Question (for stags only)

The question :

What would you choose if you obtain the power to do one of the following for today ?

1) Kick the person you most hate/get irritated by (assuming :He is way too strong and sinister for you to have a go at him on an arbit day)

2) Get a girl friend who is diva-level , totally committed and madly in love with you.

3) Get to control the mind of the sexiest,hottest (scorching-level 😛 ) chick and do whatever you want with her for the day.(started fantasizing already ?? ;)) )

4) Get to top the next examination (lesssssssssssss !!!!)

RESULT : most lads in Joka lad chose option 3 🙂 though some fellas did choose option 1 and option 4 too :O (assuming that these guys already had girl friends)


now lets introduce the “devil’s advocate constraint ” …

What would you choose if you obtain the power to do one of the following for today ,( but dont get the other 3 for the rest of your life ?

RESULT : This time , option (2) was the most preferred.By Odin! This is actually very touching 🙂

EXCEPTION : One guy was confident enough to choose option (3) , ‘coz he says he can do it through out his life, mind-control or no mind-control :O start answering 🙂

(there are many logical flaws ,weak links and loopholes in the question and the choices)


Dialogue of the day :

(boy and girl chatting … guy trying to flirt ..)

girl : Are you a non-vegetarian ?

boy : No! I am a shudh shakahari (veggie)

girl : Then how come you are fishing ?


ps : Me the only non-drinking member of COMA !!
ps1 :Finished today’s 2-hr paper in 1hr .Still hold the distinction of finishing all papers at least 45 minutes before schedule (Am I badly-prepared or a gene-boy (don’t fancy the latter though) ? 😉 )

ps2 :According to Masters of Horror ,Ep-212 , George Washington,the father and first President of the US of A is a cannibal !! :O

ps3 : Halley the f***er hasn’t lost his bakar !! 😀

ps4 : Jokaland’s Devdas


7 responses to “Question (for stags only)

  1. i would have chosen .. 2 .. !! in any of the situations .. 🙂 !!

  2. abey self-brand building mat kar 😛

    Answer from ur most primal instincts …

  3. how long does 2 last?

  4. @ all :
    No wonder IV’s the topper 🙂

  5. stop bragging saying non -drinker
    i knw u r a hard core drinker..
    dont try to project as Ramu
    u r aparichitudu..

  6. what if the diva level girl in option-2 is the same as the hottest chick..the one whom you want to control in option-3 and what if the next examination is with her father to decide if u get her or not?

  7. @ sreejith :
    clever and innovative 😀

    @ abbulu :
    ass hole 😛

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