Of Drams , Crams ,Kilograms and the Anagrams

The Drams thing

There is an ancient, more or less legendary saying at the eldest of the IIMS …

A saying that goes like … “There are two types of people at Joka land (IIM-C in formal terminology) , those who are in the DRAMS CELL and those who aren’t !!! “


The Drams cell ..aka the Dramatics club is one of the most famous ,most active , prestigious clubs at IIM-C. And thank the Gods themselves …I could pass through a ‘rigorous is an understatement’   kind of selection process   Ahaa! The feeling is pure bliss. 🙂

The Cram theory

 The glorious Cramming theory ..so beautifully implemented at ‘the place where I lost my soul’ (boleto IIIT-H) , is finding its effect waning,simply because this curriculum enforces an addage that future-managers dont mug up theory ! So moral of the story?

my conscience :“Orey abbuluga! Stop Cramming!Start thinking in head and listening in class ! “ 

me : My my! Thats a tough job!

The Kilograms

 Its sultry ,sweaty and peeving sometimes when it comes to the weather.So a simple thing like going to the classroom from the hostel takes the khaleja (a gult ish colloquial combinational term for energy,power,stamina blah blah blah) out of you 😐 Result ?Within three weeks,the force my body exerts on Earth went down by about 58.8 Newtons (for those who didnt get it … 6 Kgs !) 😦

The Anagrams

The lady who sat next to me at the last class shared the same name as ma ! Miss ma so much …. 😦  **sigh**

Anyway, got into an anagram solving contest with that lady (for the pathetically egoistical purpose of showing that boys are better) . Lost 100 to NIL 😦

Moral ? No more anagrams ..stick to running and hawabaazi  😉


Dialogue of the day :

KOmamura :  Looks like you ‘ve lost your sanity ….Zaraki !!

Zaraki Kenpachi : Oh well ! When was I associated with that in the first place !!

                                                                                                                                                    – Excerpt from Bleach 51

Moral :  Accept what you truly are ?!?!?


ps : They call me Gunda here! Now dont get me wrong … Gunda is a highly prestigious nick at IIM-C 😀 and for that matter …at the whole of Kolkata itself ! 🙂 😛 

ps1 : The original GUNDA  is a cult movie here 🙂 It is in fact so weird that you might actually like it ..lol !! Folks here wear shirts that read ,‘Mera Naam hain Bullaaaaaa !’ and it is considered fundoo here 😉 (mukesh rishi’s catch phrase in the movie )

ps2 :captured , modified and published  ..a true pic at the campus 😀  JOsh and the jetty

7 responses to “Of Drams , Crams ,Kilograms and the Anagrams

  1. People wearing a tshirt saying “Mera nam hai bullaaaaa” Can it get any better 😀

  2. heh….agree with himank…and isnt gunda the disco dancer starrer…?????

  3. YEP !! the Mithunda himself 😛

  4. ppl don’t underrate the movie if u haven’t seen it ….
    its ranking is much better than .. any of your favourite eng movie ..

    have a look

    congrats to our very own abbulu for getting this prestigious title of “GUNDA”

    all hail to the Gunda.

    😀 😀 😀 😀

  5. @ abbulu :
    Baba! U never stop , do u ? 🙂

  6. I’m doing a Kryptos Anagram contest if anyone is interested.



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