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EXABLOG : The post in the middle of exams :O

Almost as if the deja vu’ of the previous post would hit right back at me. Behavioral Science (BS) examination done.1hr..60 questions ..multiple choice …1 mark for each right answer and -0.5 marks for each wrong answer. :O If Mojo Jojo (of the Powerpuff Girls cartoon fame) had been writing the exam he would shout ” CURRRR SESSSS”

There are already quite a few couples among the first year PG students.And some of them read my ol’ IIITian gossip poems .Now they are scared that I would make insensitive compositions about them !! As if I have no other work at Joka Land x( …

Anyhow there’s a bandh in Kolkata for the next 2 days.So the exams are postponed by two days.The next two days shall be spent …err… studying,filling forms and $^#$^#^$^#$^$ (censored) !!! 😀

The movie , American Gangster is a decent flick.Russel Crowe has become fat and jelly like with an incredble paunch.?(The movie is slated for relaese on Nov 2nd , 2007 .But I already have a DVD print 🙂 )

Mr.TS thinks I am like that Tyson guy in the Happy days movie. Anyway Happy Days is nothing more than a trite celluloid piece of work.But whose hype-levels outran the actual quality of the movie.Just your usual piece of college stuff with new faces.

Some good ones from the abbulu case files :

For adventure fans : The Hounds of Gachibowli

For philosophy fans : (arguably funkier than most of devansh posts 😛 ) : IV loves this one 🙂


ps : Now that I am into Dramatics , can say that Abhishek Bacchhan and Mahesh Babu have a similar style of acting.Dare you to notice it. 😛

ps1 : Tomorrow is 30th October ! I tossed a coin and decided 😉

ps2 : Why are people at the place where I left my soul getting so senti all of a sudden.Should n’t they be thinking of Felicity’08 instead ?

ps3 : Me in business formals is creating quite a ruckus in orkut …trust me! I myself almost threw up the first time ! And there are some lords of unimaginable sarcasm who say that I look innocent and all !! Baaaaah ….

ps4 :I will never understand the credibility of the Economic Times’ corporate awards.

ps5 : Chuck Norris at your service 😀 !

PS6 : Mukesh Ambani = World’s richest man !

ps7 : Sorry for spoiling the fun , all ye Bleach fans ! But the latest update has Zaraki Kenpachi fighting the Arrancar! Its about time 😀

ps8 : Mind’s full of chaos ! Forcibly maintaining a calm demeanor on the outside though.

Prophecy in the details …

There is a field called Organizational Behavior or even more broadly Behavioral Science (BS)which actually makes you feel , for at least a mere instant, that you can play God …no ..I mean ..Satan aka Devil.

There was a time when I thought B.S rules all.Almost equated it in analogy to the String theory in Physics.Where everything has a connection, a mere super imposition of structured behavioral dynamics.

Started predicting how folks would behave.Tested these theories in orkut scraps, facebook , blogs .etc., To my utter untampered surprise, it actually seemed like there was truth after all.People’s behavior can be predicted,or rather determined ! Actually believed I was closer to being Hari Seldon than ever before.

Alas! It was not true ! What seemed to be working were mere co-incidences ! If only one could say what others will definitely behave like in the future :

  1. I would know what IV’s next rodent ass type flame would be like,by merely looking at it.
  2. You would know when the bad-guy of a Prof. would throw the next earth-shattering surprise quiz 😦 !!
  3. One can actually predict when the guy next door is contemplating suicide
  4. By knowing how ladies behave,you can do the Mel Gibson routine in What Women Want 😉 !!
  5. Basically you dont need to see TV serials other than sitcoms,because you know what the director’s thinking and what the characters would do .. !!
  6. You can start thinking whether it also applies to dogs,cats,pigs,etc.,

(go ahead !! feel free to come up with more points … )


Verse of the day :

I stand beneath the street light

Wondering if I can predict

Man’s fate, under the sun ‘n’ moonlight

And then take immortal credit

Towards a struggle that was just a vain fight


Quote of the day :

” …. mujhe laga , kya aadmi hain,kya pyaar hain … phir laga kya bakwaas hain” 😛

– Abhishek Bachchan , in the feature film,Dhoom 2


ps : Mid sems ! PPTs !Case studies ! Tabaahi ! :O

ps1 : Hair ! Never had so much hair on my head as now !

