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What if a man never dies …

Sometimes you come across strange movies that are just plain , simple, no mish mash, no bomb explosions, no Vin Diesel style kicking ass, no titillating sexual escapades, no nothing!! Just plain old words and intellect !! And yet they blow your mind off ….

a movie that is a must-see if you claim to have two things ..called brain and heart

a movie that is a must-see if you claim to have two things ..called brain and heart


The Man from Earth is a 2007 film written by Jerome Bixby and directed by Richard Schenkman. The film stars David Lee Smith as John Oldman. The screenplay for this movie was conceived by Jerome Bixby in the early 1960s and was completed on his death bed in April of 1998, making it his final piece of work.

The film tells a story of John Oldman, a man claiming to be a 14,000 year old Cro-Magnon caveman, who survives until the present day. The entire film is shot in a small house and its porch, relying solely on the conversation of the characters to keep the plot moving – the whole film is no more than an intellectual discourse between the 14,000-year-old Cro-Magnon and his professor and teacher friends at his farewell party.
(watch the movie or read the plot if you want to know more)


The Ghost Runner’s take :-

Now that pushes me into noticing certain things. If a person has been alive for the whole span of mankind, he would have a tendency to become perfectly mature, to outgrow every piece of emotion, fantasy, sadness,etc.,

Is that what maturity is ? Forget all human feelings and pretend like you have them,so that you dont really get hurt inside ???

Do people with experience, suffer less ? Perhaps thats the reason why folks suffer less in their second or third break ups as compared to their first ??? (on the flip side, my ex-gf is an expert on this one!!! πŸ˜‰ )

A bigger question : GOD !! If HE exists, He is the big brother who has been living forever ? So by logic, God has no feelings ???


Best/most distubing/electrifying quote from the movie

“I knew it …I knew it ….He says He was Christ !!!! “

– the character, Edith when John the protagonist claims that during about 30 B.C , he was just a teacher of gyaan, but the people over the ages exxaggearated him to be the Son Of God

The mosquito limitation

It occurred suddenly when I was on this forest hike at the Sunderbans. Mosquitos are such powerful creatures.

They are like a colluding Business cartel beating other competition (insects) from the consumer market (blood) .Easily bred, multiplying in exponential proportion and spreading lethal disease.

But then, thank the good God that they have a limit too: They don’t spread HIV/AIDS. The HIV virus gets destroyed in their digestive system.Otherwise, there would be anarchy.Mosquito nets would become as important as condoms. πŸ˜›

the little #$^#^@$

the little #$^#^@$

Anyway, wonder why scientists are not researching the mosquito’s digestive system to get a cure for HIV ?


ps: Purely a filler

ps1: The next post will hit high controversy level πŸ˜‰ …again !!


The ultimate PJ

For great fellows who know not …

PJ = Poor joke

Panga (not Hindi per se but incorporated into Hindi slang as a result of aggressive Punjabification) = picking on someone , provoking him and giving him a no-holds-barred incentive to kick your a**

And now that we have the concepts clear, let me narrate an incident that isn’t exactly queer in my life.

Anyway it happened during the Management of New Ventures lecture session..So as usual the Prof was talking of animal behavior trying to relate it to management concepts.He asked, “Which animal is the best hunter ???”

Many answers.Lots of globe. tiger lion bear …blah blah blah!!

In between all of that , I yelled ….“frog !!!!!”

Silence !! Prof looked at me in utter dis belief …

I yelled again … “Sir! Because a frog can catch flies !! “

Thunderous laughter !!! πŸ˜€Β Β Β  (I can’t describe the look of unparalleled shock on the Prof’s face!)

