“Night of the Flip Top”: Epilogue

All was well ! πŸ™‚

Subbu was re-united with his love and thankfully, with his sanity! πŸ˜›

She went back to college.To attend classes.She would obviously be back to the hospital in the evening.Meanwhile, Sandy (who had his classes can celled) and I kept Subbu company. Thats when the whole story came out.

A few hours later, I was walking outside the hospital corridor with Subbu’s dad. I suddenly asked,

Uncle ! I always wanted to buy a flip top mobile myself.Where did you get one for Subbu?

Which one son?

“The one he lost,the black flip top with the red indicator bulb !”

“Abbulu! But that one was lost by Subbu last week!”


If he lost it last week … then … ??? I didn’t ask anything else.

I suddenly remembered. Subbu had a very unique talent

A couple of years ago, we were all doing random BC on top of OBH (Old boys hostel). All were drunk. We challenged him to scare us. He suddenly cut his wrist very close to the vein.Blood splurged out as he squeezed his arm. We were almost pissing in our pants. :O And then the demon of a boy laughed.He didn’t cut his vein but had this ability of making people think that the harmless ‘cut-and-squeeze-technique’ was a vein-cutting suicide attempt. I used to wonder what he’s doing studying engineering instead of surgery!!

But why did I remember this arbitrarily?

And so that evening … I was alone, walking down the long back-road of IIIT once again reflecting. Suddenly I realized many things at once …

Subbu once wounded his leg with a one inch deep hole! Another time, he cut his left palm where a hook cut through his thumb and a litre of blood gushed out! Even then he never panicked.They used to call him non-receptory to pain. But then why did he get all so psyched out when he cut his wrist. WAIT !!! What if it was not genuine panic at all …. ??

Then the thought struck.The vein cutting pseudo suicide attempt ?? :O

This girl …bloody image management ??? he said (reference : Episode 1)

Image management ? :O

The flip top was lost Last week !!! his dad said.

What ? The Flip top was never there lhe previous night ???

She thought of consuming sleeping pills !!! I remembered. Poor girl !!

There were rumours of his previous girl friend before coming to IIIT ending up in a mental asylumbut we brushed it aside as rumours born because others were envious of his good acads, deep pockets, beautiful girl friend, etc.,

It all seemed true now !! Mind Games ?????

Ha ha ha ! he laughed as my mind was about to explode.

I turned around and looked into the eyes of Satan.

SO you finally realized , dear lad !! he said.

But ..but ! could say nothing.Satan was standing right in front of me, in the IIITian long road.

“That boy Subhash is my master piece!” He snickered and vanished.

“Hell fire in brimstone!” I exclaimed. Did I imagine this diabolical presence?I looked across at the acad-building.It was 7:30 PM.There they were, Subbu and his girl walking hand in hand.

I didn’t know what to say when I suddenly realized.That … Satan, who spoke to me just a few seconds ago and the boy walking with that innocent girl were both the same single person ….. :O


Home-made Story-end Video (contains Black Sabbath, character-relevations and credits)

the story terminates with me imagining Subbu singing this song …

14 responses to ““Night of the Flip Top”: Epilogue

  1. good video baba…………really cool one πŸ˜‰

  2. baaabaaa

    story making at night
    exam writing in the morning (that too with an additional :O )
    video-making at afternoon
    and cv-checking for juniors in the evening

    RESPECTS are there !!!

  3. and I am sure you took time off to run in between too πŸ˜‰

    Dude! The epilogue was a different level man a totally different level

  4. Dunno what to say about this. An intense psychological ride, indeed, as you promised in the first part. Cool!

  5. I see a Rob Zombie in the making, all you need is to learn the electric guitar now.

  6. @ all above:
    As N.I.B lyrics would say, “Your love for me has got to be real” πŸ˜› πŸ˜‰
    Honored ..

  7. at the risk of sounding stupid here goes:

    1. i don’t quite get it
    2. je ne comprez pas
    3. mere ko samaj nahin aaya

    etc etc etc

  8. Awesome story baba … And as we say @ joka land machandozzzz video πŸ™‚
    You rock baba …

  9. It suddenly struck me mate! Is this whole story a message to someone ?

  10. Awesome!!! loved it… same questions as Iomm Jr πŸ™‚

  11. At the risk of sounding lamely cliche’

    “Its a message to everyone” πŸ˜‰

  12. quite a different epilogue, and quite a twist!

  13. you should not miss the video πŸ™‚ esp if u like heavy metal

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