Night of the Flip Top: Episode 3 – Psychedelia

Narrator: Subbu, the protagonist of this story.

Episode 3

I couldn’t sleep anticipating what was in store in the morning the next day.I was going to meet her outside at the academic block for the first time.Well I mean meeting her for the first time in a pre-arranged rendevous. It was a early-morning walk date @ 5AM if you would like to call it that !!How/ why did we suddenly decide to do this.Thats an another story ….

Dhud Dhud dhud dhud !! went the door. I woke up from my trance.Now i remembered ! I had that hallucination again, that of a red-clad witch leaping at me.Or was it a nightmare.Whatever it was ..everything suddenly vanished and I found himself at a certain place in IIIT. The main path in front of the acad-block.A dream of the past ..deja vu’….

He ran across thinking it was already late.The time was 5:10 AM.She wasn’t there.He was walking back.Now he was on the adjacent road that leads to the Old Boys Hostel,he was at a place around 10 feet away from the Girls Hostel entrance, in front of the New Boys Hoste (NBH) mess.Maybe she decided not to come.And then, his sixth instinct made him turn around.He saw her walking out of her hostel.She didnt see him perhaps because it was still dark.She was far away going in the opposite direction towards the acad block, their scheduled meeting place.He didnt want her to think he was late and not serious about the entire meeting.So he took two strides back and then sprinted forward…. but who was he ? Oh no ! That face! Its me …. and so I was running when …

Dhud Dhud Dhud …. the door sound was going beserk.

“What do you want you psycho?” I shouted without opening the door miffed at Sandy screwing up my deja vu’ experience.

“You are the psycho. Why the f***k were you screaming?”

“Arre sorry ra … just a bad dream”

“Subbu! Please sleep! Dont think so much”

“Okay and thanks”

I was scared to sleep.I would either see the witch or I would see her.The latter vision’s painful while the former is scary, dirty and disgusting.

At 4AM it glowed again.I picked it up.A hand , an old wrinkled hand came out of the red light!!!!!!

It was covered in blood blood !! :O It was long and it thrust across right through my mouth and twisted my oesophagus.I wanted to shout, my wind pipe was blocked and so no sound came out.I was choking …choking to death …

“What if we break up ?” i asked her playfully.She turned serious.I was until then of the assumption that city girls don’t turn serious at such stupid queries. And she looked at me straight in the eye..”If we break up I won’t survive!!”

I woke up! It was 4:05 AM!! Did I doze off again? Didnt the flip top glow.Where is the demonic hand that was killing me. Then i remembered … “If we break up I will not survive!” and then …“Die ! You shall suffer ..”

“Folks at home might never agree to this relationship, Subbu! ” She said. “I just want to know that in case we split in future , you will be okay” This made me snap. It hurt me that the same girl who was in love with me, who got all restless if I didnt call her for more than one day..said this !!!! Then started the arguments!

Yes! I decided to give her a call.We could talk this over.When she said whatever she said, it was a girl yearning for your emotional support and nothing else.They are girls after all.They can’t be direct.They are scared of the consequences.It doesn’t matter! Time to be the strong knight !! She was a part of me and I should finish it the right way.

Abruptly, The flip top flashed its red!!!

Hello ?

Hello SUbhash!

Baby ! Its you ..I was just about to call you

Listen ! We are done! I thought of telling senti things to you for the last time,But you don’t deserve that and dont know how to treat a girl.You dont deserve me.I loved you all along and you hurt me so much that an emotional part of me died inside! Can’t believe you were snickering when I was crying back there.Bye …

I wanted to tell her, shout at her to stop talking nonsense.I still loved her and it hurt him as much when she cried.But she hung up.I wanted to call her.But then, the flip top started glowing again. A head started coming out of it … that of a witch in red …this time a beautiful one … it looked like my girl …what is this ???

I was going mad.It was an emotional disaster.She’s gone and now the witch’s taken over her.And she’s again coming back to kill me. Aaaaah !!

I love you and will die without you!

So why are you making me die you lil’ … I was going nuts.I wanted to kill myself.I called her ..she was not picking up calls. I saw outside ..there she was a helicopter …with that Prof. from downtown… aaaah ..what is happening to me .. hallucination within a nightmare.Or maybe a nightmare in a hallucination.What the fish !! I don’t like fish! But i Love chicken! But I gave it up for her anyway because she was vegetarian.The helicopter! She was eating chicken with the rich kid.Shit ! My chicken apetite had been tricked out of me.Now she’s eating chicken, and that too with Prof.Kamal , what ridiculousness !!!But where the f***k did the helicopter come from in IIIT …

You shall suffer …!!