Of Globe, Verbose and Thrash-talk

The legendary Prof.V.U Reddy would call it verbose crap … Chris Tucker calls it thrash talk
We at Jokaland call it Globe ! So a short definition for those who are not familiar
Globe. (n) Beating around the bush …. extending a statement to ridiculously nonsensical proportions by the use of linguistic mumbo-jumbo, management lingo,etc., Generally the veterans of DP have globe on their finger tips ..err… I mean … tongue tips !!
An example of a conversation.I never talked to this percepted-to-be-infinitely-studious person before, in the last 1 year.So I see this Globe status on her gtalk ID and decide to ping her πŸ™‚ .So here goes the globe that is quite amusing for a first-time conversation πŸ™‚ (the joey dialogue isn’t accurate … I just made it up to continue the conversation πŸ™‚ )
    shilpa.rjn: I’m anespeptic…frasmotic…even compunctuous to have caused you such pericombobulations!

    harishbaba: scary status

    pls to share meaning

    shilpa.rjn: whats scary about this?

    they are just made up words πŸ™‚

    harishbaba: yeah

    pseude globe

    shilpa.rjn: not my own though

    stolen from a series

    harishbaba: verbose laden pseude globe immersed in taverns brimmed with travestical vicchiosse compunding to nothing more than kitsch and clandestine auroleus

    i just described ur status

    shilpa.rjn: πŸ˜€

    harishbaba: with more globe


    shilpa.rjn: ur even more verbose

    harishbaba: the truth ?

    that was non sense
    i myself dont know what that means

    shilpa.rjn: i cud make tht out

    harishbaba: do u watch “friends” ?

    the english sitcom ?

    shilpa.rjn: yeah

    i guess everyone does

    harishbaba: joey does that verbose thingie i did

    in one of the episodes
    picks up a thesaurus and throws in words for evrything

    shilpa.rjn: oh he writes a letter for something

    harishbaba: like for the simple line my name is joey

    he goes like the self perceptory nomenclature is defined as the progeny of a kangaroo

    shilpa.rjn: πŸ˜€

    shilpa.rjn: this is from black adder

    an episode whr the main char tries to scare the writer of the first dictionary tht he may have left some words out

    harishbaba: lol

    it has been one of the best first-time conversations i had on gtalk
    would love to carry on … but

    shilpa.rjn: dinner time?

    harishbaba: the vestiges and contingencies of the lost age persist to lament the age of mortal men as a time-immemorial stigma

    Sent at 8:27 PM on Tuesday

    shilpa.rjn: πŸ˜€ bye

    Sent at 8:28 PM on Tuesday
    Do I hear junta shouting Glooooobe ! Glooooobe !! πŸ˜€

    ‘Omelette la Poulet’ aka ‘The Chicken Omelette’

    Omelette ,also omΒ·eΒ·let (n). A dish consisting of beaten eggs cooked until set and folded over, often around a filling.
    Poulet ( n) French for chicken


    My first attempt at cooking having been vaguely inspired by geek-lord
    Its Friday night! The last class of the week (scheduled for Saturday afternoon) is cancelled. So you curse yourself for having nothing to do on a night like this.In your self-poisoned frustration, you design to food-poison yourself too.
    To make a contraption aptly called “the chicken omelette”.
    Omelette making stuff
    Put cooked chicken in between two half-cooked omelettes and cook them more!
    Post eating inference:
    Folks who look like Kenyan marathon runners are recommended to eat this twice daily for the next 6 months You will the become a nice chubby teddy bear
    Folks who are already chubby teddy bears! If you eat this … !! Well! You will become like this man
    the kick-ass recipe
    the kick-ass recipe


    Quote of the day

    “Its a calorie bomb “

    – Aseem aka Awesam Continue reading

    Finally the super-hair pic

    Here is the demanded pic πŸ™‚ …

    Level of the hair πŸ˜€

    It sort of looks like the character, Kenpachi’s hairΒ  as shown below

    kenpachi hair
    Zaraki kenpachi hairstyle

    Go ahead now …comment your wits out !!

    ps: In the to-be-posted pipeline, a post of dark humor, of boys,girls and characterisations !!

    A pioneering sight

    I wake up in the morning today and randomly open the IIIT Blogroll link to see whats up there. I found this …

    a pioneering sight

    click to enlarge

    I am sure its not something that classifies as “path-breaking” , but it amused me that three from my batch were the three most recent bloggers on Blogroll.