ps2 : Today shall be known as the day of Semi-Octane Trauma ! Details later …

ps3 : IV’s playing the show-off :O

ps4 : Vasan argues dirty … good ! 😛

ps5 : Dinner yesterday was like forcibly stuffing dog food into my mouth to stay alive ! (mess was not open)

ps6 : Prof.VJ is going to come at us pretty rough in the afternoon’s BS session, hey Bhagwaan !! And I am sure he would love to re-kindle his abbulu-bashing fixture which he suddenly discovered in the previous class. 😦

The week gone by …

Very well !! I landed in Hyd. , turned to my Joka frnd and said , “Isn’t the weather awesome? ”  So thanks to the infinitely sweat-inducing weather of Kolkata , the Hyderabad weather appeared like jannat 

Anyway it was good to be back home. You have aunties,uncles,other relatives and even their dogs treating you like some kind of dude 😛 (couldn’t think of a simpler term 😛 ) 

Went to the Gachibowli campus,pals’ rooms et al. It was fun cathcing up 😉

Remaining holidays spent in hanging out with the oh-so-amusing Venni-Sunni  combination!

AJ  is still in hyper-depression mode courtsey his break-up with his ex-gf ,one and a half year ago.Shucks! Nothing as gullible as a egoistical fellow in love 😐 (This single published line will trigger all hell to break loose … my farewell gift to hyderabad ..oh boy! I can get prettty dark-sided at times )


ps : 230000 candidates appearing for CAT 2007 , 40000 more than last time .

ps1 : Wonder why  the Sensex is acting like its on steroids ???

ps2:  In the future , farmers might create their own SEZs :O

ps3 : Gosh! Why am I getting this stuff in my PSes !

ps4 :  The place where I left my soul  still has my soul ! 

ps4.5 : This is PS no. 4.5 !!

ps5 : I will be back inthe IIM-C  campus by tomorrow’s afternoon , back to the grinding process !

ps6 : The Last PS from Hyderabad

Of the kid and ‘la reptilious’

A very queer incident that happened when I was in the 10th standard …

This lil’ 6 year old kid of our neighbour’s used to visit our house arbitrarily to disturb me.Not that I was busy designing a skyscraper!But irritated nonetheless .

And so one day he came up to me while I was studying.Or rather oggling at the pictures in the Cosmopolitan that was hidden between the text book pages 😉 So this lil’ guy interrupted my solitary sight-seeing …

Suddenly he yelled , Bhaiyya there’s a lizard there :O !!!

And I did the devil thing !! I took a fork , climbed a chair, went as close as possible to the lizard and then turned around.

I then asked him , Hey Kiddo! Which part would you like to eat ! The head or the tail ???
(With an evil smirk that would make even the devil feel jittery.)

He gave out a loud aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ! Mummmmmmyy !! and took to his heels. Never heard of him again.The local neighbour hood rumour has it that his family moved out the following month

Anyway , Hey lil’ guy! I dont remember your name !And you are probably all grown up by now.In case you are reading this right now , please forgive me 🙂 I would be in Hyderabad the following week …so you could drop by to say ‘Hi’.







with a lizard ….muhahahahahah !!!


ps(-1) : The last line’s a joke

ps : Junta writing CAT !! Work hard!The last month matters.

ps1 : Finally coming back home, only for a week though

ps2 : I am sure Erra B’s got a paunch by now 😛

ps3 : Facebook is interesting.Still learning though

ps4 : Will come to IIIT-H library and check whether my BTP report is bound 😛

Tour de Joka : mother of all biathlon races

“..they were all shouting , they were all celebrating .He was walking back with team mates.Tired and panting !! Then he saw her image again …”

(if the readers are running low on time , skip the first 3 headings !But I would recommend you folks reading the entire thing… modeled on the lines of Jo jeeta Wohi Sikander movie’s immortal climax) 😀

the racing details :

Come Sunday !!! Yet another relay event at IIM-Calcutta, in between the stupendously demanding work schedule.

The event was basically a team event .Constituted running (4 laps , total of 3.2 KM)+ cycling (10 laps , total of about 4.2 KM).Team size was 3.

1st guy should run for 2 laps.

2nd guy runs for 2 laps.

Then 3rd guy cycles for 5 laps.

And finally anyone of them cycle the last 5 laps.

the strong players :

My 2 pals (one guy’s the basket-ball stud ; the other chum is a fellow gym-goer) .And of course , yours truly,good ol’ abbulugadu , having become quite notorious for running.With or without reason ..hehe !!

