The Freshers’ party

The latest IIM-C junta in Hyderabad , were invited the previous evening to a party,at the IKLondon Residency Hotel. No high profile ,big shot IIM Prof.s or anything.Just the current IIM-C students and the alumni.

There was this ppt routine by their “Consulting club head” (did I get it right ?? ) and the C guys were joking all along ..nice to know that !

Later , I almost convinced a lady there to join IIM-C instead of IIM-B (she incidentally got seats from both B and C ) But she finally snapped back to the B-decision because she claims that the one of the IIM-B Professors who tackled her PI , looked like George Clooney!! All my arguments that there is an ethereal possibility of a Brad Pitt – lookalike-Prof. in iim-c ,proved to no avail as she didn’t like Brad Pitt !

Anyway,I had a nice time , the snacks were pretty good.Hahaha ..and I got some new numbers 😉 ..Hey chinna Ra chinna! Hehe ..kidding 😀

5 responses to “The Freshers’ party

  1. Hey.. So hows life.. wat doing ee madhya?? inka college lo nena? eppudu nee joining? nenu intiki vachesa.. warangal.. nething new these days?

  2. Life good 🙂 At home! Everything new these days 😉

  3. ppt aa? 😮
    we just had an informal meet and discussion.. very informal.. no ppts and all..
    C already looks geekish! 😀 All the best..

  4. Ours was informal too ..but I agree it to be geekish because there was no open air DJ 😦

  5. hmm.. wat new?

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