Epilogue to the present phase : The party at Green Park

After being a reluctant witness to the last post’s tragedy , I finally decided to surrender ,take light on my “rebel” stance ,to stop  blah blah fying about the stinking ichors of an infinitely self-raped society!!!! Hmm ..well at least for now! Nothing much I can do anyway (just a kid who lives on his parents’ money) 😦  So I might as well live my life happily rather than worry about the dog’s FUBARed & crooked tail !  (FUBAR = Fucked Up Beyond All Repair ..originally coined by S.Srinivasan 😀 )

Anyway,”The road  to IIM” series ends here 🙂 It was party time.All the ivy league management admits came over to the Green Park hotel for a party hosted by TIME!

According to stupid ol’ me , party boleto unlimited snacks, music and yeah! DJ 😀 But too bad it ended up as a photo shoot cum dinner.More like a get together than  a party.

So I asked Mr.Sai (the deputy director and my fav. mentor at TIME) and others to set up an impromptu DJ ! And their idea of a reply was to push me on stage and ask me to dance. Arre bhai log! I asked for a DJ night , not to make me basanti ! :p

But the food was good , which was in fact least expected.Since its a star hotel , I thought that the food would be , you know, of the namesake variety! But it was actually worth gorging on 🙂


Quote of the day

“What can you , a mere 20 year Mr.Nobody ,do about it ? “

                                                             – dad, wrt my constant cribbing about the caste shit


Verse of the day

 I dont care anymore

Of the societal blood ‘n’ gore

Ditch social welfare..njoi & eat pop-corn 

Listening to IM,Metallica and Korn

Yeah!Going vella from now on ….

————————————————————————————— ps : What is plural for Virus ? Virus or Virii or Viruses or abbulu’s PC  ??

ps1 :Why the earth is my IIITian miracle not happening ? 😦

ps2 : The new Spiderman flavour at Baskin Robbins is nice 🙂

ps3 : For the uninformed,if you go to Olive Gardens at Hi-tec, you got to try out this thing called  Veg Chettinad ..can you handle the after-burn ..muhahaha !!

ps4 :  I came across this person who loves astro-physics and sci-fiction ! Fine! But the thing that flabbergasted me is that she’s 1)a girl 2)a medico 3) a plastic :O  :O :O

ps5 : The irony of blogging is that folks read the saddest things more.No wonder I got my highest number of hits for the last post! What a pity 😦

ps6 : aaaaah! cut! snap!stop! time-out!

ps7 : I am beginning to like dancing ?!?!?!

ps8 : I hate gyminkers !! x(

ps9 : orkut-scraping in different types of dialects!  😉 Hyd.hindi,telangana slang,broken english , to name a few

ps10 : the only one in ug2k3 who was never given the bottom-thrashing (bum-bashing to be simpler) is our very own Chandramouli!

ps11 : the end

3 responses to “Epilogue to the present phase : The party at Green Park

  1. awwwhh.. we used to hang arnd at green park at 2 in the midnight and feasst on amazinggg midnight biryanii!

  2. Naaice Mr. Virus computer 🙂
    By the way, try cribbing about the caste stuff the day you turn 21, that might help dad see it with a new perspective 😀

  3. I turned 21 , two weeks ago! Not of much help though 😐

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