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Mr.Dishonourable’s honoured tale ;)

Wiki  says … 

“Honour (British English), or honor (American English), is the evaluation of a person’s trustworthiness and social status based on that individual’s espousals and actions ”

Haha ..and so as I get a glimpse of my degree certificate , I am pleasantly surprised at the honours tag  along with my BTech tag  🙂 …

So ?

Well basically , its a common-place tag at IIIT-H, but then this story’s different. After bumbastic (whatever that meant !! )  projects under Prof.VUR and Prof.JS , I didnt want to dig my already-jacked-up-due-to-CAT-prep  brain for another academically PROJECTed torture routine !! 😐

So I found the perfect placebo ..the mighty Dr.Gary ,the messaiah of the downtrodden,the idiotic  and the lazy !!;) And then I take up my final requirement , the honours 2 project in Wireless Communications [;) …..  Dr.ZAK must be contemplating jumping from the terrace right now ..hahaha ] under good ol’ Gary !! (Basically on paper this project sounds equal to the one  done under good ol’ VUR Tough Akka of ug2k3 must be blowin’ smoke from her ears !!  :p )

And so 0 min of project-work,5 min of reading,20 min of .doc file production and 15 min of .ppt file production finished the last part of my honours tale in grand fashion. And thus , finally , we have

good ol’ abbulugadu,B.Tech in ECE with Honours in Communications & Signal Processing. (haha … and people might think ,me of all the morons ,is a research candidate, for devil’s sake! )

In true management ishtyle, they call it  The Idiot/Escapist’s strategic management !! (chaaaaa !!)

Anyhow , thanks to X for scolding me enough , to finish my ….(ahem!! )Honours  😛 (hehe ..using this word way too much , must say!! 😉 )

————————————————————————————————————————-ps(-1)  : Please! Dont try such things in yours Honours programme  :p

ps : …….and to think I am writing this post between exams :O …my my !!

ps1 : Oh no! Gotto study now 😦 … bye for now ladies and gentlemen ! (sounded honourable ,didn’t it ? )

The weekend jerk

Remember the 3 triplets in Disney’s Duck Tales saying “whacko-rooni” ?

Well! Thats exactly what I was saying throughout the Fri and Sat nights. Friday night had good ol’ me haunting Tantra (disco cum lounge)at Park Hotel (yo … inspite of the infinitely hectic work schedule !! 😛 ) with a bunch from the batch.And danced away to insane levels (read Devu level 😉 )

And then Sat night had the badla party ,  an essential ingredient of IIM-C tradition 🙂 And trust me what started off as a 400+ crowd at  the DJ-event, in the end dwindled to a strength of 15.And haha… I was there in the last 15 ..jumping away to glory !! ( err.. my dancing resembles a monkey jumping ! )

So since yesterday , its back to grinding en la infinitum .  Especially since the mid terms are going to start this week.Guess I need to do some big time studying to prevent myself from getting lynched on the academic guillotine !!


Quote of the day

“We shall not disappear into the night …

Shall not go down without a fight !! 😉 “

– from the feature film “Independence day”

– —————————————————————————————-

ps : Some folks think that I am a blessing .Gosh!May God save these gullible souls ..muhahah!! 😉

ps1: Its been a while since I personalized things in life.Is that what being managerial  is about ? 😐

ps2 : When IIM-B comes here for the sports meet, they….. are ……. Sab Khallas  !!! x(

Of Drams , Crams ,Kilograms and the Anagrams

The Drams thing

There is an ancient, more or less legendary saying at the eldest of the IIMS …

A saying that goes like … “There are two types of people at Joka land (IIM-C in formal terminology) , those who are in the DRAMS CELL and those who aren’t !!! “


The Drams cell ..aka the Dramatics club is one of the most famous ,most active , prestigious clubs at IIM-C. And thank the Gods themselves …I could pass through a ‘rigorous is an understatement’   kind of selection process   Ahaa! The feeling is pure bliss. 🙂

The Cram theory

 The glorious Cramming theory beautifully implemented at ‘the place where I lost my soul’ (boleto IIIT-H) , is finding its effect waning,simply because this curriculum enforces an addage that future-managers dont mug up theory ! So moral of the story?

my conscience :“Orey abbuluga! Stop Cramming!Start thinking in head and listening in class ! “ 

me : My my! Thats a tough job!

