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The 4:30 AM post

The Drams Club’s practice for the Alumni event has just ended. After a ton of bakar (aka B.C aka arbit-thrash talk) I have finally come to my room. By the way,a case-study presentation is due at 9:45 AM. Nice ! Mastering the art of not sleeping (at night) , err … or rather, forgetting how to sleep is finally showing good results 😛

Speaking of the sleepy thing , the one place where I actually sleep is in the class.But the guy sitting next to me keeps asking me how I manage to never sleep in class !!Aaaah! So guess I mastered the art of sleeping in class
with eyes open .
Hmm … at least I can escape the 500 buck fine. 😛 If my neighbour can’t make out ,how can the 50-feet-far-away Professor ? 😉

Anyway , watched the movie Shoot-out at Lokhnadwala (only saw the shoot-out and the “Hey Ganpath ..” song 😉 ) .Nice movie ..not as bad as I expected it to be.

The kiterunner by Khaled Hossieni is a good novel.But the ending is so full of kitsch and so cliche’ . I believe that Indian novels can bring out the parental sentiments even better!

Right now my lappie looks like some sort of android with all sorts of gadgetry sticking out of it 🙂


Verses of the day

From the archives of abbulu-lyrical-advice, for all the ladies and gentlemen,here are poems that can be used

  • By guys desperate to make an impression with a girl via an orkut-scrap
  • Oh lady!Oh miss!

    Even scrapping you is pure bliss

    I knew you were my soul mate

    And this isn’t luck , but fate

    Hope my scrap isn’t too late

  • By the girls who get those despo-orkut scraps from arbit guys.

        Oh ! Mr.Geela! I am sorry

        But neither do I recognise thee

        Nor your vain scrap book entry

        But I will be nice and give you advice!

        Castrate yourself !!If not once , twice !

        Will indeed be a great service to me 🙂


ps : Verses of the day inspired by a true event (where I actually wrote the poems both for the guy and the girl 😉 ).Talk about being the modern day Narada !! I am sure even Vasan will be proud.

ps1 : Its 5:45 AM now.The Sun’s just come out.

ps2 : Wondering how the GRE-prep and CAT-prep scenarios are , at the place-where-I-left-my-soul aka GIT ! 😉

ps3 : Okay … it just started to rain.Guess I will go out …

The Myths and the Vaastav

Myth : The movie Aparichit/Anniyan/Aparichitudu is a genuine creative concept.

Truth  : Watch the anime, Death Note! The Garuda Puranam  is the death note.Only that our Indian audiences being religious folks , would prefer a sacred book rather than one in which the hero gets to write names of those who should go kaput !!

Of course throw in a heroine, some oomph ,some songs and it looks indigeneous!


Myth  :  chak de  is a gooooooooooooooood movie. (quoting most of my pals here at Jokaland)

Truth  : Its ok but certainly not gooooooooooood ! As Vasan said ,had you seen movies like Remember the Titans , The Mighty Ducks, among others , you wouldn’t be feeling that elated about chak de being so goooooooood  ! Anyway yeah!Its nice tp fare on the occasion of Independence day.     🙂


Myth :IIIT-H’s Jeevan  Vidhya Programme is good for your …err …jeevan !!

Truth  : JV is  not good in IIIT–H .The gentleman who comes to teach JV is good.But basically the purpose of ‘JV in IIIT-H’ is marketing of the IIITian brand , nothing else! Just because the then Prez euphemistically,accidentally  made a good comment on JV, it s now one of IIIT’s USPs!?!? **puke!!**


Myth : ITC’s E-Choupal , IIIT-H’s E-Sagu are excellent examples of Social responsibility.They help the farmers.

Truth : Basically they are incredibly, brilliantly contrived marketing ploys.The good will,the reputation that is generated builds the brand values of these firms/institutes.And also ,in IIIT-H’s case,super-loafers like Dr.Pucker (cant write nomenclature directly, can I ? ) bask in the fame and the paisa the govt. shells out.


Myth :  Halley’s married to his servant maid        😛

Truth : Its not true.She tied him rakhi and he’s right now contemplating suicide :))


ps :  The abbulu-returns-home   trip cancelled due to rumours of one more of those quizzes in the coming week 😐

ps1  : Hmm ..right now ,the force I am exerting on earth reduced by  29.4 more Newtons ! Curse the humidity x(

ps2 : Does the Fight Club still exist back there at the  Gachibowli Institute of Technology ? 😉

ps3  :I have an old certificate where I actually won an idly-eating competition back in 1995 … LOL !

ps4  : And yeah!  Still running …  hehe!

The Freudians

A breed so common that it almost sounds mundane to explicitly coin a word for them…

I would not want to sink in these realms.The realms of psychoanalysis and Sigmund Freud.But talk Sigmund Freud and the first thing that springs to mind is a concept.The concept of the primitive tendencies of man.The most basic of instincts (now boys definitely understood what is being pointed at :)) )

That does include all kinds of stuff.Stuff like attraction,frustration,tension,aggression,sexual $^%^%# , etc., But lets stick to the masala part 🙂 .The thing we see even in classrooms :p

Some guys in my class , thanks to their recent success of making it to Joka land (for outsiders, IIM-C ) got a confidence boost.And that added with their so-far-dormant herogiri or rather despogiri makes them coo up to any random girl in the class room.

