… wearing the pants

*Timeline : Day 0*

happy ?!?!

I went



Zeroed 🙂

Thats all for now


Rap of the day: (a tribute to itself , a rap that played a part in something really nice :P) …

(theme : a kid who just got into high school, who graduates from wearing shorts to wearing pants as part of his uniform)

No more a kid u know

Dress myself and there I go

I might still crash my bike

I might still shout in the mike

I might still play stupidly with a lime

I might still get caught with dirt and slime

But don’t you guys give me your rants

Because I am right now wearing the pants !!!! 😉

10 responses to “… wearing the pants

  1. no clue. did you get a zero in some exam?

  2. how can that be good 😦

  3. u got selected for an intern at Singapore ??

  4. kya hoga bhai ??

  5. Hm… keep up the good work man!! and congrats for *********. wow!!

    And yah.. I am stil loving it.. for watever u might say.. keep up those awesome energy levels. You will have ur day.

  6. And hey.. should I actually start writing poems and trying being funny, rather than knwing the tech part of MBA? 😉 Is some training available? 😉 Whhatever, you rock!!

  7. They are not fools!!They expect good technical(finance) knowledge and extensive G.K too 🙂

  8. its been a zillion years since I saw a proper post of yours …wtf abbulu !!

    ps: change the theme pls, fonts are too big in my firefox 😦

  9. huh ???? the previous posts are all “trade mark” abbulu posts !! Go read them

    Count this one out ,,Its more of a report 😀

  10. Bent in mini pack… thats your poem says

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