The verse on the piece of bread !


..and so lil’ sis and me go to this McDonald’s outlet where she orders this strange looking piece of bread. And much to my dread, as if her imagination has no connecting thread , she makes a shape out of it!

Call it a direct result of my stupendoulsy bored state ! But could visualize the “gingerbread man” of kindergarten folkfore out of that bread- shape as my kid sister gobbles away in all her pristine glory ….

The verse : 

Run run as fast as you can
Words dance like air near the fan

Can’t we all relate to him?
Mr. gingerbread man with the frigging grin

He’s sweet and crispy on the outside
His doughy soul lies hidden inside

Everyone wants to take a bite
His flavor lingering; his growing spite

Each nibble makes him lose a little more
A slow murder with no real gore

His eyes would be so sad and deep
Not a single promise they keep

The crowd gathers around him now
With glasses of milk from the cow

Spell trouble for this cookie man
Who still runs as fast as he can

But it’s hard to race
When they all want to taste

And his legs have become so very small
Few more nibbles and there will be no legs at all  😦

———————————————————————————— :

ps : What in the name of an anaconda’s belly was that ? Simple!Been sometime since I wrote a poem 😉

ps1 :One more short story manifesting itself in my cerebral hemisphere.Will post soon.

ps2 :I actually know how to do the salsa now! 😉

ps3:  cottons!cottons! Why is this word incessantly lingering in  my head!

ps4 : Could someone please enlighten me about whom tipo went out with 😛 ..or should I start making my own assumptions (for eg., KTN 😉 )

ps5 : TIME is throwing a party .Received my invitation an hour ago.Hahaha ..parties galore for good ol’ urs truly

7 responses to “The verse on the piece of bread !

  1. @PS2: You learnt salsa aa? 😮

    @PS3: Cottons? /:)

    @PS4: I think making assumptions will be a fun process! 😀

    @PS5: First give a party to lesser mortals like us.. 😦

  2. @ps2: You know salsa? bullocks up(down) your oesophagus!! I bet you have no co-ordination :p! You might end up looking a karate sensei 😀

    @ps0: anaconda’s belly! Why in the name of a rabid racoons epidermis would you come up with such a phrase?

    @ps1: cereberal hemisphere – For all you know the idea could have been generated by a misfiring neuron in the temporal lobe, the signal recieved in the frontal lobe would have been, I-dont-know-why, maliciously mutated(signal & mutation …sigh!) and the occiptal lobe, confused, might reject it ; leaving you in a state of deja vu. So …. anyhoo! these lobes do not fit in a SINGLE HEMISPHERE. UNDERSTAND!!

    @ps4: Where’s the fun of tipo is not involved?

    @ps5: ada paavi manusha!

  3. @ vasan :
    lesser mortals katte ? 😛 DNK !!!!

    @ asr :
    GG!! keep it up u r getting the hang of it 🙂

  4. oh, Im late …


    1. This is filed under verses and RAP??? How the >()# is it RAP?

    2. Salsa – If you know salsa, then I am the gold medalist at ice skating

    3. Let these comments not in ANY way influence ANY decision on ANY invite for me to ANY party.

  5. Its not rap 🙂

    I guess the category should have been more aptly named “poetry verses OR rap”

  6. I can picture you doing salsa (no comments on my orientation, please!!!) would like to see you at it sometime…next felicity maybe, huh?

  7. im boreeeeeeeed

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