Tour de Joka : mother of all biathlon races

“..they were all shouting , they were all celebrating .He was walking back with team mates.Tired and panting !! Then he saw her image again …”

(if the readers are running low on time , skip the first 3 headings !But I would recommend you folks reading the entire thing… modeled on the lines of Jo jeeta Wohi Sikander movie’s immortal climax) 😀

the racing details :

Come Sunday !!! Yet another relay event at IIM-Calcutta, in between the stupendously demanding work schedule.

The event was basically a team event .Constituted running (4 laps , total of 3.2 KM)+ cycling (10 laps , total of about 4.2 KM).Team size was 3.

1st guy should run for 2 laps.

2nd guy runs for 2 laps.

Then 3rd guy cycles for 5 laps.

And finally anyone of them cycle the last 5 laps.

the strong players :

My 2 pals (one guy’s the basket-ball stud ; the other chum is a fellow gym-goer) .And of course , yours truly,good ol’ abbulugadu , having become quite notorious for running.With or without reason ..hehe !!

Then,there was Mr.Jide’ , German foreign exchange student, who’s the best athlete I ever competed against! For a evaluative comparison , Gayam Raja (twice Sportsman of the year at IIIT-H) and myself are like no shows before him !! Anyway , his 2 team members were not exactly of the AWEsome level.

the race :

Well ! The race began ..and I planned a road runner start ! I blasted off !! Lead for the first 1 Kilometer . And then , Mr.Jide’ (who , I later came to know, is a German-all-state inter-University Running champ :O ) did his SHOCK-THE-OPPONENT routine 😦 .He overtook.Needless to say , I just couldn’t keep up wth the machine of a guy 😦

Anyway after 2 laps,the baton was passed to my team mate (good ol’ Siddarth Sinha, aka Sid aka Sincere lounda) and he grandly finished his two rounds , maintaining our not-exactly-consolidated 2nd place.

Then came cycling and Gaurav Jasoria (aka muggu bhai aka stud ) overtook the 1st guy.He , in a manner justifying his stud-status, maintained the lead for 4 laps.In the final lap(lap 5) , he got a bit tired and PG2’S Mr.Jagan (aka Joka lord of 2k8 pass-out batch ) was leading. And by holy smokes!Finally the cycle was passed to me.

I cycled . Mr.Jagan was good. (Oh! By the way ,the German pal’s team couldn’t capitalize on their initial lead and screwed it all up by falling back to 6th place)

Now back to my cycling.Mr.Jagan has been a basket ball captain and known for his almost-inhuman stamina and skill . He lead for the first few laps with me a close second.And then , (this phrase is a tribute to you , Spawn!! ) , the oh-so-notorious Super-saiyan-last-lap-burst albeit on a cycle this time 😉 !!!!!!

the strange twist

But half way through , I was dead , almost dead ! And there was still half-a-lap , around 0.5 KM to cover 😦

And then it happened , call me a mad-man , call me a schizoprenic !! But I saw that image , that same image of X , of her .She whispered to me (she was far away , but I heard her … ) to finish it.To live the promise that I made her in the summer of 2006.That I will win every race I run (and yeah! cycle too … Lol ) if she’s there to cheer for me.

(oh well! Dont blame me for her not being there in flesh n blood … I at least imagined her ..hehe 😉 )


And I lived again.Like I just woke up.I continued the cycling and finished 1st (with a commendable difference from the team that came 2nd). We guys,finally, justified being one of the favourite teams 😀

There are congratulations galore for us guys.All the wingies are banging on my door right now.To annihilate my derrerie’ (in other words , celebrate for my ass in a bum-thrashing session 😛 )

and yes’s the scene I didn’t completely describe in the beginning of this post (first para)

“… and so,they were all celebrating .He was walking back with team mates.Tired and panting !! Then he saw her image again … an image only he could see. She was clapping like a stupid lil’ kid. And finally, good ol’ abbulugadu smiled !!!! ” 🙂


ps : This race, the triumph at Tour-de-Joka is a tribute to X !

ps1 : Phew !! Okay !! Time up !! Race over ! Sunday over! Enough senti !! Back to ur case study moron! Lest you screw tomorrow’s presentation … 😉

12 responses to “Tour de Joka : mother of all biathlon races

  1. The runner who claims to have no soul , talked so deep about a girl ? Hmmmmm ….

  2. booh…stop it with the running posts already !!

  3. the runner who loved..
    well written

  4. @ obelix :

    @ joka land :
    Was that a typo and u r joka lad ?

    @ tipo :
    ha ha …shut up paunchy !! 😛

    @ karan :

  5. Must be one hell of a competition 🙂
    lol@ karan
    Alternative title : The lover who ran
    (for her/from her is inconsequential) 🙂

  6. @ Vivek :
    hehe thats definitely worth debating on 😉

  7. hey CONGRATS …. !!

    one question m sure u r never gonna answer …. X = ??

  8. @ aniket :
    glad it was …

    @ankit :
    thank you

  9. stupendous! the image splashing before the eyes is very gladiatorial… recycling love are we?

  10. Now Thats a question! A perpetual lament pestering man since the dawn of mankind (what !!! what did I just say ??!?!?!?)

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