The new riders of Joka

Valhalla!!! Still get up in the morning (after such a perpetually long hiatus from blogdom) and wonder , “B****s !! I am actually here  :O ”

 Anyway, so here I am….a place where most of life’s elite priorities are anteceded by the word “hard” !! Study hard! Party hard! Play (sports) hard ! And so on ….haha

After a truly Electrified 😉 first week at campus , we had this freshers’ party which made the IIITian open-air DJs look like ********** !!!! Yeah!The boogie-man down there is me …


The Prof.s are AWEsome ..never seen such professionalism in life before. Then there are clubs …. which actually function through out the year !! There’s a band ! There’s a gym (hehe 😉 ) !FOOD is good !!And because of God’s direct pampering-routine to a rain freak such as me ….it rains a lot here 😀

And by the way,Joka is the name of the area  where the IIM-C campus stands! Okay then .. I got to study now for Finac and Stats lest I get kicked out of this nice lil’ place :)! Over and out!!


dialogue of the day :

Tum : Boys are such self centred ass holes !! x(

Hum : Girls are such chicken hearted nitwits !! :))


ps : Carlos Sim ,a Mexican Telecom boss ,rumoredly overtook Bill Gates as the world’s richest man!

ps1: Rajni’s BOSS plays even at theatres in Kolkata.

ps2 : Mithunda  is more popular than Ganguly in Kolkata

6 responses to “The new riders of Joka

  1. mithoon …. really ??

  2. Mithunda is famous at K as well.. 😀

    And seriously, IIIT Djs suck when it comes to the ones that we had during our freshers.. 😀

    And Carlos Sim has taken over Bill Gates.. I dont think its a rumour.

  3. Forbes denies 😐 it places Sim at no.2
    Its only a claim by a mexican mag

  4. ahh…in kolkatta finally…which specialisation have u chosen???

    and its slim…not sim

  5. oye , it is SIM …

  6. Mithun rox! watch Goonda 😛

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