An year that passed in Jokaland …

Of Summer and interning

Sigh! What am I to say ..two years ago at this very juncture, I was thinking about how to get a girl friend,how to enjoy life,how to get more pocket money from dad ..et al.

Now fast forward to present, the only thing on this chaotic mind is how to get that PPO from Mac.Well!I guess I have to skin myself alive to suvive the i-b internship 😛

Nonetheless a rollicking year it had been … what with the first half spent in nothing but worrying about the summer placements.Premature reading of HUL, trying to mug up the ETs and BSs and blah blah blah.
But I guess the summers’ prep-story had a relieved ending.


Of the secretive glories

And oh yes! Who can forget the SAC,the WW,the WWRs,etc., …things I cant speak about in public, but are nonetheless privileged memories of every IIMCian .

Of the legendary quad parties of Joka

The quad parties …people dance throughout the night,drunkards drink throughout(several end up puking :)) )

But,who can forget the Myth of the Drunken Master …. the 25 pegs still standing phenomenon ;), the one without a soul,the one who doesnt fall no matter how much he drinks !!

Well Guess I wont be seeing him drinking tonight at the Jobbers’ party (post placement party) .They say he quit drinking !!

Of the AP

There’s useful CP (class participation) and there’s irritating DP (Desperate Partcipation).But then a new dimension pioneered by yours truly.Known in Joka lingo as AP (Agressive participation).

Where you ask the questions in a tone that makes the presenter think that Anaconda would swallow him if he doesnt give a satisfactory answer ..tsk tsk !! 😛

Of C-XL Sports meet 2k8

Folks who go to XLRI are bimbo lasses and bohemian lads … a fact corroborated by the 32nd drubbing the lords of Jokaland meted out to those bunch of pansies

.Of the events on-campus

A toast raised to Carpe-diem (cul fest),intaglio (b-school fest), diwali dhoom,to Reminiscence-the Alumni Reunion (popularly known as the Great Ganja Party) and whole lots of other events which make life a lil’ bit more head-ache filled and exciting at the same time 😛

Of the constitutional amendment

One person one post only rule bended.Good ol’ abbulugadu becomes the Sports Councillor, the Track Team capt. and the Head of the Adventure Club for the next year.CV points ?! 😉

Of new friends,a new life

People who either love him or hate him .The boy’s at home 🙂 which he is not emotionally attached to … but likes anyway!


Quote of the day

“Bhai log ! Good exercise is next in pleasure only to good sex.So sab pleasure lelo.”

– Teju aka “JO” factor , batch 2008 ,athletics capt. 2007-08 and friend 🙂


ps : maze mero yatsei !!

ps1 : that was Japanese …

ps2 : Hyderabad ! 15th ! Andozz ! (joka lingo for bring it on)

ps3 : Jobbers’ party! 1 hour 45 min to go 😀

5 responses to “Half-time

  1. haha teju rocks !

    doesn’t the ps mean “unleash the beast within” from the shippuden song 😉

  2. wtf baba, i can hardly understand your posts these days

  3. @ joka lad :
    yo 😉

    @ tipo:
    You went to amrikaaa and became too pseude re badko 😛

    LOL..nonetheless , its specifically directed at junta of my batch from IIM-C .So they will understand it 🙂

  4. same time online :P

    baba makes even arbitrariness look like a thing of utmost importance

  5. yeah .Like creating everything out of nothing

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