The one on college rankings

Okay lets get down to business straight away …. in the India today survey IIIT-H  is ranked at a mediocre No.16 , far down the alley as compared to IIIT-A which is ranked at no.8 .What rubbed salt on the IIITian’s ego-wounds was the fact that VIT’s at two places above IIIT-H at no.16!!!! Not to mention other waste-in-our-perception  kind of colleges which surged ahead . Okay all that was already said and done.

But guess we can have some respite in the fact that in the recent survey by The Outlook  , which used a similar method as India today , there’s way too much variance for comfort. This more or less indicates that college rankings are not necessarily a reflection of a college’s standard.

In fact going by the mag. rankings IIIT-H at least  ended up with rank-16 because of its past record ! If we were to consider just the last year’s parametrical-evaluation , thenwe wouldn’t be figuring even in the top-20 !! 😦 

Anyway some insights into the Outlook’s  rankings  are given (the main difference is that this magazine seperated out the govt. and the private colleges. What perplexes me is that our apna  IIIT was given a govt college status )

IIIT-H’s scores in the various parameters :

  1. Intellectual capital : 407/600 
  2. Pedagogic system : 135/200
  3. Industry interface : 308/400   (very high score for this parameter ! 😀 )
  4. Placements : 277/400  (sad to say ! But this is where we fared poorly compared to other colleges)
  5. Infrastructure and Facilities : 377/650  (this is below average score among the good colleges ! )

VIT (yet again !! )  is ranked at No.7 among private coll.s( yo! you read it right ..s- e-v- e -n  )

IIIT-H is ranked at no.20 among govt. colleges 😦 .Of course IIIT-A is ranked no.26 which gives us a lil’ relief  😉

But seriously speaking , if we were to go by scores alone , IIIT-H (whose score was 1504/2250) would have been 4th  had it been categorised as a private college  (which I guess should have been the case 😐 )

Apart from the top 15 , there isn’t much of an intersection in the rankings by India today  and The outlook.  So, light! The rank-viewing is just to be considered a pastime activity!


ps : For more details , take an India Today dated June4 and an outlook dated June 11 (the library’s got a subscription,so must have got it by now ) ..and check it out 🙂

8 responses to “The one on college rankings

  1. I guess the number of courses also matters in the score. IIIT-A gives Management courses too. I guess that matters in their rank

  2. Was going to write a post about this myself. Googled for some college ranking some time back and got a post from Rashmi bansal of JAM magazine fame describing that most of the time these rankings are based on Students’ opinion and no solid study at all.

  3. @playboi, I’m not sure if dat was a parameter..
    Lets wait for d dataquest survey 😀

  4. @vardhman,

    don’t you think that asking students about their own college is plain stupid way of going about such a survey.

  5. Actually they asked the professors of the colleges surveyed.To minimize bias the professors were required to rate every college other than their own college.

  6. Gaurav Somani

    @ playboi..
    This a Engg collg survey so Mgmt courses dont count.

    India today’s survey gives a lot of weightage to Perception.

  7. @ Gaurav :
    Hi 🙂

    In fact Mgmt. courses do matter as they are considered more or less good , since these courses when taught at engg. colleges are either
    1)interwoven with technical knowledge , or
    2) taken as non-technical courses (whose indirect relevance might actually impress prof.s into giving more points)

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