“Night of the Flip Top” : Prologue

**FOREWORD: This story is neither purely fictional nor purely true. However, any resemblance to real life characters and incidents is err …. I would say …. unoffensively intentional **

So I was walking down that same IIITian road, the road I always used to run on in the early hours of the morning, before the dew fell on the leaves during autumn, before the Sun rose from across the library building, a time before I lost my soul , a time when the running man was still alive and kicking …..

Aaah ! Gachobowli Institute of Technology ! I thought. I playfully call this place that 🙂 Wonderful place it was. I remember when I came, people looked down upon it. Called it a fradulent institute. Many didn’t know it had the “Deemed University” status. People cribbed at me for not going to NIT Warangal or Osmania or JNTU though getting the ECE dept. seat there too.

Anyway I was walking down twondering how times have changed.The brand strength of IIIT has reached a novel level, a level of high national visibility. I was happy, happy that someday I will proudly sing that song I The same song I used to sing when I was still a peaceful person …the song that goes like …. I am a IIITian ….in the tune of the famous I am a disco dancer verse !!

And then … I stumbled across him … Subhash aka Subbu! The current final year student. He was bleeding profusely at his wrist. Subbu the strongman ?? Suicide ? Wtf , mate ?

A suicide attempt !?!?! At IIIT ?? I thought.And all the more over this has to happen when an alumnus like myself decides to come back to the IIITian campus and go on a lonely,calm walk across memory lane … x(

I called for the ambulance, then called up his friends.And because I was on a vacation anyway and had nothing to do, I went along with him.

He was out of danger.The next morning he regained his stability.I was looking into the eyes of a boy who was weakened by something.Something so painful that he was shrinking from within. His friends had to go back since they had a class.His parents were informed.They were on their way from their hometown in Cuddapah .

Hope his rich dad doesnt think its a factionsist attack from his rival zamindars.Then we will have vest and lungi clad idiots with swords in campus shouting at everyone for harming their chinna babu (little lord !?!?! )

And then Subbu got up and shouted, Did the light glow ?again ? And broke down ….

(the “Night of the flip top” starts from the next post ..stay tuned …for one hell of a psychological ride)

8 responses to ““Night of the Flip Top” : Prologue

  1. ‘.. a time when the running man was still alive and kicking …”

    You are still running now arent you bobs ? what exactly did u mean …

  2. what a disclaimer. hats off …

  3. The annoncement in the pRev post ? Is this related to that announcement ?

    The disclaimer is creepy

    Abbulu my lad! But then, this is interesting.

  4. Harish !! Who is this subhash ?

  5. “And then Subbu got up and shouted, Did the light glow ?again ? And broke down”

    is this related to the latest announcement in ur fav institute about lights out/silent wings policy ? 😛

  6. @ all above :
    In due time ..in due time! 🙂

  7. ok! now I read the prologue after the first part of the story [:D].
    So you intentionally added the fiction into a true story of a real life character and you think its unoffensive?

  8. @ aravind:
    .. or rather added true elements into a fiction & fictitious character ..that way it is unoffensive ..

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