of the political phoonked bleached iriver


  1. This post is a light hearted filler.
  2. The next post presents a VIDEO TAPED interview on the ethics and unethics of heavy metal music.
  3. Then, the  one after that is  one heavy psychological thriller of a story …again !!!


Of actors and political forays: (with reference to Aniket‘s comment in the  previous post, please refer to the following links if you are interested in groupism-based poltugiri)

Tamil nadu Politics: Where regionalism, linguistic barriers etc., are established as powerful political strategy   (dont miss the MGR thing as mentioned in the last post )

NTR and the TDP : Again mentioned in the last post where film actors and their historinics laden aura contributes  in political campaigns

Amitabh Bacchan : A record margin first time in the history of Lok Sabha polls


Phoonk is The Exorcist + Tulasidalam ( an old Telugu novel) + RGV style mumbo-jumbo !! Not great at all …First half would scare some 8-yr olds.RGV’s idea about scaring audience means creating loud sounds whenever the camera shows a  laughing buddha idol or a giraffe-toy or a monkey-doll !      The Second half  made me want to puke in my pop-corn (and yeah ! Venni almost beat me up for making the pre-puke face ! 😐 )


The awesome finds

For all the Bleach fans and/or for all the 300 fans, here’s a tribute …enjoy!!!

Wait !! If you are talking Bleach , how can you leave behind the one ‘n’ only Zaraki Kenpachi 😉 … so for the most popular warrior in anime history , a tribute …


The iriver model (the girl advertising the iriver) is hotter  than the ipod model (wait!! Ipod doesnt even have a girl model as far i know !) And guess what! I chose to buy an iriver over an Ipod at Singapore ..talk of irrelevant hotbabe-correlated instinct ..muhahahah !! 😉

3 responses to “of the political phoonked bleached iriver

  1. I will never be able to comprehend any of your posts.

  2. Why don’t I ever see any trace of any of your videos? Is the Cognitive Science course doing something to my faculties??? Or is it just my browser???

  3. manga rocks
    kenpachi rocks
    baba rocks
    fc sucks 😛

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