quarters of India for doing the supposedly western thing with Shilpa Shetty.

Some say that it was a practical AIDS-awareness ( Oh my bad! Give me a break ! )demonstration by Gere

Some say that it was a purely out of control desire(lust,to be more precise!) factor!

Whatever ..cant help but think of some alternative /outrageous concepts …

The assumptions
Assumption 1 : Jobless and bankrupt Gere was employed by the ISI to create social turmoil in India.Was paid big green bucks by ISI for kissing shilpa shetty!

Aha! What luck! Old man gets paid to kiss hot chick in public!(hot aa ?? I presumed she was middle aged and wears more-than-your-a**’s-comfort -amount of make -up)
Assumption 2 : Jade Baddy ,oops!I mean Jade Goody , is somehow related to Gere and both of them plotted to tarnish Ms.Shetty’s good-girl/heroine image in India which she could contrive out of the whole big brother episode

Assumption 3 : She’s desperate to stay in the limelight! She has no movies 😦 The media mileage from the Big brother show is going down 😦 So she hatched a plot to somehow stay in the limelight ! She spilled a You-can’t-resist-but-kiss deo canall over herself (the female analogy to the AXE effect ? ) ! So poor Gere fell for the bait!

Assumption 4 :There was no kissing at all! All the images and videos are morphed ?

The Brody-Berry analogue

At the Oscars 2003,Adrian Brody lured Halle Berry into this dead-stop open mouthed smooch ,when she announced his Best Actor Oscar !

And then next year , he does it again when he announced the Oscar for Charlize Theron !
Thats okay they are the Slam Bang Thank you ma’am type americans :p

… but imagine our very own Aamir Khan ,SRK,AB,Hritik,etc., doing those things at the Filmfare or Zee cine awards or other INDIAN award functions!!

Wont they be hanged ?? 😉

If not by the oh-so-culture-conscious Indian vigilantes, at least by their wives! Hehehe


ps : At home bored!

ps1 :I am going to dance classes 😦 :O 😦 …now I guess this justifies the above ps .

ps2 :Illeana looks yucky in Munna 😦 (Gayam! Listening? )
ps3 : Trisha looks nice in AMAV 🙂 (Gayam ! Listening ? )

ps4 : Looks like Erra Balu totally forgot about his lust-list ! More on this later!

ps5 : Sirius wants to become the next Kurt Cobain in the making! 😦

ps6 : Hannibal Rising is an intelligent yet gore-fied,yucky ,puke-initiating movie ! But a very innovatively eerie concept !

ps7 : I am still bored!

ps8 : The number of this ps looks like two fat ladies locked in a submission hold !

ps9 : Going for lunch …will be back!

The Freshers’ party

The latest IIM-C junta in Hyderabad , were invited the previous evening to a party,at the IKLondon Residency Hotel. No high profile ,big shot IIM Prof.s or anything.Just the current IIM-C students and the alumni.

There was this ppt routine by their “Consulting club head” (did I get it right ?? ) and the C guys were joking all along ..nice to know that !

Later , I almost convinced a lady there to join IIM-C instead of IIM-B (she incidentally got seats from both B and C ) But she finally snapped back to the B-decision because she claims that the one of the IIM-B Professors who tackled her PI , looked like George Clooney!! All my arguments that there is an ethereal possibility of a Brad Pitt – lookalike-Prof. in iim-c ,proved to no avail as she didn’t like Brad Pitt !

Anyway,I had a nice time , the snacks were pretty good.Hahaha ..and I got some new numbers 😉 ..Hey chinna Ra chinna! Hehe ..kidding 😀

Reality’s social malice

In an old report on Indian traditions,a certain duo,Terence Callaham and Roxanna Pavich wrote the following lines about the indian caste system,

It has kept a sense of order, and peace among the people. There are five different levels of the system: Brahman, Kshatriya, Vaishya, Shudra, and Harijans. Within each of these categories are the actual “castes” or jatis within which people are born, marry, and die. They all have their own place among each other and accept that it is the way to keep society from disintegrating to chaos.

the anti-report

Way to keep society from disntegrating into chaos ?? So thats how the caste system is defined ? Well ! Sad to say …. the present Indian scenario presents a contrary picture 😦 It is because of this system that people especially students are suffering,fighting and cursing. The whole nation’s getting divided because of the forlorn and damned reservations’ issue ! But who is to blame ? The politicos ? Why do you explicity blame the politicos ? Every person thinks first about himself (except in the queerest of cases where he is so oddly selfless that he places ethics and morality above his a** !! Sad , but true! ) All that the politicos are doing is making use,for their political prospects, of a system (or rather a curse) thats been a part of Indian society for aeons. So I ask again ! WHO IS TO BLAME ? Why my dear jabronis , its us,everyone of us !!!

Why blame all ?

