Of Managerial acumen, Adventure and Madness …

And so …after being made the one in-charge of Armageddon (sounds scary, eh ? 😛 ) …wait ! watch the video …

Hmm …so after being made the club-head of Armageddon-The IIM-C Adventure Club my fantastic band of radicals and I managed to get in somewhat of a structure to the body.There are dept.s now within the club for organizing things.The club even has a budget and an events’ calender ready (something which none of the other clubs even started doing) And things seem to be going pretty well …

Okay okay I guess I should get to an introduction… The Adventure Club was a brainchild of Malli Mastaan Babu

It was a club which organized treks, hikes and camping trips for the students of IIM-Calcutta during vacations.And also a fair bit of on-campus activities like triathlons, crowd-runs (where a huge group of students jog together) , wall-climbing, etc.,

And then ..interest started fading in the campus after Malli graduates …

Years later ! Bond and Amit (my seniors) at IIM-Cal , bring it back into the limelight with a plethora of activities ….

Following up on them, they decided that now its time to hand over the club to a bunch with insanity so high that looking at their hyper-enthu, people will actually start clamouring to be a part of the Adventure Club , thinking that it actually gives a person such mad pleasure …

Thats when the Ghost Runner and his band of demons came in … and by the present looks, seems that the Gods prophetically decreed that Jokaland will never be the same again …

~Never Give Up Never Give In


Quote of the day: (dedicated from the Ghost Runner to the IIM-Calcutta Adventure Club)

reference: the viking chant from the feature film, The 13th Warrior

5 responses to “Of Managerial acumen, Adventure and Madness …

  1. for maintaining a club standard you need dedication
    for pulling it up to a better level you need madness
    for madness , no prizes for guessing whom/what you need 😉

    @ Baba

    Vikings ? Now you are converting a bunch of jolly trekkers into barbarians ?
    Baba! Spare the kids! They are but mortals 😛

  2. FYI,
    Malli Mastan Babu is from nellore 😛

  3. lilly u suck…

  4. @ all above:

    Haha you guys, what random comments !?!?!?! :))

  5. As you would say Harish ….. “ridiculously awesome” 😉

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