The Freudians

A breed so common that it almost sounds mundane to explicitly coin a word for them…

I would not want to sink in these realms.The realms of psychoanalysis and Sigmund Freud.But talk Sigmund Freud and the first thing that springs to mind is a concept.The concept of the primitive tendencies of man.The most basic of instincts (now boys definitely understood what is being pointed at :)) )

That does include all kinds of stuff.Stuff like attraction,frustration,tension,aggression,sexual $^%^%# , etc., But lets stick to the masala part 🙂 .The thing we see even in classrooms :p

Some guys in my class , thanks to their recent success of making it to Joka land (for outsiders, IIM-C ) got a confidence boost.And that added with their so-far-dormant herogiri or rather despogiri makes them coo up to any random girl in the class room.

For instance,during lecture hours,Mr.G lands his anterior wherever there is a girl with a free seat next to her.Then he cosies up to her.On his face, there are so many expressions.Those of toxication,excitement,happiness,dizziness,etc., On the girl’s face, there is only one ……. DISGUST ! So Mr.G became popularly known as the Wandering A**

Another phenomenon would be the Freudian mob formation. One guy talks to a girl in the class room during the breaks.No issues so far!!Then another guy, who incidentally is the first guy’s hi-bye type of friend suddenly decides to strengthen his bond of friendship with the first guy.

Arey yaaaaaar kaise hooooo ! He shouts in a volume that would make a 200,000 Watt stereo seem like a silent thing ! Soon , he enters the girl-to-first guy conversation and ends up talking to the girl.This happens again and again till there’s a big group talking to the girl (who by now,got that expression of unalduterated DISGUST that I mentioned earlier).Only thing is…by then, the first guy is found nowhere :))

However, do I oppose Freudians ? Naah! Not really . Every one’s Freudian sometime or the other.Includes girls too.And by the way , at least those Freudians at the land of Joka do it in style 😉

Anyway guys who are Freudians are known by the term Geela in Joka land. 😛


ps1 : Coming to Hyderabad next weekend for a couple of days.

ps2 : Almost mastered the art of not sleeping .

ps3 : No wonder my brain took a vacation these days.

ps4 : Halley is married now.

ps5 : The movie Anniyan/Aparichitudu isn’t original. Next post shall contain the gyan regarding this.

5 responses to “The Freudians

  1. halley married ??

  2. Well.. this seems to be the limit of frustuness….
    And Halley married.. U r jokin or serious???

  3. halley married ????????????

  4. geela…now that leaves little to the imagination 😉

  5. @ ankit,himank,maruti :
    Rumour! rumour! Now the real thing is out..check the next post 🙂

    @ slip :
    no doubt 😉

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