The IIITian Timeline : Part-4


(continued from last post) 



Still fat no more 😉 Still moustache gone. Goatee gone as well. Pakka bhola bhaala  look came in. :p 

Life revolved around her,CAT prep. and the anime, Bleach ! It was one crazy sem   ! 😀 My life’s combo was more like that of  Yachiru and Zaraki Kenpachi 😛(yeah! the bad sense of direction  & tendency to  get lost , included 😉 ..hehe)

Prof.Jonty had to act like she knew me,as I was still project-afying (superficially)  under her.Amit (my project partner) had to agree that I was THE best (worst ???) when it came to covering up (by doing lil’/no work that is 😉 )

Haha! Oh forgot to mention..wore only jeans ..nothing but jeans.In fact kept trying the Vaastav look of long kurta , jeans , and gelled hair with tilak ..but then dropped the idea.After all, don’t want to show folks a horror cinema in broad daylight , do we ?  hey baava thok daalu kya !!

Literary club meetings were fun ! Successfully played the comedian (comedian in literary club!Please understand and dont request elaboration!) everytime I attended the club meetings.

DVL aka Lilli was getting  obsessed with the catch phrase “Arre O Saleem Pheku!Tu kya bhak raha hain re” (courtesy: “The Angrez” movie) especially when good ol’ me tended to act modest  🙂

Halley ‘s tummy  grew to colossal proportions.Even a XXXL shirt couldn’t hide it ! Thats when folks started singing ,

Halley the gr8’s bellyyyy ….it shakes like pure jellyyyyy !


No moustache.No goatee.No fat.No eyes!Err..I mean ..the eye-sight index increased by a number or two.

The Great depression set in.When I look back at it,I am surprised I survived.

At the death of 2006,Won all races at the Sports meet.Got into a D-company.Got all CAT calls.PKV said “Abbulugadu muttukundalla bangaarame!”  I started singing the Bluff master title song,only that I  replaced Bluff master with Fluke master.  But yeah! New year’s eve was never more joyful 🙂

And Prithvi lifetd the Sports trophy after years of Agnian domination.

Had to prepare for the interviews.So did it at a medium level intensity.Prayed I get into Bengalooru for the sake of being close to home.Aaaaargh! Okay ..okay!The truth!!For the sake of hot chicks .Got C instead.Hey! Thats ok 🙂 …the  Baba Moshai conceptology is not bad either!

Academically my worst sem.Was determined to get an SG of below 6 somehow!! But no matter how painfully,masochistically,addle-a**ly hard  I tried , I couldn’t !  😦 My bad !

Played the ultimate goofy  (third time in four years about having the goof-record) at the Mr.Felicity finals.Was paired up with a super-mutated jelly-monster from some unknown planet in Two to tango round.Surely, the wild boars in the Asterix comics would have had a run for their money ‘coz of her!!!

Played myself in the skit at SPLASH’O7 .It was fun and the jackass of a catch phrase that goes like ..“Dauduthaaa dauduthaaa mein ban gayaa baba” (in  mercilessly mutilated Hindi) became famous ..ahem!I mean notorious!

Gave a farewell speech too at Farewell’07!For once I stayed out of controversy,that night


I am supposed to say now ..

And so end four wonderful years of IIITian life.Never again will I be part of such a wonderful family, the Professors,the trees , the buildings .friends,the coffe shop, you and me …”

But I would rather not say anything that senti .Rather, this is the verse of the day ..


Verse of the day

It is only saying good bye for the day

To  slogging, workload, and the gangway

‘Coz life is full of that anyway …

So without much ado

I say “good luck to u too”

x-x-x (to those who know I am addressing them)x-x-x

I am going away now

With that same humble bow

Haha ! Lower than the style of Hu-Jintao :p

But I am going away ..not as a whole

‘coz what i leave behind with you is my Soul !

– (for the last IIITian time)

Good luck to u all,

good ol’ abbulugadu 🙂


8 responses to “The IIITian Timeline : Part-4

  1. drove me senti !!

  2. im going to miss iiit 😦

    dont write senti posts …

  3. @ ankit & obelix :
    I am a pseudo-parasite in this context. I am trying to make others go senti ….but myself trying to stay from getting soft with the “good riddance” funda 😉 …. aha! Spoken like a true villain !!!

    But still … 😦 how long can i pretend :((

  4. Nice senti post.. 😀
    Its been a long time since I’ve liked a post of yours.. and I’d like to rank this one right up there not because of your super-mutated jaboroni or whatever but because of your final rap song.. 😀

    Rock on, buddy! 😀

  5. @ vasan
    kenpachi’s Bankai ?? 😛 😉

  6. ‘Life revolved around her , CAT prep and Bleach’

    @ abbulu :
    Life prioritized perfectly , my friend ! And I am sure the order of importance was the same too .Who would have thought you of all people would be capable of such feelings.Baba ! Once again you prove your soft side and surprise us all 🙂

  7. That sounded like a compliment 🙂 ! Thanks ..whoever you are

  8. Every thing you need from & more

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