Then,there was Mr.Jide’ , German foreign exchange student, who’s the best athlete I ever competed against! For a evaluative comparison , Gayam Raja (twice Sportsman of the year at IIIT-H) and myself are like no shows before him !! Anyway , his 2 team members were not exactly of the AWEsome level.

the race :

Well ! The race began ..and I planned a road runner start ! I blasted off !! Lead for the first 1 Kilometer . And then , Mr.Jide’ (who , I later came to know, is a German-all-state inter-University Running champ :O ) did his SHOCK-THE-OPPONENT routine 😦 .He overtook.Needless to say , I just couldn’t keep up wth the machine of a guy 😦

Anyway after 2 laps,the baton was passed to my team mate (good ol’ Siddarth Sinha, aka Sid aka Sincere lounda) and he grandly finished his two rounds , maintaining our not-exactly-consolidated 2nd place.

Then came cycling and Gaurav Jasoria (aka muggu bhai aka stud ) overtook the 1st guy.He , in a manner justifying his stud-status, maintained the lead for 4 laps.In the final lap(lap 5) , he got a bit tired and PG2’S Mr.Jagan (aka Joka lord of 2k8 pass-out batch ) was leading. And by holy smokes!Finally the cycle was passed to me.

I cycled . Mr.Jagan was good. (Oh! By the way ,the German pal’s team couldn’t capitalize on their initial lead and screwed it all up by falling back to 6th place)

Now back to my cycling.Mr.Jagan has been a basket ball captain and known for his almost-inhuman stamina and skill . He lead for the first few laps with me a close second.And then , (this phrase is a tribute to you , Spawn!! ) , the oh-so-notorious Super-saiyan-last-lap-burst albeit on a cycle this time 😉 !!!!!!

the strange twist

But half way through , I was dead , almost dead ! And there was still half-a-lap , around 0.5 KM to cover 😦

And then it happened , call me a mad-man , call me a schizoprenic !! But I saw that image , that same image of X , of her .She whispered to me (she was far away , but I heard her … ) to finish it.To live the promise that I made her in the summer of 2006.That I will win every race I run (and yeah! cycle too … Lol ) if she’s there to cheer for me.

(oh well! Dont blame me for her not being there in flesh n blood … I at least imagined her ..hehe 😉 )


And I lived again.Like I just woke up.I continued the cycling and finished 1st (with a commendable difference from the team that came 2nd). We guys,finally, justified being one of the favourite teams 😀

There are congratulations galore for us guys.All the wingies are banging on my door right now.To annihilate my derrerie’ (in other words , celebrate for my ass in a bum-thrashing session 😛 )

and yes’s the scene I didn’t completely describe in the beginning of this post (first para)

“… and so,they were all celebrating .He was walking back with team mates.Tired and panting !! Then he saw her image again … an image only he could see. She was clapping like a stupid lil’ kid. And finally, good ol’ abbulugadu smiled !!!! ” 🙂


ps : This race, the triumph at Tour-de-Joka is a tribute to X !

ps1 : Phew !! Okay !! Time up !! Race over ! Sunday over! Enough senti !! Back to ur case study moron! Lest you screw tomorrow’s presentation … 😉

Weekend en la supremo. Period.

The niceties of  pleasant weather are truly relished when you saw the storm too before hand.

Anyway after a week long ordeal of work , work and more work,we finally met the weekend.So the lads decided to unwind a bit.Hmm ..a bit I said ! On 2nd thoughts,I would rather say , a  terra-byte ! 😉 Anyway, 3 big parties, one off-campus break fast and  countless mosh pits later , pics would say more than corporeal descriptions … (pics snapped at Red Lounge )


the hosts 😀





yo ho ho ‘n’ a bottle of rum ,now good ol’ abbulugadu  adds to the partying sum


dscn3070.JPG      dscn3083.JPG

the host … before the drinks and after the drinks

b**** c*** sutta ! Sutta le gayaaa …


a relatively decent pic 🙂 


 the A3 : Appu , Abbulu , Akki


thalli  : Joka land’s most electrifying drunkard



this chap’s  no less  😉



and so we, the ones from the land of Joka,  stand tall ! (oops! someone lost his head 😛 ) 



verse of the day :

Pyaar hamein kis mod pe le aaayaaa ….

Ki Dil Kare Haay


Koii to bataaye kyaa Hogaa”

    from the feature film , Satte Pe Satta


ps 1 : A triathlon and park-street marathon in the offering next weekend.Till then , back to the academic grinding house