    Hope a day comes when I see the first 10 visible entries belonging to BTech 2k3 bloggers of IIIT.


    ps: Please! Don’t confuse this with “love for my batch” or “love for the Gachibowli Institute of tech”. Don’t have a stark liking for either.

    ps1: And please please please! Do read the last post about classroom participation at the IIMs πŸ˜‰

    The Art of DP

    I suddenly felt at 1100 hrs IST today … “God! I should have been in IIM-A !”

    Now wait! Before you get your guns blazing about the huge number of possible implications of such a statement, before you start thinking that I consider IIM-A as WIMWI, before you think that one of the most hedonistic party animals in Joka thinks Jokaland sucks, before you attribute it to some of you assuming that an ex-gf ditched me because of no IIM-A, before you blah blah blah …………..

    I would like to say that this is no such serious discussion !!! It is just a light hearted comment about IIM-A having marks for Class Participation (CP) a little more often than mera IIM-C!

    How does it matter to me, came out during today’s “Management of New Ventures” class. This course had weightage for class Participation (CP) . Now let me define

    CP (abbr.; classroom participation)

    The act of asking a question or giving an answer (often one cannot tell the difference) in the classroom.The forte of the studious front-benchers, just the sight of an outstretched hand is enough to ellicit groans from the back benchers (unless they are sleeping that is)

    Usage: I did a lot of CP today. I hope I will make an A+ for the effort

    DP (abbr.; Desperate Participation)

    Asking a question in class out of sheer desperation arising out of not having asked a question for the last 9 min 23 seconds. Backbenchers strongly feel that given a sufficiently large sample any CP eventually reduces to a DP.

    Usage: Kameena ! DP maar ke pakaa diya (translation: the rascal! Did DP and screwed up the class)

    OKay! And so I did a lot of DP today.

    But, like an old friend ASR would say , “With baba its all about filmi, about melodrama, about dramabaazi” So exactly going by that cheeky lil’ axiom, I was talking in class today, as if it was my lifetime’s research being put out in the classroom. Looking at my face’s seriousness,the emotion, folks concluded that I was doing high-level, value-add CP !

    And so after class ..

    SG asked “Bhai ! Was that DP or CP ? “

    Yours truly replied , : “The perception of DP or CP lies in the art of DP …. genuinely meaningful CP doesn’t exist anyway”

    And all shouted … “Hear Hear !! “


    thinkers cartoon


    – Ghost Runner

    ps: IIMC rocks

    Grow your hair long before it falls off

    Fear! The boy’s hair would be lost

    I know for sure

    Shucks! He no longer felt pure

    He didn’t know whom to accost

    Couldn’t get it back at any cost


    Then one fine day

    He heard the witty ones say

    An advice so witty he couldn’t say nay!

    “My lad! Let the hair on your head grow

    Through the darkness, the light will flow πŸ˜› !”


    That exactly is the theme of this post. There is no constructive analysis here.Its just plain, straight and crude.As the title says, Grow your hair long at least once in life lest it might fall off someday.And you might never get a chance again.

    Oh ..okay! Let me put the thoughts down in a more logical order.

    As a child , I had a fetish for dippa cutting (as dad called it) otherwise known in non-colloquial usage as the summer hair-cut.Winter, monsoon or summer, it was always the proverbial summer cut when I go to the barber.

    Then one fine day in the final year of my Engineering, my mom suddenly said, “Chinna! You are growing bald!”And then dad noticed and then ammamma and then little sister.

    The first streak of hair right above the forehead had come off ! And that, from among the orthodox, annoying set of unabashed human assumptions, indicates the onset of a receding hair line. If you say it in the language of American football, the first yard had been cleared.

