The 4:30 AM post

The Drams Club’s practice for the Alumni event has just ended. After a ton of bakar (aka B.C aka arbit-thrash talk) I have finally come to my room. By the way,a case-study presentation is due at 9:45 AM. Nice ! Mastering the art of not sleeping (at night) , err … or rather, forgetting how to sleep is finally showing good results 😛

Speaking of the sleepy thing , the one place where I actually sleep is in the class.But the guy sitting next to me keeps asking me how I manage to never sleep in class !!Aaaah! So guess I mastered the art of sleeping in class
with eyes open .
Hmm … at least I can escape the 500 buck fine. 😛 If my neighbour can’t make out ,how can the 50-feet-far-away Professor ? 😉

Anyway , watched the movie Shoot-out at Lokhnadwala (only saw the shoot-out and the “Hey Ganpath ..” song 😉 ) .Nice movie ..not as bad as I expected it to be.

The kiterunner by Khaled Hossieni is a good novel.But the ending is so full of kitsch and so cliche’ . I believe that Indian novels can bring out the parental sentiments even better!

Right now my lappie looks like some sort of android with all sorts of gadgetry sticking out of it 🙂


Verses of the day

From the archives of abbulu-lyrical-advice, for all the ladies and gentlemen,here are poems that can be used

  • By guys desperate to make an impression with a girl via an orkut-scrap
  • Oh lady!Oh miss!

    Even scrapping you is pure bliss

    I knew you were my soul mate

    And this isn’t luck , but fate

    Hope my scrap isn’t too late

  • By the girls who get those despo-orkut scraps from arbit guys.

        Oh ! Mr.Geela! I am sorry

        But neither do I recognise thee

        Nor your vain scrap book entry

        But I will be nice and give you advice!

        Castrate yourself !!If not once , twice !

        Will indeed be a great service to me 🙂


ps : Verses of the day inspired by a true event (where I actually wrote the poems both for the guy and the girl 😉 ).Talk about being the modern day Narada !! I am sure even Vasan will be proud.

ps1 : Its 5:45 AM now.The Sun’s just come out.

ps2 : Wondering how the GRE-prep and CAT-prep scenarios are , at the place-where-I-left-my-soul aka GIT ! 😉

ps3 : Okay … it just started to rain.Guess I will go out …

8 responses to “The 4:30 AM post

  1. as is tradition – i am the first to comment here

    here’s a scrap for you

    When the sun comes out to play
    When all the children are making hay
    Everyone get up and say
    Baba, Baba run away

    [Yeah. I know. Not one of my better efforts. But at 10:40 in the morning after a heavy breakfast thats what creativity is]

  2. Hmm.. you are still able to find some time for early morning running?? (Just out of curiosity.. 😀 )

  3. Basically ‘going out’ at 5:45 AM (ps3) means going for a jog 🙂

  4. Hey, I need tips for cracking CAT 😀

  5. @ verse of the day
    seriously awesome .

    @obelix ..
    awesomest .. !!

  6. @ karan :
    ok catch me on gtalk 🙂

    @ ankit :

  7. ahhh….rain, good ol’ rain !!

    @iv : nice !!

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