For instance,during lecture hours,Mr.G lands his anterior wherever there is a girl with a free seat next to her.Then he cosies up to her.On his face, there are so many expressions.Those of toxication,excitement,happiness,dizziness,etc., On the girl’s face, there is only one ……. DISGUST ! So Mr.G became popularly known as the Wandering A**

Another phenomenon would be the Freudian mob formation. One guy talks to a girl in the class room during the breaks.No issues so far!!Then another guy, who incidentally is the first guy’s hi-bye type of friend suddenly decides to strengthen his bond of friendship with the first guy.

Arey yaaaaaar kaise hooooo ! He shouts in a volume that would make a 200,000 Watt stereo seem like a silent thing ! Soon , he enters the girl-to-first guy conversation and ends up talking to the girl.This happens again and again till there’s a big group talking to the girl (who by now,got that expression of unalduterated DISGUST that I mentioned earlier).Only thing is…by then, the first guy is found nowhere :))

However, do I oppose Freudians ? Naah! Not really . Every one’s Freudian sometime or the other.Includes girls too.And by the way , at least those Freudians at the land of Joka do it in style 😉

Anyway guys who are Freudians are known by the term Geela in Joka land. 😛


ps1 : Coming to Hyderabad next weekend for a couple of days.

ps2 : Almost mastered the art of not sleeping .

ps3 : No wonder my brain took a vacation these days.

ps4 : Halley is married now.

ps5 : The movie Anniyan/Aparichitudu isn’t original. Next post shall contain the gyan regarding this.

Of I-day and other stuff

Happy Independence day. 🙂

Blaaah ! Thats what anyone would think right now.But then,you just suppressed the thought because of the guilt.The guilt of such a non-patriotic reaction.

Okay … not exactly us ..but the previous generation would know the importance of post-liberalisation India.What with the rising rupee , rising purchasing power , global visibility , blah blah blah !!

Pre-1990 our elders had nothing of the cartload (or rather , air bus load ) of comforts , accessories,personal inventories and other stuff .Stuff with which we literally live today.Does modernisation have anything to do with Independence ??Hmm…lets save that question for another day.I am not specifically in that mood right now !!

the I-day schedule

Flag hoisting and other stuff. There’s actually a dress code (traditional Indian dress only) Everyone’s attending just for the heck of it/patriotism/mithai/a lil’ bit of all .

Aha! I finally get to wear my kurta again.For the second time since I bought it.The first time was when I attended that summer singing class (yeah! me !singing class!honest! :O ) at the place-where-I-left-my-soul (now I am actually treating my engg. college like Voldemort by refraining from taking its name :p)

The patrotic gang of Joka-land is going to Chak De India tonight. Basically, the girls are the ones that are patriotic.Most of the guys are going ‘coz the girls are going :p Why am I going ? Not for the Joka-aunties/SRK/patriotism but for …hey!! Why should I tell ?? 😉

the khitaab

Finished Maus:A survivor’s Tale by Art Spiegelman. A book of all books.Never read a better graphic novel 😀 A simple story that is well ..simple! Yet magnificently depicts the commonality of human beings. Good read 🙂 !

And talking of books ..actually finished the entire Potter series.Strangely,the first Potter book I read was the last one (deathly hollows) . My verdict on the Potter saga ? Okay but not worth the hype … its only that this medium called ‘cinema’ made it reach its epic popularity!

the Acads

Beginning to get a bit more gutsy(call it Independence 😉 ) nowadays.I am either half-sleeping,writing poetry,or trying to secretly munch on a biscuit in the class .Now this is a big thing. Because getting caught throws the liability of a 500 buck fine on you.

the Freudians

Oh yes! Most guys in the class keep looking around for girls to stare at.Poor fellows!! Little do they know that most of the ladies are already committed before IIM-C happened :p ..tch tch! Wait! Ooops ..sorry ! I forgot !There isnt much of a relation between staring at a committed / non-committed person! My apologies 😉

(But what’s a Freudian ?? The next post is dedicated for the evil,carnal,dark and hmm … evil purpose of this elaboration ! I promise Mazaa will be on steroids then 😉 )


Quote of the day :

“People know the price of a rupee today.But not its value.”

— B.K.Birla


ps :There’s a hole in my leg 😦 .Will put up a photo soon.

ps1 : The previous post depicted things which I didnt even want to depict , but am proud that they are depcited now .(Huh! I am confused :O !! )

ps2 : Amit wants Kolkata mithai to be parceled to him.Thinking of hydrogen bombs wrapped in ghee ..muhahaha!!

