Prophecy in the details …

There is a field called Organizational Behavior or even more broadly Behavioral Science (BS)which actually makes you feel , for at least a mere instant, that you can play God …no ..I mean ..Satan aka Devil.

There was a time when I thought B.S rules all.Almost equated it in analogy to the String theory in Physics.Where everything has a connection, a mere super imposition of structured behavioral dynamics.

Started predicting how folks would behave.Tested these theories in orkut scraps, facebook , blogs .etc., To my utter untampered surprise, it actually seemed like there was truth after all.People’s behavior can be predicted,or rather determined ! Actually believed I was closer to being Hari Seldon than ever before.

Alas! It was not true ! What seemed to be working were mere co-incidences ! If only one could say what others will definitely behave like in the future :

  1. I would know what IV’s next rodent ass type flame would be like,by merely looking at it.
  2. You would know when the bad-guy of a Prof. would throw the next earth-shattering surprise quiz šŸ˜¦ !!
  3. One can actually predict when the guy next door is contemplating suicide
  4. By knowing how ladies behave,you can do the Mel Gibson routine in What Women Want šŸ˜‰ !!
  5. Basically you dont need to see TV serials other than sitcoms,because you know what the director’s thinking and what the characters would do .. !!
  6. You can start thinking whether it also applies to dogs,cats,pigs,etc.,

(go ahead !! feel free to come up with more points … )


Verse of the day :

I stand beneath the street light

Wondering if I can predict

Man’s fate, under the sun ‘n’ moonlight

And then take immortal credit

Towards a struggle that was just a vain fight


Quote of the day :

” …. mujhe laga , kya aadmi hain,kya pyaar hain … phir laga kya bakwaas hain” šŸ˜›

– Abhishek Bachchan , in the feature film,Dhoom 2


ps : Mid sems ! PPTs !Case studies ! Tabaahi ! :O

ps1 : Hair ! Never had so much hair on my head as now !

ps2 : Today shall be known as the day of Semi-Octane Trauma ! Details later …

ps3 : IV’s playing the show-off :O

ps4 : Vasan argues dirty … good ! šŸ˜›

ps5 : Dinner yesterday was like forcibly stuffing dog food into my mouth to stay alive ! (mess was not open)

ps6 : Prof.VJ is going to come at us pretty rough in the afternoon’s BS session, hey Bhagwaan !! And I am sure he would love to re-kindle his abbulu-bashing fixture which he suddenly discovered in the previous class. šŸ˜¦

11 responses to “Prophecy in the details …

  1. huh? showoff? you must have me confused with pinki

  2. @ last ps :
    Are you referring to that episode where you were given baptimism as a disgrace to elite instis :))

  3. I think you got the purpose of OB wrong. It is to explain observed phenomena, and use these observations to yield better results in the future. OB doesn’t make any pretense to be Nostradamus. Its a bit like Science that way. šŸ˜›

  4. @ Obelix :
    yeah yeah relatively , agreed šŸ™‚

    @ joka lad :
    shucks ! U still remember that šŸ˜¦

    @ wooster :
    You are right, no doubt šŸ™‚ thats the true purpose
    But I am just trying to show that if frameworks could really be standardized , they might as well be extended to deterministically predict (or rather estimate) the future šŸ˜› …my two cents worth ol’ chap (of course, it flopped anyway šŸ˜ )

  5. @ all readers

    For the popularization purpose, abbulu in BS class before the vacation , gets questioned by the Prof. and abbulu gives a blank expression, then an hour of staring later, goes into his usual rap-style answering mode (which he thinks intimidates ppl and covers up his not knowing the answer) which no on could make out,including the Prof.

    Then the Prof. says , “Mercy, Mr.Manager ! I want English please” He said that He did šŸ˜›

  6. burra padainda , nee yabba nuvepudu telugu movies ni pogidavu ra ; nee psycho english movies chusuko be , lekapothe erri pooku mithunda movies chusko ; nee baava halley gaaditho kalisi ; vaadu inte , telugu movies ni tidutoo untadu ; chesedi entaya ante ooru pooku masala hindi movilu choodadam ; dengeyi

  7. enduku raa nee bathuku , inkeppudu nuvvu telugu vadivi ani chepukoku , siggu chetu maku , evvarni patayinchale kada IIM lo , _|_ u

  8. Since when did the scion of abusive heritage resort to such crude language?

    Anyway nice try Erra B … šŸ˜‰

  9. OB ! = art..
    OB == Science

    OB -> ! Nostradamus.

    And whats with the comments.. yuck!! You pissed someone off again?

  10. Pissed who* off šŸ˜ ??

    Go easy on the frustration bhai !! šŸ™‚ Not the chap I know! Any way not only management students , but even junta in our beloved Gachibowli ka shaan are actually neck deep in work u know šŸ˜‰

  11. ref to what women want ??
    U pervert !!! I know what you were thinkng of when u wrote that one šŸ˜‰

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