The post mid-sem mayhem

the JUNG : Right after the mid terms,the World War (inter-hostel simulated warfare … guess I am  restrained from saying more 😉 ) began.For once , there was madness !An electricity I was able to breathe in freely.Yes, ladies and gentlemen ! The 5th and 6th of August 2K7 added an extra dimension to my catch phrase “…and then, mazaa will come!!! ” 

This one event,sad to say , makes  my former insti’s events look like child’s play!!!

the blog-agenda :Anway , my right leg’s injured now 😦 .Hmm! That reminds me.My first post in this blog was about an injury too.:(  All said and done!Decided to post a short story inspired by the sarcastic side of IIITian life,but then decided to  write a poem instead…so,under construction …Godspeed!!! .Its called  The snicker of  Mr.Intrigue.(Haha! Scary ??? 😉 ….. the verse would be clearer,scarier,nastier than the title :p  )

the nick-breed :At Jokaland,they call me digger (all pun intended :O ),  gunda  (already mentioned) , harri/y (not the hogwarts bed-wetter pls …would prefer the Harry types in ‘Harry met Sally’ instead) and Malli junior (now this is worth dying for …)

Maaan ! This leg hurts 😦 !

the Celltrapment:Lost my cell ..again!! Anyway didnt really like that piece since bad things happened in life ever since i bought that lil’ piece of gizmo-crap in Oct 2K6 (oh boy! abbulu the superstitious ?!?! ) Now,should buy a new one ..any suggestions ??

the detonator : Oh btw … PV gets the A.P. State’s 51st rank in the public  biochemistry examination.She modestly attributes it to me.Wtf ?? Haha! Anyway ..God bless her !! 😀   *** applause !! applause!! ***


Quote of the day :

Remember this is beyond the dimension of good and bad …. once you give vent to your feelings ,you are already Sith.In short,to stop feeling  like the Sith ,  is to stop feeling at all! “

– Darth Cedious in SW,Episode3

5 responses to “The post mid-sem mayhem

  1. aaha.. looks like a lot of mazaa had come 🙂

  2. muhahah … u bet 😉

  3. Looks like ur cartoon was copyrighted 😀 .
    Did u take a Business man pic jus like spawn ??

  4. No ..not yet!The B-panache doesnt come just by wearing a suit and taking a pic in it … 😐

  5. Please enlighten us on how one gets the B-panache?

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