Its not as if the Devil appeared before pro-reservation politicians all of a sudden and made them divide the country! Six states already had the bloody reservation system for a quarter of a century.Caste based politics has been there all along. Only thing is that it has now become a national issue in the education field !! What were people doing all these days when it came to the s0-calledl social conscience ! Why did we , as a nation of socially conscious(blaaaaaaaah!!!!!!) citzens let a potentially dangerous but medium strengthed virus , accumulate,politically aggrandize its own a**, and come back into the limelight after becoming a super-mutated killer-machine of epic proportions !!!?!?!?!?!

The virus is there in all of us

Man is a social animal, they say.Supposedly,he cannot survive without being part of a social order , a community, a (God forbid!!) CASTE ! Most folks harbour a caste feeling or at least a fear of it.Why then do u expect the educational sector to be free of such a rampaging malice ? Obviously, the politicos are making good ,intellectual,logical use of our very own stupidity ! So why blame them , the only genuinely intelligent entities in the country ,when we are the educated idiots?

The educated idiots

Sorry to sound so offensive ,but almost everyone of us is one ! There are people like Mr.V (whose brain of late , has gone for an indefinite vacation,and somewhere ,down the road,got mutilated!!!) who classify casteA,caste B, caste C as the rulers whereas everyone else are the subjects. (obviously he belongs to one among A,B,C :p ) Can’t blame such narcissists , can we? After all, Mr.V was an anti-casteist before he was cruelly brain-washed by fate 😦 !!

Then there are people who are scared of their caste-based community .They would justify things with , “I love my parents ,relatives, will listen to them! ” But in reality,it is basically , ” I am shit-scared of what society says if i dont show a caste polarisation! ” Can’t blame the cowards , can we ? After all , who doesn’t want to rot on the safe side ?

Go to “orkut search” type “caste” .What do u find? On the left, you would see a list of communities against the caste system. Ironically , on the right , U will have sponsored ads of caste-based matrimonial sites ! In fact I know of instances where people marry off their kids to households who are of a different region,language and with whom they dont share an ounce of similarity/compatibilty , except the “caste” word!

Sigh! A paradoxial yet expected pity! 😦

So the moral

Simple! If you want to get rid of something, get rid of it completely,from your homes , from your minds,from your hearts … not in the education sector alone 😐 I know I sound too utopian … but If u want to uproot a tree , u tackle the grass roots ! If we think that its impossible , this reservations’ issue might keep hitting back ..if not now ,in the future!! And unfortunately,will  play an ichor that haunts our very social existence !!!

Urs dumbly,


The “Baba Mashai” post

The Kolkata adjuncto
Its a rip-off from the Babu Mashai catch-phrase.If I dont clear the wait lists … I would be going to IIM-C (Kolkata) .So I guess Baba Mashai is widely and popularly touted to be my future nick down under 🙂

Anyway,considering that I almost got depressed to a vegetative state one month before the CAT 2K6 , I infer that I came back pretty well .Guess that would make it much easier for me to try to forgive certain people 😐

Speaking of IIM-C , learnt that they hold this Inter-BSchool Sports Meet , a tourney jointly hosted by XLRI .And also, they say there would be this official online magazine where students can write. Naaaaiiiice ! 😉

Erra B and VVHB

So I make this list of boys and girls whom I would beat up (now dont get serious ppl!Its a joke!) ..before leaving IIIT. When it came to the girls ..Erra Balu suddenly got all senti when he saw a certain lady’s name.He asked ,

Erra Balu :Orey! Tana peru enduku raasav ? (why her name ? )

Me : Random :p

Erra Balu : Vaddu ra! Paapam manchidi! (No da! She’s a good girl!)

me : Huh! :O

Erra Balu : Please ! I like her very much ! Please leave her alone lest you want me to forget you are my friend!

Me : What the heck ?

the abbulu conclusion : There you have it ! Krishnaditya/Erra Balu/Lal Bal/Hritik/Amazonian is in love ! Someone do something 😦 !! I dont want to see this story incomplete.

Unfinished tales

Speaking of incomplete tales,there started this strange tale of a moron who did eccentric and esoteric things for something that was not really a part of his academic curriculum :p

And now all those outwordly things bore fruit.But the hands of destiny had been so powerful that he lost the very “something” he did all those things for. He’s supposed to be happy.He’s supposed to be partying hard , celebrating his recent successes.But he’s just sitting there, waiting for his miracle , inspite of knowing that it was never meant to be more than just a memory …

Asian myths say that when a person leaves a place (in this context ,IIIT) with unfulfilled wishes , his soul demographically stagnates in the memory of that place . A memory of a time when our dear lil’ moron was engorged in joy! Hmm..wouldn’t he sell his very soul to get those days back , of a time when he was truly alive …


ps : Yet to collect no-dues. So guess I am riding back to IIITian land.

ps1 : Sirius has got his MS.Now he will stay here for two more years 😉

ps2 : I just made a deal with the devil!So,like the ghost-rider , I stand a danger of becoming the ghost-runner ! :p

ps3 :Like a true IIITian,my last semester’s SG will be my worst to date.

ps4 : Hahaha ! ManU lost 0-3 to ACMilan .