Chak De India :Of Galli cricketers and Gilli Danda

Viti dandu in Marathi , Kita Pillu in Tamil , Karra Billa in Telugu , etc., So finally , cricket is starting to look like good ol’ Gilli Danda , where you come and hit sans most complications !!

And how good it has become for us 😀 India won the 20-20 World Cup .After several Years , we got to see an Indo-Pak finals at the highest uber level . Haha ..naaaice! Me thinks we should get rid of the 50-50 thing once and for all.20-20 takes less time , provides more entertainment , and emphasizes the team game more than the individual credentials/averages !!

Yup!It reminds me of that rubber ball cricket we play in gallis , at parking lots of buildings and in the corridors of hostels !! Where there ae few overs , where the all-pervading , all-conquering strategy is to hit , you either hit or get out 🙂

Hehe ! Guess that justifies the Indo-Pak final because after all , most of us (and the Pakis) start off as true blue galli cricketers .Unlike of course The queerly classy Englishmen.Or the Aussies who sledged so much that their body language reminded me of frustrated Gangsters.Tch tch !!

Anyway ..its celebrations galore.Hopefully,the 20-20 format stays and the era of the Galli cricketers might have just begun.


ps :A mammoth projector was set up in the TV room and the wall made for a 20ftx20ft screen .It was raining.Enthusiasm reached insane levels (reading as ‘abbulu level’ will also do 😉 ). The mess lads were supplying snacks ‘n’ garam chai. That coupled with the match-outcome ,one couldn’t ask for more.

ps1: Presented my group’s case-study on the FM channel industry in the previous BS class.Now folks are calling me an RJ, wonder why ?? :O

ps2 :There’s a party on 29th Sept.Lets just hope I make it in one piece what with the recent enhanced onslaught of assignments, readings,case-studies et al. 😦

ps3 : Nautanki practice for the Alumni Reunion going on very well.Wont the alumni be proud of actors like good ol’ abbulugadu ..LOL!! 😀

PS4 : Go here to watch highlights of the Indo-Pak final 🙂 and for any other info about the 20-20 WC 🙂 !

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