The Marathon

There is this club called the Adventure club at IIM-C. The selection process comprised a 5.2 KM run and the top 30 were to get admitted into the club (clubs here are active clubs because only those who are found ‘really interested’ get in)

And so we ran..60 of us  … 3 laps around the campus … with 75% Relative Humidity (that makes you sweat like a pig genetically cloned for the sole purpose of sweating) and a rough cement road  :O Finally I crawled,rolled and panted my way  to the finish line at 25 min 45 seconds.The next guy was far behind 😉

Only an image ..a singular image, persisted , within  me and it made me win !  Anyway,as they shouted,cheered and clapped, I in fact felt no happiness.But surely, a relieved feeling that as long as soul less ol’ me  can see that image ..I can run ..and be alive !! 🙂


ps : Things heating up.Mid terms at the month’s end ! :0

7 responses to “The Marathon

  1. does that mean u came first .. 🙂 ??

    congrats 🙂

  2. All the best for Mid sems babamoshai 🙂

  3. you are still electrified !!
    take care dude u may be electrocuted with such long laps…

  4. wow BABA .. now I see that why are you “Running man electrified” .. Keep up the good work at IIMC 😀

  5. @ sumeet jee
    thnx i need it :p

    @kiran :
    good idea …

    @beegle :
    ‘Ghost runner’, actually! Left my soul behind in IIIT-H 😦 not RM electrified anymore 😐

  6. Why am I not surprised? btw even we have our mid terms at the end of this month.. 😦 SUCKS!

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