Mr.Dishonourable’s honoured tale ;)

Wiki  says … 

“Honour (British English), or honor (American English), is the evaluation of a person’s trustworthiness and social status based on that individual’s espousals and actions ”

Haha ..and so as I get a glimpse of my degree certificate , I am pleasantly surprised at the honours tag  along with my BTech tag  🙂 …

So ?

Well basically , its a common-place tag at IIIT-H, but then this story’s different. After bumbastic (whatever that meant !! )  projects under Prof.VUR and Prof.JS , I didnt want to dig my already-jacked-up-due-to-CAT-prep  brain for another academically PROJECTed torture routine !! 😐

So I found the perfect placebo ..the mighty Dr.Gary ,the messaiah of the downtrodden,the idiotic  and the lazy !!;) And then I take up my final requirement , the honours 2 project in Wireless Communications [;) …..  Dr.ZAK must be contemplating jumping from the terrace right now ..hahaha ] under good ol’ Gary !! (Basically on paper this project sounds equal to the one  done under good ol’ VUR Tough Akka of ug2k3 must be blowin’ smoke from her ears !!  :p )

And so 0 min of project-work,5 min of reading,20 min of .doc file production and 15 min of .ppt file production finished the last part of my honours tale in grand fashion. And thus , finally , we have

good ol’ abbulugadu,B.Tech in ECE with Honours in Communications & Signal Processing. (haha … and people might think ,me of all the morons ,is a research candidate, for devil’s sake! )

In true management ishtyle, they call it  The Idiot/Escapist’s strategic management !! (chaaaaa !!)

Anyhow , thanks to X for scolding me enough , to finish my ….(ahem!! )Honours  😛 (hehe ..using this word way too much , must say!! 😉 )

————————————————————————————————————————-ps(-1)  : Please! Dont try such things in yours Honours programme  :p

ps : …….and to think I am writing this post between exams :O …my my !!

ps1 : Oh no! Gotto study now 😦 … bye for now ladies and gentlemen ! (sounded honourable ,didn’t it ? )

2 responses to “Mr.Dishonourable’s honoured tale ;)

  1. yes. i repeat again. honors is for those who don’t have it.

  2. yes , your honor ! 😀

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