    So I took the initiative to grow my hair long so that the hair from top of the skull grows long enough to cover the forehead.And people now, think that I am a super-haired chap (Please ! No obscene pun intended)

    For the first time in my life, I have to pull my hair back when I wash my face.Though the act seems mundane and inarticulate … for me , its an amusing feeling! πŸ˜›

    The epilogue:

    Recent conversations with a certain doctor-aunt indicated that unlike good ol’ pa, my hair will intactly last for another half-century …muhahahah.Guess the long hair routine kept me spirited long enough so that I could hear this fantastic chunk of news ..cheers !! πŸ™‚

    **added later**Β Β Β  A pic of the hair right now

    “The Last Conversation” – Episode 5: The end

    (continued from the previous post, Episode 4: The onslaught of the inner most voice)

    The story so far : Vikram H Saha was a successful business leader. A prodigy.He was one day visited by an old lecturer Mr.Raghavan who introduced to him the “The Society of the Wishing Deaths”.Where you simply joined a society and collectively with all its members, wished a person dead. And it was claimed to be a working thing. Simultaneously, the oddity of a conversation provoked him to confide in Raghavan his deeply-rooted frustration and fears about his married life and wife, Hema. And towards the end of the last episode, Vikram wanted to join the society to see Hema dead …

    And then …

    Episode 5

    “So you want her dead ? ” asked Raghavan, never ceasing to rub his hands in anticipation.

    “Yes sir ! Tell me what to do to join the society ! And I want the process of death-wishing to start right away” Vikram said, his mind seeming to be in chaos yet driven by an absolute, singular, scary, surety.And his mind started drifting …

    She was there at the carnival, passing time with her friends. He called her, asking where she was.”I am at the carnival.But don’t you dare come here. Sit in your room.” It was murderous, the feeling then.Her friends and everyone else at the carnival knew about their affair anyway. But she just didn’t want people to see.

    There was another time when she called him up before an important examination and said, “Not anymore Vicky I want to end it.I can’t take the emotional strain of a relationship.I know I started it but I can’t take it anymore.”

    “But what did I do wrong ? I always looked after you, cared for you and what not.Tell me if there’s a problem. Don’t kill me”

    “No! I have to kill you for my convenience”

    It killed him that gamut of words she used.But he just kept quiet.And a few days later she was back with him because she supposedly was in a better mood.

    It hurt him whenever he talked to her …a feeling that felt like Hulk Hogan was twisting his intestines from within. But he suppressed it.Why ? Because he loved her. All he wanted in return was her love, a love which she manipulated him into believing, existed”

    And then Raghavan said , “Hmm … how much would you part with to have this done ?”

    “Huh ? I will join your cult ..err.. I mean ..society! Will give you a annual donation from the company’s profits!”

    “Okay” said the ghostly old man and stood up.He shook his old student’s hand and started walking away.

    Vikram knew the deal was struck.That probably he would receive a call later on, informing him that the wishing-process had begun.He should get the kids away from her both physically and emotionally.He had six months for that.Haha …the Biz-lord wins again !!!

    And then suddenly his mind struck back to senses.

    An image flashed.An image he saw everytime his life had a challenge. It was not God! It was not uncle or aunt or mom or dad.It was her.The first and only girl he ever loved or dared to love, his wife.It was that same picture he saw every day every second every breath … his last snapped picture of her when they were in undergrad college.Obliviously he sketched it in his mind , the background , the trees , the buildings , nothing came to mind , only that of her amidst a world of Zilch.”

    the last picture

    the last picture

    “Perhaps she changed after so many years of my blind, selfless love.Why am I thinking of all these things now itself.I should give it more thought and not act on such stupid instincts.” He thought.And shouted …”Sir ! Raghavan Sir! Wait!”

    At this, the walking, bald old man without eyebrows, with a pale deathly white complexion turned around and grinned, as if he was expecting it.

    “My boy! I forgot to tell you.Your wife had already left your house after you left for office this morning, with your kids.Your wife being the joint custodian of the whole property, promised our society 50% stake in it to join our society and have you dead.”

    And Raghavan, the raven, the harbinger of death, continued … “As per our policy of informing our targets, I should tell you that today is March 5th,2015.On exactly Sept 5th, 2015 you shall be dead by some accidental/ natural circumstances.Thank you and have a nice day.”

    And he grabbed the coffee being brought in by the office boy and walked away.

    —– THE END ——-

    Finishing Verse

    All these I do

    Of which I am not too keen

    But alas! It is placidly seen

    Its always been you and me

    But that Eternity in between !!

    – An excerpt