The IIITian timeline : Part-1


These hands of mine itch , really itch to write some thing so , here I come up with a timeline 😛 ..

(*-* boleto year-sem)


 images2.jpg (the days of the moustachio 😉 )

For the first IIITian time ,I enter the IIITian main entrance at the IIITian main block ..and mutter  in the true blue, cliche’, cinematic style …

” IIIT! Never fear ..ooops ..sry ..I mean … Always fear because I am here ..”

(a tribute to  IV 😉 ) Bullocks up asr’s  Oesophagus! What would I know then that I am just a koopastha mandookamu (frog in the well ! ) walking into the big league!

Who would n’t forget when I played goofy on stage during the Mr.Fresher finals (yeah!it was a miracle I made it that far 😉 )

Prof.JAWS actually loved to think that he was a shark when he used to make me  do C-programs at class (read bite,gobble and swallow me up)Of course others didnt even know I existed 😀

That tall item chap of  my batch still owes me 25 bucks for a burger x(

Who would forget when Prof.MaMu asked Shakeeb his roll number , remembered it for the whole sem and failed him .Aha! Because of such events in ug2k3ian history, simple sentences like “Excuse me!What is your roll number ?” sound like you are in the middle of a wild-bull stampede !!!!

1-2 :

 Things started getting better , reluctantly became the “Triple H” (all pun intended) of the batch (courtesy : Anand Vasudev) ..was actually (hold ur foot in your mouth!) good at the age of conquerors 😉 game.

Prof.Jonty knew me but used to act like she didn’t 😦

Prof.Kaul didn’t know me but used to act like he did 🙂

A time when Mouli’s weight  was < 100 Kilos

Hey ! I was fat too :p then


My(frustoo  boy) first conversation(read verbal war) with Mr.Srinivasan Sampathkumar(good boy and best buddy)  … I am sure he cried later that day :p

At the sem’s end, Mouli(mowgli) and Sandeep (sandy) eat their first pizzas in my persuasive presence 🙂

That same evening , looked at the then fourth year student Mr.VR and thought , “Wouldn’t I love to be in his shoes ? “  It was a prophecy ..honestly ..a prophecy 😉

(to be continued ….. )


Verse of the day :

 First year,  I never rested

And my brain got tested

But those quizzes kept getting busted

Frustoo I was , but tried to be calm

Yeah! Even without applyng Zandu Balm  …..


Link of the day :

(check it out in uncyclopedia as well ..hehe!U will definitely enjoy it)

[Courtesy : Grand sensei Slippy …. 😀  😉 ]

6 responses to “The IIITian timeline : Part-1

  1. heh…nice read…maybe i would get most of those if i am a iiitan myself. neverthless….

    oii…no mention of who enlightened you..deeply offended…hmmphhh…

  2. apologies 🙂 its done now

  3. Is Mr.VR = Venkatram ???

  4. heh..just noticed….and u r forgiven

  5. @ synthesizer :
    And u r ?
    Nwz yeah! VR = Venkatram 🙂

  6. @ shilpa :
    thnx grand sensei 😛

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