The girl’s craving

***DISCLAIMER : Purely a work of fiction and a clear cut case of risk addiction (writing stories in the middle of academic work ?!?!).The author is not responsible for any degree of coincidence in real life. ***

Aha! A bright morning it is ..indeed! A character like Master Yoda would find it  equivalent to eternal bliss ,simply to meet eye-to-eye with the lukewarm rays of the morning sun ,that squeeze in through the uppermost window of the room.

There she lay on the bed,asleep and almost naked .The sheets wrinkled.Her hair sprawled across her face. I longed to stare at her,for even in her sleep she induces so much loyalty .My lovely fixation, I thought to myself. Stupidity always meant so much to me. I thought whether we both could dream the same dream. My logic told me that that was inconceivable. then again. that same logic of mine couldn’t exactly explain why she cared for me. And it couldn’t explain why I was grinning.Some things just are the way they are.

And then my mind flashed back …back to the previous night when I met her in the most unlikely and erratic of circumstances…

the walk

Walking down an empty street in the dark. so that nobody can see my face. And so that no one can see the furrows on my brow. If nobody knows then there will be no questions asked. No questions means that I dont have to think of logical replies. Not that i try to satisfy their need to know what causes these departures from daylight. To sing my elegant elegies.The heels that blaze a trail with the fires burning in them are content to beat out a relaxing rythym. at least I haven’t forgotten how to walk. head down. not that i can see anything in the pitch black anyways.Anyway , as I trudged along in the dark , they came ….

the gang  …

There were four of them.All four of them bigger and stronger; with a blood lust in ther eyes that spoke of  unforseen savagery.I was scared, while their biggest  snickered under his breath.They closed in.The elegies I was singing a moment ago bore down upon me to be sung at my own grave.If I ever become unmiserable enough to have a grave of my own.

Surely , not for something as relatively harmless as robbery, for what do I, a beggar among my kind , have ??  So they closed in , a pack of  hungry mongrels.Mongrels closing in on  fresh meat.Meat  much craved for.I braced myself for the  leap.The final collective leap of the pack.A pack that can tear my very anatomy to shreds, in seconds.But then , she came …


Not a strong saviour , must say.Considering that she was just a female , a young woman .A slim,soft,tender young lady who would rather be praised for beauty, than brawn.The very young lass who kept eyeing me on the streets since the week gone by.The girl who looked at me with a craving.A craving that she wanted to own me.And now her passion grew so strong that she took on the gang of beasts just to save me ?????

My my ..why do I deserve this unconditional passion ? Fortunately, her vocal chords were strong enough.Strong enough  to catch the neighbourhood’s attention.So the mean gang  packed off.Disappeared into the oblivion,where it came from.

She looked at me.I was half naked,drenched in mud and dirt.

Are you homeless ?  She asked.


Come with me! I will love you so much that you would not feel homeless again !

I was flattered.Such craving for an imbecile ? But I loved the idea of being loved by her, of being owned by her .Haaaaaa … pure bliss embedded in the mere thought! The rest ..well!! Ha ha ha  ……….. 😉

the present  …

Thats pretty much the essence of the flash back.She finally woke up.What a beautiful face she had!

And so I went to her and wagged my tail.She owns me now …now,I am not a stray dog.I am her favourite little domestic pomeranian !

– x- THE END -x –    :))


12 responses to “The girl’s craving

  1. now all i need to do is to find out how i can turn into a dog.. and then someone beautiful will adopt me too 😀

  2. nice one…but then based on a bitter truth.
    Girls do love them more than us 😐

  3. borrowing from metallica , “sad but true” 😦

  4. interesting.. gals are like that 😉

  5. @ sreejith :
    abra ca dabra :p 😉

    @ kunal n abheet :

    @ sandeep :
    The character I created ..yes! But , I seriously haven’t an idea about the general picture 😛 ..if you do , we would be grateful if you could share the gyaan 😉

  6. so, its better to be a dog of a gal … then lover. U’ll only gain from that relationship. he he he !!

    gr88 narration though… !!

  7. In the story :O … no generalizations please !!!

  8. Hmm needless to say Harry , thats a level increase.Well written. 🙂

  9. That was a good one… I was starting to think of it as a frustu story… but the end ws great..

  10. Wow.. very very well-written man.. hyper-kool.

  11. @joka-lad , himank and bhanu :
    **bows** 😉

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