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Chak De India :Of Galli cricketers and Gilli Danda

Viti dandu in Marathi , Kita Pillu in Tamil , Karra Billa in Telugu , etc., So finally , cricket is starting to look like good ol’ Gilli Danda , where you come and hit sans most complications !!

And how good it has become for us πŸ˜€ India won the 20-20 World Cup .After several Years , we got to see an Indo-Pak finals at the highest uber level . Haha ..naaaice! Me thinks we should get rid of the 50-50 thing once and for all.20-20 takes less time , provides more entertainment , and emphasizes the team game more than the individual credentials/averages !!

Yup!It reminds me of that rubber ball cricket we play in gallis , at parking lots of buildings and in the corridors of hostels !! Where there ae few overs , where the all-pervading , all-conquering strategy is to hit , you either hit or get out πŸ™‚

Hehe ! Guess that justifies the Indo-Pak final because after all , most of us (and the Pakis) start off as true blue galli cricketers .Unlike of course The queerly classy Englishmen.Or the Aussies who sledged so much that their body language reminded me of frustrated Gangsters.Tch tch !!

Anyway ..its celebrations galore.Hopefully,the 20-20 format stays and the era of the Galli cricketers might have just begun.


ps :A mammoth projector was set up in the TV room and the wall made for a 20ftx20ft screen .It was raining.Enthusiasm reached insane levels (reading as ‘abbulu level’ will also do πŸ˜‰ ). The mess lads were supplying snacks ‘n’ garam chai. That coupled with the match-outcome ,one couldn’t ask for more.

ps1: Presented my group’s case-study on the FM channel industry in the previous BS class.Now folks are calling me an RJ, wonder why ?? :O

ps2 :There’s a party on 29th Sept.Lets just hope I make it in one piece what with the recent enhanced onslaught of assignments, readings,case-studies et al. 😦

ps3 : Nautanki practice for the Alumni Reunion going on very well.Wont the alumni be proud of actors like good ol’ abbulugadu ..LOL!! πŸ˜€

PS4 : Go here to watch highlights of the Indo-Pak final πŸ™‚ and for any other info about the 20-20 WC πŸ™‚ !

flash …

The Aditya Birla Scholarship interviews done the previous day. All 5 from IIM-C got through.3 from IIM-B.And for the first time,none from IIM-A !!

They say that the 44th batch (comprising us) is a lucky charm for Joka land.They sayΒ  it is with this batch that the foundation stone for the reversal of “A..B…C” (if not already done) will be laid !!! πŸ˜‰

**AMEN **

The unkept-haired local legend and the comb

Abstract : ..and so the unkept-haired local legend finally gave in to the travesty of mundane norms


Speak of irresistible urges !!! The kind that block the neural transmission of stimuli to your head. The kind that obstruct your life pattern till you fulfill that urge.

Okay,so the class was at 9:45 AM. I started off at 9:30 AM , half asleep.Half asleep because of the tormenting nightmares where ma,my grandma,ma’s grandma and grandma’s grandma (the fourth character was verrryyy old and I never saw her before , so I made an assumption πŸ˜› ) were beating me up with brromsticks for not combing my hair !!

Then at 9:31 AM , on my way to class, I realized that I didn’t comb my over grown hair not once in the last 100 days.Suddenly,set in the fear of living the same broom stick dream 😦 .Where four generations of powerful women descended on me with broom sticks .All for the puny purpose of making the unkept-haired local legend f give in to the travesty of mundane norms !!!

That fear made me forget class.I dashed back to the hostel.Went and bought a comb !! (When was the last time I bought a comb ? I dont remember !!) Kotler (the shopkeeper) gave me an expression of disappointment , an expression that spoke of the unkept-haired local legend finally giving in to the travesty of mundane norms !! (say chaaaa !!!! πŸ˜‰ )

Anyway I reached the lecture hall at 9:45:15 AM but was not allowed inside ! Well pals weren’t worried about me missing class but were more worried about ….. hahaha ..u guessed it right!! The unkept-haired local legend finally giving in to the travesty of mundane norms πŸ˜›

Of unconscious iconoclasm and other stuff …


Didnt realize that the previous day was Ganesh Chaturthi until ma called up in the morning.Isolation….the irony of being in an elite insti , working round the clock !!! 😐

Not exactly a staunch religious person ..but miss the part where the whole family’s together for the puja (ceremony) .The part in which I perennially used to end up getting chided by all for falling asleep in the middle of the puja πŸ˜› .It had been so since the last twenty years. **sigh** Miss home.

Devastating fact

Today is the last day of the 3-day sem break. 😦

When abbulugadu went to park street :

Went to Park Street yesterday to buy a new pair of shoes.The ‘Trincas restuarant’ is an excellent place for a quiet isolated lunch,with a live band playing soft music.Makes me wonder!Am I not being self-rebellious by being too calm and quiet these days :O ?? πŸ˜‰

Aha! Then there was this peculiar incident.I was in a taxi .While passing through Chowringee Avenue, there was this girl with a digi cam who was snapping away to glory.And then, the taxi halted at the traffic lights.I was in one of those stupendously over-contemplating moods , the times when I go off into an endless recursion of unanswerable thoughts.

And then out of the blues , this photo-girl snapped me. I got down, driven by a strange curiosity and requested her to let me see it .She was a photographer.She did . According to her , it is a face that is forcefully subjugating wrath , a face that is pretending to be peaceful,a face only masters of dream-symbolism can unconsciusly make, etc., Hmmmm ..I pretty much dont know about the thought provoking part, but all it seemed to me was a bored,sleepy face :P.Phew! So much for face-reading !!

of the new joka anime-mania :

The only place where you find the dhishum dhishum type animes at IIM-C ‘s LAN /DC is my PC.Must say me the reason for half of them becoming bleach addicts.