Now I get it ! The curse ! The curse was working ..I was going insane.But she was in the helicopter.At the same time, how was she coming out of the flip top.Two places at once!! Wait !! Aha….. yes! The bloody flip top! The bloody flip top.I was going to take my pen knife and break the red bulb in the flip top….hahaha !

And then it happened, by the time I snapped out of this night mare I deliriously took the pen-knife from under my bed and cut my wrist! I rushed out of my room.I couldn’t think ..blood was splurging out.I ran out of the hostel, shouting.It was 4:30 Am.No one was coming out.The loss of blood was making me faint.

I saw a senior of mine, abbulu walking towards me.He caught me from falling.I passed out.

I woke up a day later.I looked into the eyes of the red witch πŸ˜› … no !sorry! The girl I loved! She said “Subbu! Please get better fast ! So that I can beat you up for this stupid suicide attempt”

I wanted to say it was an accident but chose not to.She said, “Lets forget everything and be like before!”

“You tell me” I blurted out (She thinks I almost killed myself for her)

“You tell me.You said you hated me na? ” my wonderful girl was on the verge of crying on my bandaged wrist

” No I dont.I love you so much” I said and knew I was speaking the truth …

Abbulu looked at me and smiled.I came to know later that he told my parents (they were there too) that it was an accident.That way they wont blame the girl for anything and will continue to love her for being their son’s life πŸ™‚

Sandy was there too.

  • But well! Its like this.Abbulu and Sandy think it was a suicide attempt.
  • But they think they lied to my parents that it was an accident, to avoid unnecessary panic.
  • My parents think that they are letting her think it was a suicide attempt for the while because she was so psyched out.
  • She thinks I loved her so much that I chose to kill myself. The wonderful girl of mine later told me that she was thinking of taking an overdose of sleeping pills at 4:30 AM.Thats when Sandy called her telling her about my alleged suicide attempt. (And yes! She never called me to say we were done! That was part of the bad dream)

But where is the flip top! Guess in my panic! I threw it off somewhere when I cut my wrist.

Hope no one finds it. We dont want the witch’s hand going into their throat do we? v;)

– Subbu

x——— THE END ————–x

(Dont you miss the Epilogue πŸ˜‰ )

11 responses to “Night of the Flip Top: Episode 3 – Psychedelia

  1. “The wonderful girl of mine later told me that she was thinking of taking an overdose of sleeping pills at 4:30 AM”

    she is wonderful because she too contemplated suicide ??? πŸ˜›

  2. “The wonderful girl of mine later told me that she was thinking of taking an overdose of sleeping pills at 4:30 AM”

    are you calling her wonderful because she too contemplated suicide ??? πŸ˜›

  3. Baba you RGing conman!! x(

    How did you manage to submit your individual project before everyone today morning inspite of blogging away like a maniac whole of yesterday evening :O

    and I am sure you finished your strat man prep too you bloody freak πŸ˜›

  4. @ ammu:
    jaan that wasn’t the intention at all πŸ™‚

    @ joka lad:
    I dont do RG x(
    The project was on valuation of metal music industry na …so could do it well as i like d it πŸ˜‰

  5. In case there is truth in this story, going by the looks of it, you already generated mayhem in some part of the world πŸ˜‰
    Only thing is no one here knows where that is. Who is this Subbu ?Actually a junior of yours ?

  6. ahem, was a bit confusing with the “I”, “him” pronouns .. wasnt sure whether they refered to subbu or abbulu πŸ˜› .. btw the prof is a vegetarian, he doesn’t eat chicken .. one factual error in the dream πŸ˜›

    btw .. very grippin πŸ™‚ reading the epilogue now

  7. @ deepti:
    in due time in due time πŸ™‚

    @ mythalez:
    πŸ™‚ …. basically “chaos” is the objective here …thats why i used different narrators in different episodes.
    But dont worry as per the chaos theory …all the random events will fall into an ergodic pattern πŸ˜‰ (boy oh boy! Prof.PRK will be so proud πŸ˜› )

  8. did not read very thoroughly – the epilogue had better explain it all

  9. Awesome story… very gripping and interesting… break up, nightmare, hallucinations… if this is a fabricated story, it’s wonderfully thought out!

  10. and yeah, the narration is also good, especially use of italics and normal fonts as and when required.

  11. @ Abhishek

    Thank you πŸ™‚
    But the epilogue is the most brilliant thing here πŸ˜‰

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