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Of Ekdesai Road ,the street fight and the Sneeze

So the celestial event of us getting a chance to escape the campus area into the city , showed its face last night.

Four of us guys (picked up randomly by shouting on our way out of the hostel) went to Ekdesai Road and came across this restaurant called Bojohori Manna.Food was served on a banana plaintiff and I actually ate well cooked,boiled rice with my hands after ages.A mouth watering treat it was 😀


Anyway on our way back, we came across this bizzare bong mob shouting the most obscene of abuses .Well ! Considering half of them(the obscenities) were in Bengali,didn’t really know except by the tone.Anyway the cab driver suddenly started perspiring as if the mob belonged to the family of the girl he eloped with (Did he really elope with a girl ? What the ______ do I know !! Just a random guesstimate I say )

Then I realized they were drunk !They started kicking each other,senseless fellows!Least bothered about the world, they were. It was an almost abandoned lil’ street (the cabbie’s shortcut) and the road ahead was blocked by the mob,around 10-15 in number ! Roy and Abhi huddled against each other!Akki ate a lot, so he was fast asleep! As for me, as so notoriously expected of me in all my jingoism,I was hysterically cursing and cribbing about not having a camera.A camera to take photos of a real live drunken street fight !

Anyway fortunately,some people came along and drove them away and we came back to Jokaland.


Coming back it was almost midnight, LI ‘s b’day.Being her batchie, pal and pseudo-son (she shares my ma’s name), I had to to attend her b’day session.Disgustingly, there was despogiri and kitsch in full flow as guys were giving red roses !! Anyway out of sheer non-profit curiosity, I took pseudo-mom’s bag to count the number of roses even she 😛 might get on birthdays in Jokaland! And then ….

wait for it …..

I SNEEZED into the bag!!So the bunch of roses finally found their place in the Girls Hostel common dustbin.

Handing over the ’sneezed at’ rose-bag (yuck!!)

I escaped the drunken crowd.But what of the frustrated crowd of desperate gentlemen probably searching for me with arm-length chaakus in their hands to avenge their ‘once pyaar-bharaa ,now dirt-bharaa roses

He he … Trust me to spoil the night 😉 or rather save it for the b’day girl..err..I mean auntie !!

…after the despos went away,the real pals gather around

—————————————————————————————————————–Quote of the day :

(to LI)“A Rose for a rose!”

(to me)“Hey abbulu ! You okay man ? Why are you vomiting? Did someone say something yucky”

– one of the despos

2007 -> 2008 : Lights! Camera!! Action!!!

2007!For me,it began in a train , from Sri Kalahasthi to Hyderabad !

I came home only to see that 2007 began with some high sounding thunder 🙂 , boleto the CAT calls !

The subsequent story of 2007, I must confess,was marked by a superficial show of super-electrified enthusiasm.But within,lets just say that it wasn’t exactly peaceful ! ( An analogue :Thats why they suggest not to invest in stocks just because the company’s advertisement is good !! **sigh** )

Every day of 2007,I would dare to say,was spent wishing for some old fashioned payback ,to some low-lives.But I guess the good,civilized lad within prevailed in the end,much to PV’s chagrin

But last night, December 31st,was a first of its kind.It wasn’t exactly electrified.Wasn’t exactly the adrenaline-on-top-gear experience.However,welcoming the New Year at a lil’ Baskin Robbins at Banjara Hills,eating ice cream, was in fact unexpectedly a silent yet pleasant,subtle yet prized experience.And yes! Hopefully this dream (the ‘mysterious girl’ part) would stop pestering me  for good 😉

2008!A whole hearted ode to a resurrected beginning ….

And oh ! Yeah ! The resolutions

  1. Finish the story of the dream head ( you better do … lest you invest everything in high risk futures instead of safer endeavors! Huh!What the hell was that ? I ..I …. )
  2. Stop drinking (now that is left open to your interpretation)
  3. Treat girls like girls even if they are like ______ (Feel free lads ! Fill it up as suited to your context 😀 )
  4. If you like the dress say it (say it !Dont think ! Say it out aloud !Announce in the mike , you bloody moron!)
  5. Learn to play basky and volley (mission impossible ?!!?)
  6. Show no mercy towards Spawn as far as playing bad-ass is concerned 😉 (Hahaha! Vasanimation !!!)


Quote of the day :

“If you believe God makes miracles, then Satan might also have a few up his sleeve”

— Dexter (season 2)


ps: Contrary to Hyd’s weather, its coldest in January here.And the mist is spooky !! Perfect for a ghostly jog 😉