Night of the Flip Top: Episode 2 – The Glow in Red !!

Narrator: Sandy, Subbu’s best friend and hostel-sidey (next door neighbor) , by what he knows being Subbu’s best buddy , by what Subbu told him in the past and by what Subbu told him in the hospital room (following the former’s suicide attempt)

Episode 2

“I know it glowed red ! I just know ! ” , he yelled at himself in his mind.He got down to study. To take his mind off her, off his break up , and of course the freakish second for which the flip top flashed its red!

“Do you believe in ghosts or curses ?” He asked her while she was sitting behind him on the bike, their ride back to the IIITian residential campus after one of those hauntingly mushy, emotion-laden outings. It had been 3 months into the committed phase of the relationship. He somehow believed that she was everything he wanted, his world. And they were inseparable.

Die! … You shall suffer ! ….. I dont know you ! ….. The boy I loved is dead!

A girl’s sorrow does not go unpaid for ….

Suddenly Subbu woke up.Shit! His mind cleared all these memories and visions. It was midnight already. He had the CAT mock exam next Sunday and he had hardly started preparing.

When did i doze off ? F**k!! he thought.He looked at the phone by instinct.The red light was glowing.He knew it.She would call.He didn’t decide whether he wanted to sweet talk or just fling all the anger inside him at her. “I dont want to do anything with her” He thought. (though I believe, knowing him for 3 long years … he desperately longed to be with her again)

He flicked the flip top open. No shit !! Nothing …

I remember even now. He rushed out of his room at half past midnight.He was sweating. He often had bad dreams.

But ever since she came into his life his dreams stopped.His insomnia vanished. True indeed the idiot was madly in love in with her. They loved sitting and talking for ages by the IIITian academic building ‘s parking lot. She cured him of his insomnia.He evn introduced her to his mother. Perhaps she eventually is his path to salvation.

I talked him into calming down. Perhaps it was the trauma of his break up.He went inside.

At around 2 AM, the phone made a sound.The red light flashed.He was scared to death.He was having hallucinations,that of a huge slime-drenched witch coming to kiss him.She wore red and had red lip stick.

Yucks ! he thought.That thought lasted for around 10 seconds. But suddenly, his mind cleared. It is her! he thought. Suddenly his fear didn’t work anymore … he longed to hear her voice.His ego prevented him from thinking of apologies but that can be dealt later.He picked up the phone.

Shucks! It was just a stupid Airtel offer ad. He put it down.

What had been a fear now became a longing. In his heart of hearts, he yearned for the red light to glow again … It will kill me.That girl will destroy me.But I dont care.All I want is a call from her.When will the red light glow ….

He loved her perhaps, so much that the mental effort/force which he used to block her out, affected his rationality.

And then I heard a yell.I ran to his room.He didnt open the door. He just kept shouting …

“The red witch with leaking-slime is here! She was hiding in the haunted mobile all along! She’s going for my b***s! Aaaaah !”I knew it …. Aaaaah!!”

(to be continued … next Episode the story ends)

8 responses to “Night of the Flip Top: Episode 2 – The Glow in Red !!

  1. @ ghost runner:
    “red witch with leaking lsime going for the balls !!”

    haha ! thats my boy! go baba go!

  2. Airtel Crap Call @ 2AM? ROFL

  3. “It will kill me.That girl will destroy me.But I dont care.All I want is a call from her”

    Reminds me of a boy from Btech 2k3 in IIIT ! Whose story is this baba ?

  4. now that you have introduced the paranormal element harish , can we expect your trademark “dungeons and dragons” in the next episode ? πŸ˜›

  5. @ joka lad;
    sounds good eh? πŸ˜‰

    @ bullzy:
    Hi rahul ..welcome welcome !

    @ ammu and someone:
    picture abhi bhi baki hain … so ,in due time in due time …

  6. If this is all true

    Dont you think you are screwing some people up by revealing their private details?

    Stop and think …

  7. Umm … “She’s going for my b***s!”. you couldn’t have come up with a better line

  8. it was crude, rude and desi … so I am catering to the masses here πŸ˜‰

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