The girl’s craving

***DISCLAIMER : Purely a work of fiction and a clear cut case of risk addiction (writing stories in the middle of academic work ?!?!).The author is not responsible for any degree of coincidence in real life. ***

Aha! A bright morning it is ..indeed! A character like Master Yoda would find it  equivalent to eternal bliss ,simply to meet eye-to-eye with the lukewarm rays of the morning sun ,that squeeze in through the uppermost window of the room.

There she lay on the bed,asleep and almost naked .The sheets wrinkled.Her hair sprawled across her face. I longed to stare at her,for even in her sleep she induces so much loyalty .My lovely fixation, I thought to myself. Stupidity always meant so much to me. I thought whether we both could dream the same dream. My logic told me that that was inconceivable. then again. that same logic of mine couldn’t exactly explain why she cared for me. And it couldn’t explain why I was grinning.Some things just are the way they are.

And then my mind flashed back …back to the previous night when I met her in the most unlikely and erratic of circumstances…

the walk

Walking down an empty street in the dark. so that nobody can see my face. And so that no one can see the furrows on my brow. If nobody knows then there will be no questions asked. No questions means that I dont have to think of logical replies. Not that i try to satisfy their need to know what causes these departures from daylight. To sing my elegant elegies.The heels that blaze a trail with the fires burning in them are content to beat out a relaxing rythym. at least I haven’t forgotten how to walk. head down. not that i can see anything in the pitch black anyways.Anyway , as I trudged along in the dark , they came ….

the gang  …

There were four of them.All four of them bigger and stronger; with a blood lust in ther eyes that spoke of  unforseen savagery.I was scared, while their biggest  snickered under his breath.They closed in.The elegies I was singing a moment ago bore down upon me to be sung at my own grave.If I ever become unmiserable enough to have a grave of my own.

Surely , not for something as relatively harmless as robbery, for what do I, a beggar among my kind , have ??  So they closed in , a pack of  hungry mongrels.Mongrels closing in on  fresh meat.Meat  much craved for.I braced myself for the  leap.The final collective leap of the pack.A pack that can tear my very anatomy to shreds, in seconds.But then , she came …


Not a strong saviour , must say.Considering that she was just a female , a young woman .A slim,soft,tender young lady who would rather be praised for beauty, than brawn.The very young lass who kept eyeing me on the streets since the week gone by.The girl who looked at me with a craving.A craving that she wanted to own me.And now her passion grew so strong that she took on the gang of beasts just to save me ?????

My my ..why do I deserve this unconditional passion ? Fortunately, her vocal chords were strong enough.Strong enough  to catch the neighbourhood’s attention.So the mean gang  packed off.Disappeared into the oblivion,where it came from.

She looked at me.I was half naked,drenched in mud and dirt.

Are you homeless ?  She asked.


Come with me! I will love you so much that you would not feel homeless again !

I was flattered.Such craving for an imbecile ? But I loved the idea of being loved by her, of being owned by her .Haaaaaa … pure bliss embedded in the mere thought! The rest ..well!! Ha ha ha  ……….. 😉

the present  …

Thats pretty much the essence of the flash back.She finally woke up.What a beautiful face she had!

And so I went to her and wagged my tail.She owns me now …now,I am not a stray dog.I am her favourite little domestic pomeranian !

– x- THE END -x –    :))


The post mid-sem mayhem

the JUNG : Right after the mid terms,the World War (inter-hostel simulated warfare … guess I am  restrained from saying more 😉 ) began.For once , there was madness !An electricity I was able to breathe in freely.Yes, ladies and gentlemen ! The 5th and 6th of August 2K7 added an extra dimension to my catch phrase “…and then, mazaa will come!!! ” 

This one event,sad to say , makes  my former insti’s events look like child’s play!!!

the blog-agenda :Anway , my right leg’s injured now 😦 .Hmm! That reminds me.My first post in this blog was about an injury too.:(  All said and done!Decided to post a short story inspired by the sarcastic side of IIITian life,but then decided to  write a poem instead…so,under construction …Godspeed!!! .Its called  The snicker of  Mr.Intrigue.(Haha! Scary ??? 😉 ….. the verse would be clearer,scarier,nastier than the title :p  )

the nick-breed :At Jokaland,they call me digger (all pun intended :O ),  gunda  (already mentioned) , harri/y (not the hogwarts bed-wetter pls …would prefer the Harry types in ‘Harry met Sally’ instead) and Malli junior (now this is worth dying for …)

Maaan ! This leg hurts 😦 !

the Celltrapment:Lost my cell ..again!! Anyway didnt really like that piece since bad things happened in life ever since i bought that lil’ piece of gizmo-crap in Oct 2K6 (oh boy! abbulu the superstitious ?!?! ) Now,should buy a new one ..any suggestions ??

the detonator : Oh btw … PV gets the A.P. State’s 51st rank in the public  biochemistry examination.She modestly attributes it to me.Wtf ?? Haha! Anyway ..God bless her !! 😀   *** applause !! applause!! ***


Quote of the day :

Remember this is beyond the dimension of good and bad …. once you give vent to your feelings ,you are already Sith.In short,to stop feeling  like the Sith ,  is to stop feeling at all! “

– Darth Cedious in SW,Episode3