Top Gere

Hmmm ..Richard Gere continues to get blasted from all quarters of India for doing the supposedly western thing with Shilpa Shetty.

Some say that it was a practical AIDS-awareness ( Oh my bad! Give me a break ! )demonstration by Gere

Some say that it was a purely out of control desire(lust,to be more precise!) factor!

Whatever ..cant help but think of some alternative /outrageous concepts …

The assumptions
Assumption 1 : Jobless and bankrupt Gere was employed by the ISI to create social turmoil in India.Was paid big green bucks by ISI for kissing shilpa shetty!

Aha! What luck! Old man gets paid to kiss hot chick in public!(hot aa ?? I presumed she was middle aged and wears more-than-your-a**’s-comfort -amount of make -up)
Assumption 2 : Jade Baddy ,oops!I mean Jade Goody , is somehow related to Gere and both of them plotted to tarnish Ms.Shetty’s good-girl/heroine image in India which she could contrive out of the whole big brother episode

Assumption 3 : She’s desperate to stay in the limelight! She has no movies 😦 The media mileage from the Big brother show is going down 😦 So she hatched a plot to somehow stay in the limelight ! She spilled a You-can’t-resist-but-kiss deo canall over herself (the female analogy to the AXE effect ? ) ! So poor Gere fell for the bait!

Assumption 4 :There was no kissing at all! All the images and videos are morphed ?

The Brody-Berry analogue

At the Oscars 2003,Adrian Brody lured Halle Berry into this dead-stop open mouthed smooch ,when she announced his Best Actor Oscar !

And then next year , he does it again when he announced the Oscar for Charlize Theron !
Thats okay they are the Slam Bang Thank you ma’am type americans :p

… but imagine our very own Aamir Khan ,SRK,AB,Hritik,etc., doing those things at the Filmfare or Zee cine awards or other INDIAN award functions!!

Wont they be hanged ?? 😉

If not by the oh-so-culture-conscious Indian vigilantes, at least by their wives! Hehehe


ps : At home bored!

ps1 :I am going to dance classes 😦 :O 😦 …now I guess this justifies the above ps .

ps2 :Illeana looks yucky in Munna 😦 (Gayam! Listening? )
ps3 : Trisha looks nice in AMAV 🙂 (Gayam ! Listening ? )

ps4 : Looks like Erra Balu totally forgot about his lust-list ! More on this later!

ps5 : Sirius wants to become the next Kurt Cobain in the making! 😦

ps6 : Hannibal Rising is an intelligent yet gore-fied,yucky ,puke-initiating movie ! But a very innovatively eerie concept !

ps7 : I am still bored!

ps8 : The number of this ps looks like two fat ladies locked in a submission hold !

ps9 : Going for lunch …will be back!

5 responses to “Top Gere

  1. @ abbulugadu :
    hehe, abbulu dancing aa ? 😛 Oh God! Gimme a break !

    enduku anna janaalani chaavakodthaavu ??? :O 😛 :O

  2. at sis :
    Okay kiddo! Welcome to my blog! 🙂
    Isnt that what I always do 😉

  3. hmm.. you really are bored! 😦

  4. When joining? Stil bored aa??

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