The IIITian timeline : Part 2

(continued from last post)


Was still fat and still had the moustache.Lost a lil’ bit of the pregnant-ladylike  tummy of course,thanks to a super mutated case of diarrhoea !

Witnessed the first north-south cold war of the batch.  😦 Thank God it didnt go overboard.Never again after that did the batch go at logger heads based on blatant,crappy regional feelings.

Was a judge at the Mr.nMs. Fresher prelims at Keane school. Had one hell of a time watching the girls shake ! Wait!I dont mean dance! I meant trembling in fear of the perceptibly-demonic seniors …muhahaha !!  (of course .. doing something actually demonic would land you before the disco (disciplinary commitee) and then you would dance for sure, what say IV 😉 )

After that the sem was hell personified.At the end of the sem , I got out of Prof.P.R.K.Rao’s Probablity Course with a C and Dr.B.K.Dey’s Linear  Algebra course with a B- . That sounds mediocre , but to me, such an achievement convinced me that I can nominate myself for the Nobel Prize for Mathematics ..honest!!


Still fat though not exactly on the obese side anymore.Finally started wearing jeans (I mean , n0t actually started :p ..just wore jeans twice in the whole sem)

Still maintained the villager look and the thakur-like moustache !

Movies with friends and oggling at every keka girl became a routine !

 Finally understood that if you dont understand a subject, stuff it all into your mouth and puke all over the answer sheet.[RK the dirty would say “Stuff it all up your a** and s*** all over the answer sheet” . Yuck!  Anyway this lame-ass philosophy, inspite of being a lame-ass philosophy, pushed my lucky-fat-ass  up to the fourth position in class thats sem. (now that is what is called fluke )

Felicity 2K5 was fun.Wasn’t a big hit though 😦  But I really enjoyed myself. For the first time in my left-legged life,I danced ,of course , not on stage though 😉

LCS classes amused me , not ’cause of Dr.Gary’s hyper-decibelisation (boleto volume of lectures tends to infinity !!! ) , but because of the sight of Mr.G and Ms.S dhooming to class on a bike and sticking together throughout the class.While I slept as the prof.  lectured,always dreamt that  Gary would play Amrish Puri and take them apart ..tch tch!!

The last time elections  were held to decide the members of the students Parliament . Dr.Blabber then decided to cancel all elections because in his opinion,the students had begun to behave like political hooligans and Goondarajah s.The ug2k3ians , even enacted a play on this during SLASH’07 ..oops! I mean SPLASH’07 !

 (to be continued ..)


Verse of the day

In my second IIITian year

I lived in whole-hearted  😉  fear

Of CGPA!! How pathetic to hear .. 😦

In the end , mustering all apan ka might

I declared , “CG  saaaaks! Take light! “


5 responses to “The IIITian timeline : Part 2

  1. gg for the verse of the day …. 🙂
    awesome narration ..
    waiting for the next one .. !!

  2. Dhanyavaad dost! 😀

  3. u were fat?????cant even begin to imagine!!!

  4. @ shilpa :
    Hey! The prev post’s actually got a fat pic of fat me 😛

  5. Remember DISCO all to clearly.

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