Of I-day and other stuff

Happy Independence day. 🙂

Blaaah ! Thats what anyone would think right now.But then,you just suppressed the thought because of the guilt.The guilt of such a non-patriotic reaction.

Okay … not exactly us ..but the previous generation would know the importance of post-liberalisation India.What with the rising rupee , rising purchasing power , global visibility , blah blah blah !!

Pre-1990 our elders had nothing of the cartload (or rather , air bus load ) of comforts , accessories,personal inventories and other stuff .Stuff with which we literally live today.Does modernisation have anything to do with Independence ??Hmm…lets save that question for another day.I am not specifically in that mood right now !!

the I-day schedule

Flag hoisting and other stuff. There’s actually a dress code (traditional Indian dress only) Everyone’s attending just for the heck of it/patriotism/mithai/a lil’ bit of all .

Aha! I finally get to wear my kurta again.For the second time since I bought it.The first time was when I attended that summer singing class (yeah! me !singing class!honest! :O ) at the place-where-I-left-my-soul (now I am actually treating my engg. college like Voldemort by refraining from taking its name :p)

The patrotic gang of Joka-land is going to Chak De India tonight. Basically, the girls are the ones that are patriotic.Most of the guys are going ‘coz the girls are going :p Why am I going ? Not for the Joka-aunties/SRK/patriotism but for …hey!! Why should I tell ?? 😉

the khitaab

Finished Maus:A survivor’s Tale by Art Spiegelman. A book of all books.Never read a better graphic novel 😀 A simple story that is well ..simple! Yet magnificently depicts the commonality of human beings. Good read 🙂 !

And talking of books ..actually finished the entire Potter series.Strangely,the first Potter book I read was the last one (deathly hollows) . My verdict on the Potter saga ? Okay but not worth the hype … its only that this medium called ‘cinema’ made it reach its epic popularity!

the Acads

Beginning to get a bit more gutsy(call it Independence 😉 ) nowadays.I am either half-sleeping,writing poetry,or trying to secretly munch on a biscuit in the class .Now this is a big thing. Because getting caught throws the liability of a 500 buck fine on you.

the Freudians

Oh yes! Most guys in the class keep looking around for girls to stare at.Poor fellows!! Little do they know that most of the ladies are already committed before IIM-C happened :p ..tch tch! Wait! Ooops ..sorry ! I forgot !There isnt much of a relation between staring at a committed / non-committed person! My apologies 😉

(But what’s a Freudian ?? The next post is dedicated for the evil,carnal,dark and hmm … evil purpose of this elaboration ! I promise Mazaa will be on steroids then 😉 )


Quote of the day :

“People know the price of a rupee today.But not its value.”

— B.K.Birla


ps :There’s a hole in my leg 😦 .Will put up a photo soon.

ps1 : The previous post depicted things which I didnt even want to depict , but am proud that they are depcited now .(Huh! I am confused :O !! )

ps2 : Amit wants Kolkata mithai to be parceled to him.Thinking of hydrogen bombs wrapped in ghee ..muhahaha!!

7 responses to “Of I-day and other stuff

  1. Hey, but u wore the kurta on felicity too, remember spouse of mallika -T3 (the thunder thighs). [:D]

  2. @ Ankit : T3 (thunder thighs) awesome… ROFL….

  3. hehe … nahin re ..woh mera kurta nahin thaa ..i borrowed it :p ..the only one i have , I just wore it in the morning’s celebrations 🙂

  4. whaat! a 500 buck fine for that?? a fine institute it is!

  5. 500 bucks is crisly insane

  6. @ sreejith ‘n’ karan :
    rather , daylight robbery 😦
    But on second thoughts , perhaps thats one quick way of ensuring discipline ,unfortunately !

  7. Sigh.. Rs500!! We are just insulted when caught sleeping.. no fine wine.. K rocks!! 😀

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