Metallethics: the rock star interview Part 1

Foreword: Irrespective of whether you know what heavy metal is or not …. go ahead test the waters of this new gyaan

“Metal music + ethics = Metallethics”

What is the distinction of heavy metal from other forms of music ?

What is the philosophy or ideology behind heavy metal music ?

Is heavy metal music a bane to society and low class form of music ?

Is it the reason/influence behind certain tragedies in society ?

Is heavy metal a bad influence on young minds ? ….

etc. etc.,

Here goes the investigation ..see the indigenously made interview-video and you shall understand 🙂

for the original link :



(to be continued in the next post)

6 responses to “Metallethics: the rock star interview Part 1

  1. Where’s the video?

  2. its streamed from u-tube and its right there apearing to me

    arent u getting it 😦

  3. @ abbulu:

    Isnt that your “Ethics in nternational Business ” project ??
    Heard that you submitted this video in the appedices of your project report ! What enthu bey saale …

  4. you should have used a mike for the interviewee … it would have been clearer
    But anywayz awesome idea for a post 🙂
    Btw call when u come back .. !!

  5. @ joka lad:
    Yupz 🙂
    Remember the ‘enthu P’ avatar in first year 😉

    @ ammu:
    yes ma’am 😉

  6. @ abbulu again:

    I saw you what you were doing in the gym u bloody gamester. No wonder you suddenly decided to glamourize and post your project :O

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