Weekend en la supremo. Period.

The niceties of  pleasant weather are truly relished when you saw the storm too before hand.

Anyway after a week long ordeal of work , work and more work,we finally met the weekend.So the lads decided to unwind a bit.Hmm ..a bit I said ! On 2nd thoughts,I would rather say , a  terra-byte ! 😉 Anyway, 3 big parties, one off-campus break fast and  countless mosh pits later , pics would say more than corporeal descriptions … (pics snapped at Red Lounge )


the hosts 😀





yo ho ho ‘n’ a bottle of rum ,now good ol’ abbulugadu  adds to the partying sum


dscn3070.JPG      dscn3083.JPG

the host … before the drinks and after the drinks

b**** c*** sutta ! Sutta le gayaaa …


a relatively decent pic 🙂 


 the A3 : Appu , Abbulu , Akki


thalli  : Joka land’s most electrifying drunkard



this chap’s  no less  😉



and so we, the ones from the land of Joka,  stand tall ! (oops! someone lost his head 😛 ) 



verse of the day :

Pyaar hamein kis mod pe le aaayaaa ….

Ki Dil Kare Haay


Koii to bataaye kyaa Hogaa”

    from the feature film , Satte Pe Satta


ps 1 : A triathlon and park-street marathon in the offering next weekend.Till then , back to the academic grinding house


6 responses to “Weekend en la supremo. Period.

  1. ‘pyar hamein kis mod pe le aayaaa’ is the absolute perfect song to sing to when all the dancing is done and everyone is just high enough and sitting down.

  2. @ sreejith
    Never a better inference 🙂

    @ abbulu
    nice fotos

  3. Can I infer that you’ve started drinking…??? :O

  4. @ aniket :
    hehe ..nahin re 😀 !! I only dance and jump around at lounges,thats a breezer in the foto 😉

    Anyway ppl who drink , can’t run fast u know 😛

  5. @ slip :
    Haha ..its an AWEsome song 😀

    @ joka lad :
    thnx ..but i still dont know who u r

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