Of unconscious iconoclasm and other stuff …


Didnt realize that the previous day was Ganesh Chaturthi until ma called up in the morning.Isolation….the irony of being in an elite insti , working round the clock !!! 😐

Not exactly a staunch religious person ..but miss the part where the whole family’s together for the puja (ceremony) .The part in which I perennially used to end up getting chided by all for falling asleep in the middle of the puja 😛 .It had been so since the last twenty years. **sigh** Miss home.

Devastating fact

Today is the last day of the 3-day sem break. 😦

When abbulugadu went to park street :

Went to Park Street yesterday to buy a new pair of shoes.The ‘Trincas restuarant’ is an excellent place for a quiet isolated lunch,with a live band playing soft music.Makes me wonder!Am I not being self-rebellious by being too calm and quiet these days :O ?? 😉

Aha! Then there was this peculiar incident.I was in a taxi .While passing through Chowringee Avenue, there was this girl with a digi cam who was snapping away to glory.And then, the taxi halted at the traffic lights.I was in one of those stupendously over-contemplating moods , the times when I go off into an endless recursion of unanswerable thoughts.

And then out of the blues , this photo-girl snapped me. I got down, driven by a strange curiosity and requested her to let me see it .She was a photographer.She did . According to her , it is a face that is forcefully subjugating wrath , a face that is pretending to be peaceful,a face only masters of dream-symbolism can unconsciusly make, etc., Hmmmm ..I pretty much dont know about the thought provoking part, but all it seemed to me was a bored,sleepy face :P.Phew! So much for face-reading !!

of the new joka anime-mania :

The only place where you find the dhishum dhishum type animes at IIM-C ‘s LAN /DC is my PC.Must say me the reason for half of them becoming bleach addicts.

The studs have a theory.This is a particularly sinister plan of mine to get people off their books to improve my chances at Relative Grading (RG) . Oh no! Talk about unfair accusations !! 😦

the zenda book :

Finished Anthony Hope ‘s Prisoner of Zenda , in one day flat.Let me say it again, one day flat 😀

..and now, theater !?!?

The Nandikar theater group’s 3-day workshop organised by the Dramatics cell commenced yesterday. Day 1 was fun 🙂 I am actually becoming good at dancing these days …hehe 😛 !!

5 responses to “Of unconscious iconoclasm and other stuff …

  1. thats it ????????????

    U didnt get her number or something 😦 ?

    This is degrading!

  2. seriously .. u didn’t ?

  3. bringin memories of kolkata back 🙂

  4. @ joka lad ‘n’ ankit:
    ssssh!! 😀

    @ karan :

  5. I’ve not watched after episode 134.. 😦
    Stupid fillers.. 😡

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