The sem end post

The exams are done.The fluke-master is formally 1/6th of a management student 🙂 (..well almost ! A lil’ project report left to be submitted on Monday.So That curbs the chances of me coming back home 😦 )

There’s an all-night all-students party about to start.The STEPpers (the foreign exchange students) will be grooving throughout the night. Nice! Me sure some guys would be doing the Gabbar Singh routine with a daaru bottle in hand and yelling , Nach firangi Nach !!

That guy opposite my room , loves the Baby when u r gone duet by Bryan Adams and that Spice girl. He plays it in some imported hi-funda sound blaster apparatus.Its actually getting on my nerves now x( I will make sure I will kick him before I go to the party below …

Oh there the ‘Baap of Studs’ (Ba-studs in short) gang members are shouting expletives ( the ma ki behen ki variety) to come fast .Guess I will go, lest the party becomes boring without your truly ( cha ! yeah right 😛 !! ) And I am sure some out there are betting that I will get sloshed for the first time , tonight.

ciao .


Quote of the day :

A man should not allow himself to hate even his enemies, because if you indulge this passion on some occasions, it will rise of itself in others; if you hate your enemies, you will contract such a vicious habit of mind, as by degrees will break out upon those who are your friends, or those who are indifferent to you. — – – – – Plutarch

One response to “The sem end post

  1. party done 🙂 And once again brave lil’ abbulugadu resists the group-think phenomenon , the peer pressure , the whatever … and prevents himself from giving in to vices 😀

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