The Kilograms

 Its sultry ,sweaty and peeving sometimes when it comes to the weather.So a simple thing like going to the classroom from the hostel takes the khaleja (a gult ish colloquial combinational term for energy,power,stamina blah blah blah) out of you 😐 Result ?Within three weeks,the force my body exerts on Earth went down by about 58.8 Newtons (for those who didnt get it … 6 Kgs !) 😦

The Anagrams

The lady who sat next to me at the last class shared the same name as ma ! Miss ma so much …. 😦  **sigh**

Anyway, got into an anagram solving contest with that lady (for the pathetically egoistical purpose of showing that boys are better) . Lost 100 to NIL 😦

Moral ? No more anagrams ..stick to running and hawabaazi  😉


Dialogue of the day :

KOmamura :  Looks like you ‘ve lost your sanity ….Zaraki !!

Zaraki Kenpachi : Oh well ! When was I associated with that in the first place !!

                                                                                                                                                    – Excerpt from Bleach 51

Moral :  Accept what you truly are ?!?!?


ps : They call me Gunda here! Now dont get me wrong … Gunda is a highly prestigious nick at IIM-C 😀 and for that matter …at the whole of Kolkata itself ! 🙂 😛 

ps1 : The original GUNDA  is a cult movie here 🙂 It is in fact so weird that you might actually like it !! Folks here wear shirts that read ,‘Mera Naam hain Bullaaaaaa !’ and it is considered fundoo here 😉 (mukesh rishi’s catch phrase in the movie )

ps2 :captured , modified and published  ..a true pic at the campus 😀  JOsh and the jetty

The Marathon

There is this club called the Adventure club at IIM-C. The selection process comprised a 5.2 KM run and the top 30 were to get admitted into the club (clubs here are active clubs because only those who are found ‘really interested’ get in)

And so we ran..60 of us  … 3 laps around the campus … with 75% Relative Humidity (that makes you sweat like a pig genetically cloned for the sole purpose of sweating) and a rough cement road  :O Finally I crawled,rolled and panted my way  to the finish line at 25 min 45 seconds.The next guy was far behind 😉

Only an image ..a singular image, persisted , within  me and it made me win !  Anyway,as they shouted,cheered and clapped, I in fact felt no happiness.But surely, a relieved feeling that as long as soul less ol’ me  can see that image ..I can run ..and be alive !! 🙂


ps : Things heating up.Mid terms at the month’s end ! :0

The new riders of Joka

Valhalla!!! Still get up in the morning (after such a perpetually long hiatus from blogdom) and wonder , “B****s !! I am actually here  :O ”

 Anyway, so here I am….a place where most of life’s elite priorities are anteceded by the word “hard” !! Study hard! Party hard! Play (sports) hard ! And so on ….haha

After a truly Electrified 😉 first week at campus , we had this freshers’ party which made the IIITian open-air DJs look like ********** !!!! Yeah!The boogie-man down there is me …


The Prof.s are AWEsome ..never seen such professionalism in life before. Then there are clubs …. which actually function through out the year !! There’s a band ! There’s a gym (hehe 😉 ) !FOOD is good !!And because of God’s direct pampering-routine to a rain freak such as me ….it rains a lot here 😀

And by the way,Joka is the name of the area  where the IIM-C campus stands! Okay then .. I got to study now for Finac and Stats lest I get kicked out of this nice lil’ place :)! Over and out!!


dialogue of the day :

Tum : Boys are such self centred ass holes !! x(

Hum : Girls are such chicken hearted nitwits !! :))


ps : Carlos Sim ,a Mexican Telecom boss ,rumoredly overtook Bill Gates as the world’s richest man!

ps1: Rajni’s BOSS plays even at theatres in Kolkata.

ps2 : Mithunda  is more popular than Ganguly in Kolkata