The week gone by …

Very well !! I landed in Hyd. , turned to my Joka frnd and said , “Isn’t the weather awesome? ”  So thanks to the infinitely sweat-inducing weather of Kolkata , the Hyderabad weather appeared like jannat 

Anyway it was good to be back home. You have aunties,uncles,other relatives and even their dogs treating you like some kind of dude 😛 (couldn’t think of a simpler term 😛 ) 

Went to the Gachibowli campus,pals’ rooms et al. It was fun cathcing up 😉

Remaining holidays spent in hanging out with the oh-so-amusing Venni-Sunni  combination!

AJ  is still in hyper-depression mode courtsey his break-up with his ex-gf ,one and a half year ago.Shucks! Nothing as gullible as a egoistical fellow in love 😐 (This single published line will trigger all hell to break loose … my farewell gift to hyderabad ..oh boy! I can get prettty dark-sided at times )


ps : 230000 candidates appearing for CAT 2007 , 40000 more than last time .

ps1 : Wonder why  the Sensex is acting like its on steroids ???

ps2:  In the future , farmers might create their own SEZs :O

ps3 : Gosh! Why am I getting this stuff in my PSes !

ps4 :  The place where I left my soul  still has my soul ! 

ps4.5 : This is PS no. 4.5 !!

ps5 : I will be back inthe IIM-C  campus by tomorrow’s afternoon , back to the grinding process !

ps6 : The Last PS from Hyderabad

10 responses to “The week gone by …

  1. More importantly, does the sub prime crisis have any implications on IIM grads?

  2. My opinion would be a NO in the holistic sense ..but yeah! It will lead to even more cut-throat RG giri at our recruitments 🙂

  3. *The place where I left my soul* what utter crapola! Dude! sentiment doesnt suit you.. stick to your super saiyaan routine.. :))

    Putting stuff about SEZs in PSes.. How pathetic can you get?! 😮 You’re a dhabba in the name of bloggers.. chi chi..

    wooster! whats with you? Posting such inane comments. And Baba is giving such global gyaan.. gas.. you guys should become consultants.. 😀

  4. still wondering whether the first flame was a compliment in disguise 😛

  5. I’m speechless at the utter lack of …

    hold on, someone’s got some food here. brb

  6. thanks da 🙂 am having fun.. am sure that you too would be.. 🙂 IIM na ?? .. Hows the preparation for summer placements??

  7. @ Obelix :
    food ?

    @ kiran t nath
    read and comment !! What do u think this is ..orkut scrap book ??????

  8. baba boy !! Welcome baaack 😀 !!

  9. The stuff about SEZs is true though. Its there in a recent edition of ET. Instead of selling their land to big corporates, they plan to start their own SEZ.

    I am not always like this, btw. Baba’s blog only.

  10. @ wooster :
    Spl priveleges 😛 !! I am honored , ol’ frnd !

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