Exablog : Of Stud-bakar,Discussions and Repurcussions

Wonder why all these studs (read ‘studious students’) have this kitsch tendency to discuss their examination papers as soon as they exit the exam venue .

Basically a very rational consequence of such  a commonly irritating exercise would always end up negative. 😦

Lets say Stud-guy wrote the exam , and in the ensuing stud-bakar outside the hall is made to believe his answers are right.

case 1 He would go into super-depression if his answers are proved wrong when results come out.

case 2 : He wouldn’t be happy even if his answers are proved right by the later results because he was expecting that anyway.

Now lets say the miserable, hate-to-study,bhola-non-stud guy  ,(in other words,the good ol’ blogger of this post 😛 ) who is forcibly,against his wishes , pulled into the scary stud-bakar .In the ensuing stud-bakar , is made to believe his answers are wrong.

case1 : The actual results prove his answer wrong.He expected that anyway and carries on with life…

case 2 : The actual results prove his answer right and he celebrates like he just won the nobel prize. (he’s probably the fluke master of the millennium )

In the end , the stud-guy , the advocate of stud-bakar ,   gets  zero satisfaction !

Moral :Its better to talk about the hot chick in your exam venue! That way you ensure that everyone(studs or non-studs) become frustrated ‘coz none get the hot chick anyway …

your truly,

Good ol’ abbulugadu


ps : Going to lunch!

ps1  : Wingies banging my door to come to lunch.

ps2 : Bet they expect me to save them from the stud-bakar guys  ,with my freaky anti-stud logic

ps3 : I would never rate IV a stud.He ‘s a geek ,  even worse !!

ps4 :Next post will have a very raunchy  survey question.

12 responses to “Exablog : Of Stud-bakar,Discussions and Repurcussions

  1. Isin’t it better if u r not a stud and converse with the studs? This way u’ll always b happy 😛

  2. You’re a geek.

    What sucks is that I know I’ll come up with a much stronger retort later in the day :(.

  3. @ Karan :
    Yeah ! Thats the second moral 🙂

    @ obelix :
    Do it do it … just like the good ol’ days huh ol’ pal!! 😉

  4. Dude.. you’re a geek. You slog your ass off!!
    Its not even legal for you to write such posts.. wtf!!
    People like you will never be accepted in the non-stud, non-geek society!

  5. @ skeleton lad :

    “GEEK = A person who is single-minded or accomplished in scientific or technical pursuits but is felt to be socially inept”

    I am sorry 😛 I dont satisfy the second constraint … who is more icky sticky to his room ..u or me ? 😛

  6. You’re right, you aren’t a stud. You’re a fag. :))

  7. A fag ?!?! ..it must be clear to you that I have never been a side kick to anyone 😐

    Anyway, faggot ! Find another boy to hit on.Unlike you, I am straight 😛

  8. yeah, he is a geek! ( i mean abullu)

  9. my my … I guess the “real geeks” are being insulted here by calling the villain guy (abbullulluuuu) a geek ;))

  10. @ someone:
    Refer to Joka lad’s answer.

    @ joka lad :
    Not sure whether u r scolding or praising 😛 .anyway who r u ??

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