Gala gala : the translation

This is a very popular telugu song.So thought I would give it a nice lil’ (broken) English translation to see whether it gives the same meaning 😉

words in non italics = exact translation (well! not exact though 😉 )

words in brackets = for the lyricist behind the scenes/ the hero in the song’s video

The chorus 

“gala gala parutunna godaarilaa” = *gala gala* it sounds and leaks like Godavari river

“jala jala jaruthunte kaniirela” = *jala jala* bolke it slips like eye-fluid  (dirty minded moron!)

“naakOsamai nuvvala ”             =   for me , U …

“kanniirela maaraga ”                =   changing into eye-fluid !!

“naakenduko unnadi haayigaa”  = I dont know why I full happy ! (psycho !!! )

1st stanza :

Vayyari vaanala vaana neetila dharaga  = like sexy rain fluid  leaking(***puke**** )

Varshinchi neduga vaalinaavila naa paina =U rain & crash on me (Is she heavy ? 😦   )

veeleti taarala vechi nuvvila chaatugaa  =  like hot tar ,you with double meaning

pommanna povilaa cheruthaavila nAlOna = I tell u to piss off and you dont piss off

hohoho ee allari hohoho            =         hohoho this chaos hohoho

hohoho bagunnadi hohoho         =       hohoho its nice hohoho  (chaos is nice katte! Bloody Masochist !!!)

2nd stanza : (has an elaborate part in English)

girl i am watching your booty   (bloody pervert! )

coz you make me make me feel so naughty  (abba cha!!!)

lets go out tonite and party ..vo ! Oh Oh ow  vo wow (acting like a wolf suffering from tonsils????)

girl I am watching you’re  VP (VP = very perverted ???  )

coz to love you forever its my duty (every Illeana-fan is saying the same thing :p)

so feel it oh my baby   Oh Oh ow  vo wow  (aha!wolf boy again 😉 )

chaamanti roopama taalalevuma raakumaa  = Dont have keys to neighbour’s house so dont come!

ee enda maavito neeku snehamaa chaalamma = with mirage, why you _____ ? Stop!

hindOlaRaagamaa melaTaalama  geetama = Dont have keys , so ditching u for that geeta’s mother (whoever? :O )

kanneeti savvadi haayigunnadi emainaa        =  You crying boleto I full happy (sadist!)

hohoho Ee lahiri hohoho                                = hohoho this song hohoho

hohoho Nee premadi hohoho            = hohoho yours truly, Prem Adi (Is the surname Prem or Adi ?) hohoho


ps : The teacher says that I am beginning to dance well  😛

ps1 : Adio samba!

ps2 : Going to vacate room today / tomorrow 😦

ps3 : Lal Bal is back in IIIT for the week. By the rodent’s bladder,hope he doesn’t forget to check off his lust-list (IIIT could have its own MMS scandal then)  😉

ps4 : Adio samba!

ps5 : Is it allowed to repeat the same ps ??

ps6 : By the rugrat’s stupidity! Who cares ..Adio SAmba !

ps7 :  I dare that ASR chap to write more than one comment!

ps8 :  AdiO ……….. Oh! Forget it!!

26 responses to “Gala gala : the translation

  1. Nice try! No marks

  2. thnk u thnk u 😀 I would have commited suicide had soemone remarked my translation was good 😉

  3. Good translation !! Great translation !!

    Now please go and commit suicide 😀

  4. thoo! big brainwashed bungling bandicoot’s brain has gone bananas.

  5. hopefully u have commited suicide by now 😐 *rubbing hands with anticipation*

  6. @ halley :
    Your remarks are obsolete because u did it out of a vain attempt to curb your joblessness lite!!

  7. @ asr :
    My neatly washed uninfected foot! I am neither brainwashed nor my brain’s gone bananas . I would say your rotten tryst with frustration has forced your detonated-cerebellum (wtf?!?! :p) to duplicate halley’s jobless comment 😉

  8. “adio samba”… wtf?

  9. @ samba :
    hehe 🙂 maybe he’s referring to the “adio samba” line in the first song from the movie “style” :p

  10. Duh ! call me jobless i accept .. you call my comment a jobless comment i protest 😀

  11. @ halley :
    jobless halley’s jobless comment ! 😛
    jobless halley’s jobless comment ! 😛
    jobless halley’s jobless comment ! 😛
    jobless halley’s jobless comment ! 😛
    jobless halley’s jobless comment ! 😛

    @ abbulu :
    U and your translations.Y r u becoming like this halley ? 😉

  12. i wil start a stream of songs soon
    u better translate them to English
    ledhante, g****lo thantha

    Nice Transalation with awesome lyrics.

    P.S : let us know when u r committing suicide

  13. @joey :
    sure sure 🙂

    ps : suicide please cancelled .If halley,who is being verbally blasted since ages is still so shameless,guess I can afford to be shameless too :p

  14. This time, a serious comment. Your translation was excellent. Now go commit suicide 🙂

  15. rofl.. tht was good !

  16. cheap gaa suicide enti…
    go kill someone.

  17. @ kis :
    good try sumanth ! 😛 But I am not doing it !!

    @ danprolde :
    No ! Go read “Dharma Vyadha charitham” , jeeva himsa mahaa paapam !

  18. he he!! nice translation ..saw the post just now 😀

  19. eh? I was saying tht the translation was good!

  20. oh ok thnx! I thought it was the good-remark => suicide connection 😉

  21. Amazing translation…i actually feel off my computer chair laughing my head away….thank you for all the laughter. Though i wish i could get the exact translation, i enjoyed reading ur version of the same.:)

  22. *abbulugadu bows* I am honored 🙂

  23. God bless the original lyricist’s soul 😛

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