The studs have a theory.This is a particularly sinister plan of mine to get people off their books to improve my chances at Relative Grading (RG) . Oh no! Talk about unfair accusations !! 😦

the zenda book :

Finished Anthony Hope ‘s Prisoner of Zenda , in one day flat.Let me say it again, one day flat πŸ˜€

..and now, theater !?!?

The Nandikar theater group’s 3-day workshop organised by the Dramatics cell commenced yesterday. Day 1 was fun πŸ™‚ I am actually becoming good at dancing these days …hehe πŸ˜› !!

The sem end post

The exams are done.The fluke-master is formally 1/6th of a management student πŸ™‚ (..well almost ! A lil’ project report left to be submitted on Monday.So That curbs the chances of me coming back home 😦 )

There’s an all-night all-students party about to start.The STEPpers (the foreign exchange students) will be grooving throughout the night. Nice! Me sure some guys would be doing the Gabbar Singh routine with a daaru bottle in hand and yelling , Nach firangi Nach !!

That guy opposite my room , loves the Baby when u r gone duet by Bryan Adams and that Spice girl. He plays it in some imported hi-funda sound blaster apparatus.Its actually getting on my nerves now x( I will make sure I will kick him before I go to the party below …

Oh there the ‘Baap of Studs’ (Ba-studs in short) gang members are shouting expletives ( the ma ki behen ki variety) to come fast .Guess I will go, lest the party becomes boring without your truly ( cha ! yeah right πŸ˜› !! ) And I am sure some out there are betting that I will get sloshed for the first time , tonight.

ciao .


Quote of the day :

A man should not allow himself to hate even his enemies, because if you indulge this passion on some occasions, it will rise of itself in others; if you hate your enemies, you will contract such a vicious habit of mind, as by degrees will break out upon those who are your friends, or those who are indifferent to you. — – – – – Plutarch

Question (for stags only)

The question :

What would you choose if you obtain the power to do one of the following for today ?

1) Kick the person you most hate/get irritated by (assuming :He is way too strong and sinister for you to have a go at him on an arbit day)

2) Get a girl friend who is diva-level , totally committed and madly in love with you.

3) Get to control the mind of the sexiest,hottest (scorching-level πŸ˜› ) chick and do whatever you want with her for the day.(started fantasizing already ?? ;)) )

4) Get to top the next examination (lesssssssssssss !!!!)

RESULT : most lads in Joka lad chose option 3 πŸ™‚ though some fellas did choose option 1 and option 4 too :O (assuming that these guys already had girl friends)


now lets introduce the “devil’s advocate constraint ” …

What would you choose if you obtain the power to do one of the following for today ,( but dont get the other 3 for the rest of your life ?

RESULT : This time , option (2) was the most preferred.By Odin! This is actually very touching πŸ™‚

EXCEPTION : One guy was confident enough to choose option (3) , ‘coz he says he can do it through out his life, mind-control or no mind-control :O start answering πŸ™‚

(there are many logical flaws ,weak links and loopholes in the question and the choices)


Dialogue of the day :

(boy and girl chatting … guy trying to flirt ..)

girl : Are you a non-vegetarian ?

boy : No! I am a shudh shakahari (veggie)

girl : Then how come you are fishing ?


ps : Me the only non-drinking member of COMA !!
ps1 :Finished today’s 2-hr paper in 1hr .Still hold the distinction of finishing all papers at least 45 minutes before schedule (Am I badly-prepared or a gene-boy (don’t fancy the latter though) ? πŸ˜‰ )

ps2 :According to Masters of Horror ,Ep-212 , George Washington,the father and first President of the US of A is a cannibal !! :O

ps3 : Halley the f***er hasn’t lost his bakar !! πŸ˜€

ps4 : Jokaland’s Devdas


Exablog : Of Stud-bakar,Discussions and Repurcussions

Wonder why all these studs (read ‘studious students’) have this kitsch tendency to discuss their examination papers as soon as they exit the exam venue .

Basically a very rational consequence of such  a commonly irritating exercise would always end up negative. 😦

Lets say Stud-guy wrote the exam , and in the ensuing stud-bakar outside the hall is made to believe his answers are right.

case 1 He would go into super-depression if his answers are proved wrong when results come out.

case 2 : He wouldn’t be happy even if his answers are proved right by the later results because he was expecting that anyway.

Now lets say the miserable, hate-to-study,bhola-non-stud guyΒ  ,(in other words,the good ol’ blogger of this post πŸ˜› ) who is forcibly,against his wishes , pulled into the scary stud-bakarΒ .In the ensuing stud-bakar , is made to believe his answers are wrong.

case1 : The actual results prove his answer wrong.He expected that anyway and carries on with life…

case 2 : The actual results prove his answer right and he celebrates like he just won the nobel prize. (he’s probably the fluke master of the millennium )

In the end , the stud-guy , the advocate of stud-bakar ,Β Β  getsΒ  zero satisfaction !

Moral :Its better to talk about the hot chick in your exam venue! That way you ensure that everyone(studs or non-studs) become frustrated ‘coz none get the hot chick anyway …

your truly,

Good ol’ abbulugadu


ps : Going to lunch!

ps1Β  : Wingies banging my door to come to lunch.

ps2 : Bet they expect me to save them from the stud-bakar guysΒ  ,with my freaky anti-stud logic

ps3 : I would never rate IV a stud.He ‘s a geek ,Β  even worse !!

ps4 :Next post will have a very raunchyΒ  survey question.