The IIITian Timeline : Part 3


(continued from last post)



Sometimes you do crazy things.One of them (in my oh-so-miserable case) was to lose weight . Fine! But instead of doing it the rightful healthy way , Mr.Frustoo (me,of course!!) becomes so frustoo that he decides to nearly starve himself to death and nearly run himself to lame-hood! Blah!!

Anyway was fat no more.Moustache gone.Rather started sporting a goatee like the ones the Palestinian foot-soldiers  have . 

images4.jpg (creepy na !! )

Anyway , ended up doing an honors project under the great one (Prof.VUR)  himself.My project partner was none other than the mighty TA (tough Akka ) !! (the same one who slapped Mr.KTN so hard that he forgot who his gf was …muhahaha !!) So anyway,my plight in the remaining project-filled sem, I leave to your imagination 😐  !! Of course I wasn’t slapped though 🙂 lucky me !!

This was one active semester .Apun participated in every event I could lay my eyes on (or rather eyes,hands,legs,a**,etc., ) of course didn’t win anything , but who cares ,as some arbitrary fellow said , “U participated na bhai , thats enough!! “

Cut my left thumb on the football goalpost’s hook.Successfully  created a red-coloured hand foutain.

Wrote a big (read as humongous as Yokozuna’s derrerie )  post about a Prof. It was my first full fledged abusive post.To this day,that was the post which had the most number of hits in  my blog 😐  Talk about the world going bad!!

Won my first race at the sports meet.Birth of the oh-so-weird Running man myth 🙂 Got sooo dehydrated that evening that some pals actually thought about making arrangements for my funeral 😉


This was the sem where I started getting freaky ..I mean absolutely,stupendously (and , pathetically ?? ) freaky.

Even went to some classes in shorts 😉 Took my short ..errr…I mean shirt off at Felicity’06 . Aha! Talking about Felicity’06, had one hell of a time.Was an anchor on stage for most of the evening on day-3 🙂 Drove many a sober-minded student jittery with my usual goofy antics ..muhahah!!

BTP under Prof.Jonty.She must have tabbed giving me a project as one of the greatest blunders of her life 😉

Started writing the notorious gossip poems in my blog.Some found it amusing.The tall fellowof my batch found it his mental-vasectomy!!!!Mr.V kept making a comedian out of himself by publicly requesting me (in the comments) to keep his name out of it .

(for the emotional angle) At Farewell’06 ,  I looked into the crowd , looked up into the sky,saw a star,made a wish (just for the grandilomaniacal picture,not that I ever believed such astronomical mish-mash) ! Lil’ did i know that it would come true.

Mr.BK abused someone for the first time in his life.The target = me!! Talk about  tolerance-breaking expertise!! 😉

Of course ! At the end of the sem,finnallllly,  found someone 😀  ..haha! the prophecy (in 1-2 was  fulfilled , the wish (in 3-2) was granted !!

(to be continued …)


Verse of the day :

 Finally, after two whole years, I said

Bindaas! This concept’s filled my head

CG dumped! Rules bumped!

As Frank Sinatra would say ..

I’m Happy ! I at last I do it my way 😀


(to be continued … )

7 responses to “The IIITian Timeline : Part 3

  1. Hey why dont you giv us the link of the post in which you abused your prof. 🙂

  2. @abbulu

    tht was one fine post u wrote ..
    how did i miss it .. !! (the post bout KRR)

  3. wen i first saw tht pic…i was like. ewww…. and the imagination started wandering into unchartered territories…now i know…and much relief comes

  4. me likes sinatra too…and wats the link to the post which got the max no. of hits????

  5. jus saw tht u had already provided the link…..amazing post….much knowledge about telugu slang was gained…we shall be eternally indebted to u….

  6. @ shilpa :
    hahaha ..yeah I can understand waht u meant by unchartered territories ;p 😉
    Thnk thnk you 🙂

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