Curse the leg …

Christ !! The pain !!! I am actually shouting at the top of my voice in my room …

What if …what if … a human already suffering from an all-pervading,soul-eating inner emotional pain suddenly encounters a pain in his leg that makes him wish he were dead rather than live the night in that condition … πŸ˜› You see thats when all the anger,the rage, the inner-voice shoots out …

(No one blames me for this … most of you in my current physical state would be crying for your mother ..that includes you guys too , Devu, X and MD !!! )

Thats how some see it ...bloody ...

Thats how some see it ...bloody ...

So the logical flow of everything mentioned so far is simple ! Degraded ! Degraded necrophiliacs ! Thats what the people are, who pained and in a way, killed Mr.RPR ….

And so I was talking on this to my journalist pal and Grand sensei, Slippy

And we mutually inferred the following thoughts …

And after these girls do become part of the liaison, they decide to abandon everything when their daddy comes to know and scratches his groin with frustration because his girl has a bf

Fine all ye disgusting bimbettes ! Dont leave your daddies (totally valid argument … parents first) , but give the guy some consideration, fight for him !! At least give him the satisfaction that you were not weak before giving in to your parents’ complaints (about different caste. non-NRI, non-crorepati, et al)

DH, an immediate junior of mine, in IIIT-H, who (bless him !! ) got into Stanford , tells me about his elder brother. His brother exactly underwent the same thing as good ol’ RPR. His mom and DH underwent trauma too .They literally fed him food while he was mugging for GRE (the guy’s brain was so broken that he could n’t eat and study at the same time)

And the girl who did that ? She’s fine macha ! Married to a rich chap from their community and having happy no-work all-paisa life !!! Yuck !! Talk of shameless creatures and path of least resistance …

But there are wonderful girls , like say , Grand sensei Slippy !! Who was a school topper (she was my junior at school πŸ™‚ ) and probably is a wonderful daughter.She leveraged these qualities and made her relationship work. You cursed nincompoops ! All that was required to make your relationship was a lil’ more effort … if you are weak ..why dont you realize that you are actually killing an other person …one who blindly trusted you …

Spawn aka Vasan ! He long ago said on my face I will always respect what parents say , but then I can’t cheat a human.I will give my parents time to think it over and accept , if I do end up loving someone from outside my community ! The runner bows to you old friend !

Anyway , Grand sensei agrees that it does not seem to be loving your parents more, sacrificing your love for your parents,etc., Seems more like , you got it right , the path of least resistance !! Simply put, that makes you disgraceful women …

And finally , I guess I should mention Venni’s tiny opinion … They are courtesans ..stupid courtesans ,,, exploiting boy friends, having flings and then happily settling down while the boy obviously is obliterated. Got to blame the boy .. he believed in a characterless person !

And thus … in one angry but non-immature stance (since there are more opinions of other people here than mine) ..I rest my case !


Verse of the day:

The inner voices fight out

Urging me to shout

To fight for the dawn

To fight every lil’ bout

And thus I begin my second spawn ….

– Ghost Runner


ps : Last said , this is the Ghost Runner’s curse my ladies! As per the law of karma, may you end up having stupid ,chauvinistic andΒ  wife-beating husbands … Happy married lives !!! (all pun intended)

15 responses to “Curse the leg …

  1. kya likha hai bhai …

  2. baba have some thanda :P………..and become cool

  3. baba, all camssss

  4. @ obelix :

    @ nani:
    arre warming up anthe …. the heavy workout hasn’t even begun yet … πŸ˜‰

    @ others reg. doodle :
    cam = cant agree more (joka lingo ) πŸ˜€

  5. Bursting out is better than boiling in with-in. Thank God, blogs gave a least harmful way of doing it! Hope the intended receipients understand the grief behind it all!

  6. jayaaa .. maaastaaaru πŸ˜€ welcome welcome ….

    for the record these are the just the tremors before the volcanic eruption …. mundu mundu inkaa undi ….

  7. @ abbulu :

    Abey padhai kar πŸ˜›
    And btw, keep this anger till August ,for Samhaar .By the looks of your current rage, IIMB main tho tabaahi macha dega tu πŸ˜‰

  8. Honoured indeed… And to reiterate what i already said, most of the girls these days are not worth it.. and most of the guys these days are fools to fall in love with them

  9. @ joka lad:
    ok ok

    @ shilpa:

  10. i’m confused…so, is your leg messed up or what ?

  11. Good Post. You have intense fire in your dash… dash…. . You are appointed as hero in my Second Movie scheduled to release in 2015.

  12. @ tipo:
    Its okay … thank you

    @ raghuveer:
    Haha … okay … and title ? πŸ˜›

  13. assala.. antha frustation aa..!!!!

  14. frustration ente nee abba … agraham, kopam, avesam !! marii cheap ga frustration ani tessi padesthaava :O

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