The post with the ORKUTian fortunes

All the orkut “fortunes” are pusshing me to an infinitely addled state of scizhoprenia.Not becasue they are coming true but they are proving to be an exact anti- thesis boleto opposite is happening.Well most of them these days go like

>> **Today u will receive pleasant news via mail**

Result :  I got a mail from an unknown jack_ass (who incidentally has an ID that read )  The mail contained the yuckiest strata of abuses that I ever came across :O Hmm …must be an infinitely frustrated fella who wanted to random-mail his filthy vocal chords into the public domain.And by the Devil’s grace,he found stupid ol’ me 😦

>> ** U will have recovered something that you lost long ago**

Result :  The traffic police man caught me on the bike.And when I flash out a card thinking it was my license ,I  found a IIIT medical insurance card and that too the one I took in my first year (2003)   (Didnt see it for the past three and a half years about unwanted appearances!) The traffic guy who oh-so-coincidentially was in a foul mood (the hot Sun , I suppose! ) deicided that I was a tapori trying to make fun of him (and his moustache,and his belly,and the fact that he was stinking like Stinker in the “He-man cartoon”!) I end up shelling out a substantial amount after listening to a “Sermon at the traffic lights”

>> ** Today you will have a cool state of mind **

Result : I get a sun stroke.An hour later,  fall down the stairs and get a bump on my head (like that long red protrusion  that comes out of the head in cartoon shows) As if that wasn’t enough,  there was a power cut in the house which made the internal and external injuries more unbearable! So much for a cool state !

CONCLUSION :  For me , the orkut fortunes (esp. when they sound good) are lethal and dangerous!


Verse of the day :

I mean come on,

I was already leaving after all

When I received … 

That big fake fortune call


Quote of the day :

“If you are going  through hell , keep moving forward”

                                – Winston Churchill


ps : The heat is getting to my head.

ps1 : Vacated my room. I am trying to shield myself from going senti  over leaving IIIT , by the good riddance funda .

ps2 :  Lil’ do the folks know that good ol’ Halley can be the most irritating fella if he choses to be.

ps3 : Getting a lap-top 😀

ps4 :  For the last two days , I have been talking to the same person for a duration that spanned over 4 hours.Oh no, abbuluga  ! Not again !!! :O    😉

ps5 :  Could someone tell me how many CAFE COFFEE DAYS  actually exist in the twin cities ?

ps6 :  A friend of ours(who was a decent looking girl ) walked upto my pal,AJ and said “I am hot ! Can I have your cap ? “  ….hehe Giga Muatated super LOLs!!!!

ps7 : Anti-flirt boleto  a comedian who claims to be flirting but ends up making the girl wonder why he hates her so much!

ps8 : When I ..oops ! I forgot what to write here!

ps9 : Someone please give me a Time machine ..I wanto go back by one year to the summer of 2006! Oh no! I should n’t be violating ps1 !!

ps10 :  Just ran out of thoughts ..will be back !

ps11 : ….

ps12 : ….

ps13 : Okay I am back!

ps14 : Halley’s just come online!

ps15 : India today  released its list of top colleges.Did IIIT –H make it to top10 ? ?

ps16 : The lords of the blogging fellowship are I guess back in IIIT for a week or so !

ps17 :  ASR and tipo !! I guess we still have some unfinished business! 😉

ps18 : This is the end.

19 responses to “The post with the ORKUTian fortunes

  1. 18 PSs.

    nice …

  2. someone is going to get badly hurt! 😛 😉

  3. @ obelix :

    @asr :
    sure sir ! I am desperately dying for Ur divine hurting darshan

  4. abu Loo's nemesis

    So u an anti flirt ?
    And 4 hours on phone ? new girl ?

  5. he he..nice 🙂 , funny incident with the police.. medical insurance card eh ? he he…as if you drive rash because you got insurance 😀

  6. abu Loo's nemesis

    @ tipo :
    Cant u see he wants to bash u up ? Cant u read ?

    @ asr :
    leave a piece of abbulu for me too!

  7. @ tipo :
    thnk u thnk u ..btw we will beat up sriram together ,wat say ? 😉

    @ mr.jabroni above :
    first tell your real name and then talk ..cant you see that all the other comments are by non-chicken-shittafied humans :p !

    ps : No offence meant ! Only defence meant ! 😉

  8. haha serves you right , especially getting caught by the policeman
    the word ‘boleto’ sux
    if you know the fact that IT has released the rankings then how come you dont know whether IIIT-H is in the top 10 , foooolll
    again , justice is done for insulting devansh 🙂

  9. i don’t know whats wrong with the police today. i was caught thrice today and had to shell out 150 rupees.

    why are all the people going to IIMs buying a laptop? is it compulsory ?

  10. To dear “Mr.anony” :

    Dear Khumsi Khumsa , I read in the news that India today released its rankings but knowing the complete statistics requires a subscription which I dont have.
    I didnt insult devansh re bhai ..he’s a very good friend of mine.
    And yeah! If i could laugh at myself describing my own misadventures , surely least you could do is avoid anonymous comments which in itself shows that you lack what is called testicular-p******* “BOLETO” b****s to write your pathetic lil’ name.
    Thank you.

    ps : I enabled anonymous comments so that gods like you can show off their chicken thing so nice of u to drop by.

  11. @ peesu :
    I dont think its compulsory ..but everyone buys one because it supposedly makes life a lot easier o have a laptop at the IIMs 🙂

  12. lol at anony

  13. I think thr r 17 CCDs… btw, thrs a nu one @ lakdi ka pool which is open 24 hrs!! yes.. d first such one in hyd.
    thrs one more nu good 1 @jubilee.. next 2 apollo

  14. @karan

    are u sure that the one in lakdi ka pul is open 24 hrs ?

  15. 20 cofffe days? 😀 I’m just guessing!

  16. @peesu.. yea. one of moi cousins ws thr @ 2-30 in d nite recently 🙂


    VIAGRA, CIALIS, PHENTERMINE, SOMA… and other pills!

    Welcome please:


    Welcome please:


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