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DEVOLUTION : La Anthropoida Copulotica

Devolution : The long term annihilation or rendering obsolete of a whole species.

A fictitious theory,not to be taken as an axiom.Anyway,let me keep it raw and non-euphemistic.

Insects are incestuous creatures.For instance, consider a bee hive.The drones mate with some of the female bees spawned by the same cursed mother, the queen bee.All these to spawn the next generation of bees.Assuming that the insects once had a higher intellect.Then because of the above mentioned reason, the lack of genetic variety lead them to become retarded over generations.In increasingly exponential proportions as time passed.

So now (approx. 4.5 bn years since the birth of this planet) we have the insect world filled with completely brainless entities.Which survive by instinct and not will.

The analogy

A direct attack on societal norms !

Marrying one’s own cousins on the pretext of caste (oh no!Not my ol’ nemesis again 😦 ) ,preserving family wealth,etc., Similar to the insects which eventually became brainless over centuries, humans too stand a chance of becoming like that.

We have old grannies and granpas forcing their grand kids to marry ……hmm ..their grandkids !! And then some cases of girls marrying their mother’s brothers.Those are soo common , esp. in South India.A century from now , thier descendants might just become like those chaps from Wrong turn !

And then, extending this further, people who are racist b******s obsessed about caste,sect,…blah blah !! They will also run out of options owing to the increasing number of inter-caste marriages happening these days.And again, they will have no options but to revert to the old insect theory.

Sigh @ the poor fools! The irony of being educated,respected people in society and yet creating a futurama of decadent maggots !


ps : Who says Indian politicians are stupid ? They are the only intellectually stimulated people because using caste as a political policy is the greatest example of strategic management, in a stupid society such as ours.

ps1 : Is this a frustoo post? Naah! Rather a pleasant one.Dont even think of the frustoo version πŸ˜›

ps2 : Sensex wont go beyond 21000 pts ! A very logical estimate.

ps3 : Chariots of FireΒ  is an excellent movie πŸ™‚

… wearing the pants

*Timeline : Day 0*

happy ?!?!

I went



Zeroed πŸ™‚

Thats all for now


Rap of the day: (a tribute to itself , a rap that played a part in something really nice :P) …

(theme : a kid who just got into high school, who graduates from wearing shorts to wearing pants as part of his uniform)

No more a kid u know

Dress myself and there I go

I might still crash my bike

I might still shout in the mike

I might still play stupidly with a lime

I might still get caught with dirt and slime

But don’t you guys give me your rants

Because I am right now wearing the pants !!!! πŸ˜‰