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Of Baba Hyderabadi and unrelated stuff

Baba Hyderabadi = common nick name of a gangster(read fraud gangster,in my context) from hyderabad

[made famous by that stupid sanjay dutt-suneil shetty short story in Dus Kahaaniyaan)

Anyway, back to ze point(s)

The Ill-omen Bangalored pit stop

Been at Hyderabad for nearly 3 weeks now … one of the most eventful stays in ages

Went to Bangalore for only three days in between.But it was like some sort of ill omen …

The weather became dull .Arbit software enginers were killed.Newspapers in bengalooru reported the highest frquency of weekend traffic accidents. 😦 Fursat ke dinon main Ajeeb ittefaq ! (dont mind my Urdu 😛 ..picking it up just recently)

The IIITian connection

Came back to visit the place where I left my soul.

Old pals and I spent time (hyderabadi hoolign style) sitting like country bumpkins at the coffee shop and staring at whoever passed by.

Sigh!Reminds me of the good ol’ days of yore !!

Legend of the Drunken Master

Well guess its time to confess …

The whole guy without a soul thingie that I presented myself to be lead to this.Inspired from the Jackie Chan movie called Drunken Master, folks at IIM-C started calling me that!

There was an instance (one fo the b-school style parties) where I jumped from a raised paltform and kicked one of the girls in a drunken stupor.Thank God I was let go with a warning!

Anyway this time I quit for sure ! Never liked the taste and dont fancy the drunken master tag anymore.

the book …

The final hand-written draft is underway! Will finish it perhaps within a couple of years.By the way the tentative title is still Unto the last !!

… and finally, Singa

Around 63 hours to go.This is tentaively my last pre-internship post from home,from Hyderabad,from India …

Pray I get the Pappu !


Verse of the day

All these I superficially do

Of which I am not too keen

But alas! It is placidly seen

Its still you,still me

And an eternity in between !!

An excerpt


ps: matze mero yatse !

ps1 : Ghar ka khaana rocks!

ps2: Hyderabad rocks

ps3 :Better girls in leather than pink frocks

ps4 : In singa … Put fight ! Put crack ! Internship andozzzz !

ps5 : Me off to lunch

ps6: next report from out-of-station 😉