bad boy harry


Hahaha …couldn’t help but post about this , guess the kiddos’ role model is a bad boy after all 😉

My apologies for the cheap lack of prudence :p in the following pics …  (courtesy :



ps : 11 days to the epoch of Armaegeddon …

ps1 : Have lots of ol’ pals left to do some good ol’ catching up on ol’ times   😉

ps2  : The parliament’s got some monkey protectors  😀

ps3 :  Its been rainin’ at regular intervals .With the rain-maniac that I am ,no surprises in me catching a cold.Right now,blowing my nose over a new tissue paper every 3.142 minutes (accurate number eh ?  :p)

ps4 :  Recent purge of korean movies (with telugu subtitles :p ) in the abbulu-viewing-list . Must say the Koreans are a jolly good  bunch of feverish despos …  :O

ps5 :  When I see some guys posting scraps like “Hey!Friends ? ”  or “I dont know you!So  lets get to know each other” to every Tomerina,Dickarina and Harryna (female analogues to tom,dick and harry) they come across on the net, I cant keep myself from ROFLing at such gawdy desperation .. 😛

ps6 :  Life is not so bad after all least ,I am still alive and trying to go Electrified at the slightest pretext  😉

ps7 : He who loves himslef  has no rival.

ps8 :  What was that ? Didnt really think …just popped out of my head

ps9 :  Will come back to coll. one last time before take-off to Babu Moshai land 🙂

11 responses to “bad boy harry

  1. about ps5 … these despos are not bounded to scraps .. testies even …
    see this one
    a testi written by some kabir …
    “frustoo pane ki had” !!

  2. rofl..
    nice pics 😛

  3. swhen are you comign?

    we need some muscle to do heavy liftnig for the shifting

  4. @ ankit :

    @karan :

    @obelix :
    soon 😉

  5. I don’t blame Harry for being a bad boy 🙂
    Really nice testimonial catch @ Ankit

  6. @ vivek :
    hehe ..true indeed 😉 He’s finally growing up

  7. heh…i love doin 23 post scripts too 😀
    and naughty harry indeed… u a fan???of rowling???

  8. @ shilpa
    lots of post scripts ? Good good 😀
    NOt really a fan … consider it kiddo stuff 🙂

  9. not???me likey..esp the weasely….not as obsessed as some others i know.. i mean, ppl know all the incantations for fsm’s sake!
    btw…ur stand on god???…and scrap me…this is gettin painful

  10. Hi abbulugadu
    Can u define this “trying to go Electrified at the slightest pretext.”

  11. @ Sachin :
    It basically means , doing something radical ,dancing and being merry for some reason or other 🙂 Just creating a cheerful atmosphere around thats all 😉

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