The “Baba Mashai” post

The Kolkata adjuncto
Its a rip-off from the Babu Mashai catch-phrase.If I dont clear the wait lists … I would be going to IIM-C (Kolkata) .So I guess Baba Mashai is widely and popularly touted to be my future nick down under πŸ™‚

Anyway,considering that I almost got depressed to a vegetative state one month before the CAT 2K6 , I infer that I came back pretty well .Guess that would make it much easier for me to try to forgive certain people 😐

Speaking of IIM-C , learnt that they hold this Inter-BSchool Sports Meet , a tourney jointly hosted by XLRI .And also, they say there would be this official online magazine where students can write. Naaaaiiiice ! πŸ˜‰

Erra B and VVHB

So I make this list of boys and girls whom I would beat up (now dont get serious ppl!Its a joke!) ..before leaving IIIT. When it came to the girls ..Erra Balu suddenly got all senti when he saw a certain lady’s name.He asked ,

Erra Balu :Orey! Tana peru enduku raasav ? (why her name ? )

Me : Random :p

Erra Balu : Vaddu ra! Paapam manchidi! (No da! She’s a good girl!)

me : Huh! :O

Erra Balu : Please ! I like her very much ! Please leave her alone lest you want me to forget you are my friend!

Me : What the heck ?

the abbulu conclusion : There you have it ! Krishnaditya/Erra Balu/Lal Bal/Hritik/Amazonian is in love ! Someone do something 😦 !! I dont want to see this story incomplete.

Unfinished tales

Speaking of incomplete tales,there started this strange tale of a moron who did eccentric and esoteric things for something that was not really a part of his academic curriculum :p

And now all those outwordly things bore fruit.But the hands of destiny had been so powerful that he lost the very “something” he did all those things for. He’s supposed to be happy.He’s supposed to be partying hard , celebrating his recent successes.But he’s just sitting there, waiting for his miracle , inspite of knowing that it was never meant to be more than just a memory …

Asian myths say that when a person leaves a place (in this context ,IIIT) with unfulfilled wishes , his soul demographically stagnates in the memory of that place . A memory of a time when our dear lil’ moron was engorged in joy! Hmm..wouldn’t he sell his very soul to get those days back , of a time when he was truly alive …


ps : Yet to collect no-dues. So guess I am riding back to IIITian land.

ps1 : Sirius has got his MS.Now he will stay here for two more years πŸ˜‰

ps2 : I just made a deal with the devil!So,like the ghost-rider , I stand a danger of becoming the ghost-runner ! :p

ps3 :Like a true IIITian,my last semester’s SG will be my worst to date.

ps4 : Hahaha ! ManU lost 0-3 to ACMilan .

7 responses to “The “Baba Mashai” post

  1. congrats on making it to IIM-C.

  2. what a coincidence…i made a list too , it has only one though – yours πŸ˜›

  3. I think i know which girl LalBal’s talking about. And even I suspect he’s flipped πŸ˜€

  4. @ tipo :
    Its an honor, tipo !

    @ aniket :
    Huh ? How do u know ? :O :O I am sure u r wrong though

  5. Congrats dude! Where are others selected from your batch ?

  6. Did I make it to your list? πŸ˜€
    Did I? Did I?? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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